Free Puppy Training Seminar!

PuppyThere’s not too many things that are free in life — but here is one now! Green Paw Studios in Seattle is offering a free Puppies 101 seminar for puppy parents. The hour-long seminar will include: an introduction on how dogs learn, information about socialization and behavior problem prevention, and a Q & A period. There is a session this Saturday (April 21) from 4-5:30pm and they are offered every other Saturday. Registration is required. Green Paw also offers other classes and seminars like manners classes and tricks seminars. Learn what to do with your new puppy, so he won’t “teach” you!

3 Responses to “Free Puppy Training Seminar!”

  1. sohie says:

    i was intreswsed in your dog how much is it ring back on 590322 thank you

  2. kourtney says:

    hi i was wondering what types of puppies will be there? i wont be able to go but i was at least wondering what would be there and maybe have someont look at them? thanks so much if you could help?

  3. nisa says:

    if you still have puppys would you send me a messge t thank you

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