Four Kittens Rescued From Torrential Rains In Queens


Four stray 4-week-old black and white sibling kittens were struggling to keep from drowning in the fierce rain, thunder, and lightning in their Queens alleyway they call home.

Residents in the neighborhood worked together to save the young kittens. One man was running around with one kitten under his arm, one on his shoulder and trying to rescue the other two. After saving all of the four kittens, the man wrapped the kittens in a towel and placed them in a cardboard box next to the heater to warm them up. Unfortunately, their mother was nowhere to be found.

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Intrepid animal rescuer Joanne Harper, who lives nearby, took the kitties in and the next morning hid them beneath her desk at a midtown law firm, where Doug Halsey, who runs cat adoptions for Cause for Paws, a nonprofit rescue group, quickly fetched the foursome and rushed them to the New York Cat Hospital on Manhattan’s upper West Side, where veterinarian Peter Soboroff treated the kitties for shock and fleas.

“Everything worked out like clockwork - thanks to the almost divine intervention,” said Harper, who has rescued and found homes for about 40 cats from the same alleyway, a popular spot for strays. “It’s a real example of how wonderful things happen when everyone joins in to help.”

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3 Responses to “Four Kittens Rescued From Torrential Rains In Queens”

  1. straybaby says:

    i’ll take the one on top of the phone! lol!~

    cute lil’ buggers!

  2. Trudy Jackson says:

    They’re so cute. Glad everyone’s safe.

  3. Donna says:

    Special thank you to the man,who made a huge difference in four kittens lives. To dare to care,is the mark of a great human being.Thank you sir !

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