Free Pet Food For California Fire Victims

The San Diego Animal Support Foundation has announced that free dog and cat food will be available to pet owners who lost their homes in the recent wildfires in San Diego County.

A spokeswoman said, “Thanks to the generosity of Wellness/Old Mother Hubbard Premium Pet Food, 13 pallets of high-quality food are now available to those financially burdened by the fires.”

She added, “People who have lost their homes, and temporary foster families who are accommodating fire victims’ pets will be given first priority. The rescue community, which is picking up the burden of unclaimed pets in the wake of the fires, will be offered food, as well.”

Donations will be available this week or until the pet food is gone. To schedule an appointment to pick up donated food, you can call the San Diego Animal Support Foundation at 619-847-8755.

Source: San Diego Union Tribune

(Thanks Irene)

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