Four-Year Sentence For Dallas Animal Cruelty Conviction

Warning: This story might disturb some readers.

mercy.jpgThe Dallas Morning News reported that a 22-year-old North Dallas man who tortured his dog by setting her on fire has been sentenced to four years in prison for animal cruelty.

Deshawn Brown was prosecuted for stabbing his dog, dousing her with gasoline and setting her afire in April 2006. Prosecutors say he was mad because she wouldn’t mate. Operation Kindness, a no-kill animal shelter in Carrollton, took her in but she died 10 days later.

Jonnie England, the shelter’s executive director, was disappointed with the sentence. The offense carries a maximum prison sentence of 10 years. Prosecutor David Alex asked jurors to give Mr. Brown that sentence — one year for each day the dog, named “Mercy” by shelter workers, suffered before dying.

Dan Wyde and Lee Westmoreland, attorneys for the defense, said that Mr. Brown deserved probation, not prison. Mr. Wyde called the case a “special-interest prosecution.” Outside the courtroom, he said that he believed that his client was not guilty

“Those animal rights groups did a good job of twisting arms,” Wyde said. He added that the groups used the Mercy case to raise money for their cause.

Mr. Brown’s fiancée, Megan Byrne, appeared to contradict the defense lawyer’s claim that Brown was not guilty in her testimony during the penalty phase of the trial. She then told the jury that she had made mistakes in the past and had learned from them, and that Mr. Brown, could, too.

Source: Dallas Morning News

13 Responses to “Four-Year Sentence For Dallas Animal Cruelty Conviction”

  1. Sharon says:

    He only got four years because this happened in Texas. I’m surprised he didn’t get probation. People here are sick.

  2. catmom5 says:

    Mr Brown might have a chance to learn from his “mistakes” but this beautiful dogger will never have a chance for a future, thanks to this “human” being. How can anyone believe that someone who sets his dog on fire is not guilty? Mind blowing!!! I’m glad that Mercy spent her last days with people who cared for her. At least she knew some kindness from people before she died.

  3. KarlaSanDiego says:

    Mind Blowing is right catmom5. Our Gov’t just doesn’t care and doesn’t take animal cruelty and abuse serious. It’s really amazing what people get away with. Most don’t get any punishment or a slap on the hand if any.

  4. mal says:

    A big problem is that people who abuse animals are far more likely to also abuse people.

    What happens when this jerk runs into a female human who doesn’t want to mate.? Would he use the same approach??\

    If the message does not get out that ANY type of cruelty to a living creature is NOT acceptable, then this sort of behavior will happen again and again. IMHO

  5. Anonymous says:

    Imagine what he could do to a human if s/he upsets him. Forget imagining, he most likely has done someone harm already! His children have better give him grand children or ELSE!

  6. nora says:

    Poor poor Mercy. This guy is a cold blooded murderer. I hope he is set on fire in jail AFTER being stabbed. He deserves it. ENOUGH of these punks hurting innocent animals and getting away with it.

  7. Underdog says:

    Yes, Nora. Stab the #%@$#&D, pour gasoline on him, and light the match right AFTER the biggest, meanest, #%B in the joint has “his way” with him a few times. This sorry scumbag deserves nothing better. I only hope his life is a living hell the next four years, that he serves every day, and is in agony every day.

  8. stargirl says:

    if he has been in jail since this happened and was only sentenced recently, he will no doubt get credit for “time already served” and be eligible for parole soon. prisoners seldom serve their entire sentences.
    if only there were a nationwide justice squad!

  9. Jenny Bark says:

    We should have a site for all people who abuse just like Megan’s. Two or three sites, children, animals, old people & etc. We should be able to go to a site and know if we live next to a creep.

  10. Lynn says:

    I’m with Underdog.

    True, Texas is the pits when it comes to animal welfare. But never fear, if my guess is right, things will soon be changing for the better for defenseless animals.

    “Those animal rights groups did a good job of twisting arms,” Wyde [one of the defense attorneys] said.

    Wyde, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Someone should have dousted that sonofabitch with gasoline and set him on fire. I’m sorry, but this kind of blatant cruelty to an innocent animal, infuriates me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And if the court systems keep letting people get away with it, it will keep happening…..where is the justice?????

  12. susanna says:

    I love cats and my cat is better than everyones dogs cause dogs are rubbish xx suzy

  13. Jack Russell says:

    This monster better pray that i don’t run into him when he’s out of prison.

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