Four Charged In Dog Fighting In Georgia

Gwinnett CountyFour men were charged with criminal attempt to commit dog fighting in Gwinnett County, Georgia. The men are suspected to be leaders of a possible dog fighting and cock fighting ring.

Authorities seized 11 pit bulls, including three puppies, and 20 chickens from the house. The animals are at the Gwinnett County Animal Shelter.

Investigators had jail inmates dig the backyard of the house, and they found the remains of three dogs.

It is believed that the men have been involved in the operation for four or five years.

“It’s completely sick, it’s completely barbaric what they were doing to those animals. And, I mean, the message that we want to send to people in Gwinnett County is if you’re fighting dogs in Gwinnett County, we’re coming for ya,” said a Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman.

Sheriff Butch Conway of Gwinnett County offered to pay $10,000 of his own money for information about dog fighting activity in the area.

Due to his reward offer, the sheriff’s department received about 15 tips and opened two or three investigations. When the $10,000 has been paid, Sheriff Butch Conway will raise another $10,000 from private donors, so people will continue to bring in tips.

The investigation continues and more charges and arrests could follow.

Also, the Georgia Sheriffs’ Association announced this week a statewide reward program for information on people involved with dog fighting in Georgia. The association will pay up to $2,500 for information that leads to a conviction on dog fighting charges.

Source: 11 Alive

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8 Responses to “Four Charged In Dog Fighting In Georgia”

  1. catmom5 says:

    Thank you, Sheriff Conway, for “putting your money where your mouth is!” And thank you to the Sheriff Association for taking action against animal fighting. It’s a step in the right direction and I hope more people will take note of what you’re doing. Sheriff Conway, you are a true hero! I hope the dogs taken will be tested for possible rehabilitation (especially the puppies). It’s nice to read some good news for a change.

  2. Lynn says:

    Hallelujah! On the right track to justice!

    You’re a hero, Sargeant Conway.

  3. Lynn says:

    Well, well, well, Gwinnett County……Michael Vick lives in Duluth, GA…..which is in Gwinnett County.

    A connection?

    And what is brother Marcus Vick doing these days? [He lives in Michael’s Duluth house.]

    If I were investigating dog fights, I’d go to the county property tax records and check out anything in the surname Vick.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    Sargeant Conway, you are a hero. Please, please keep up the good work, not only do thd dogs need you but the kids need people like you to look up to.

  5. nora says:

    Sargeant Conway, Thankyou so very much for your diligence and hard work. You are a good man and any of your crew who holds your beliefs deserve much respect. You have taken back the respect that MV and his “friends” almost destroyed for Gwinnett County!

  6. Lynne says:

    Sheriff Butch is one of the good guys. I emailed him a thank you (Itchmo’s prior story about him) and he responded. These dog fighters picked the wrong county for certain!

  7. Gerry says:

    These kinds of storys bring back my faith in the human race! We need more sheriffs like Conway. What a wonderful person you are Sheriff Conway!!!

  8. Dee Eagle says:

    Mr. Conway, what is brother Marcus doing these days? Continue your good work. Thank you so much for making this a priorty. It is about time for people to stop looking the other way and turn the real animals in. But, Mr. Conway, take another look at Marcus.

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