Four-Legged Friends On Four Wheels

Honda Vamos Travel Dog

Almost every dog loves a car ride (my apologies to those pups who get car sick). When pet owners buy a car nowadays, they consider what they like and also what will work with their furry friends. In an American Kennel Club study, about half of dog owners factor in their dog when making a decision over a new car. Automakers are catching on and providing more features for pet owners: steel barriers with plates to shield groceries in the hold, rubber or plastic mats and trays that can easily be hosed off, stain-resistant seat and carpet materials, or urethane that can be readily wiped clean.

In Japan, Honda offers a Vamos Travel Dog edition which includes: wipeable mats for the rear cargo floor and second-row seatbacks, water-repellent and odor-resistant seat/door panel upholstery, a removable pet seatcover for the back seat, antibacterial and tick-resistant floormats, and a travel tote for gear and snacks. For reviews on dog-friendly cars, check out Strap on your seatbelt, you’re going for a ride.

3 Responses to “Four-Legged Friends On Four Wheels”

  1. pam says:

    before i purchased my saturn vue, i measured the back seat to ensure my dog’s crate would fit properly…i even added side air bags to protect his crate. the salesman thought i was off my rocker! but hey, it’s for my dog. even his travel crate is super strong…we sometimes travel 1,000+ miles together.

  2. Katie says:


    We did the same thing! except I needed room for two crates side by side and room for a third. Many SUV’s could not accomodate crates side by side. The auto dealers just didn’t get it when we showed up with tape measure and told them nice vehicle but…… Glad to see manufactuers are seeing there is a profitable niche.


  3. One Step Ahead: Blog Down, People — Holidays Organizer says:

    […] or urethane that can be readily wiped clean. In Japan, Honda offers a Vamos Travel source: Four Legged Friends On Four Wheels, Itchmo: News, humor and product reviews for cats, […]

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