Further Investigation Into Pet Massacres In Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

Warning: This story may disturb some readers.

Last month, authorities said that animal control officials in Puerto Rico seized dozens of dogs and cats from housing projects and hurled them from a bridge to their deaths.

After this horrible incident, the Associated Press investigated this pet massacre and other manners in which the stray animals of Puerto Rico are inhumanely disposed. They found out that the pet massacre in October was not an isolated incident. The team saw and discovered that these killings have been going on for the past eight years.

For years, animal welfare activists in Puerto Rico have complained to the government about improper disposal of animals, but they said the government never acted. Activists said that there are at least 100,000 stray animals in Puerto Rico, and there is no island-wide spaying or neutering program.

One activist said this about the animal disposal companies and the government agencies, “There is apathy. No one wants to take responsibility.”

A former employee of Animal Control Solutions, the animal disposal company that allegedly dumped the animals off a bridge in October, said thousands of animals have been killed and their bodies have been discarded wherever it is convenient. Another employee showed the Associated Press team two different killing fields.

Another former employee said, “Not a single animal was turned over to a shelter.” All eight animal shelters and sanctuaries in Puerto Rico were contacted, and none of them said they had received animals from Animal Control Solutions or Pet Delivery, another animal control company founded by the owner of Animal Control Solutions.

With no competitors, Animal Control Solutions and Pet Delivery had 85 contracts with municipalities and other clients which were worth $1.1 million in the past eight years. The Associated Press could not verify if any of the municipalities made sure the companies dealt with strays in a humane manner.

Edwin Arroyo, special assistant to the mayor of Bareceloneta, said it wasn’t their responsibility to check.

Former employees detailed the cruel and inhumane ways of how strays were killed and disposed. One employee said that one day, there was no euthanasia for the animals, so they were given an overdose of sedative and tossed 50 feet into a trash-filled gully. Some of the dogs were still alive as they hit the trash on the bottom.

They also said that the owner of Animal Control Solutions would sometimes bury live dogs with dead dogs and throw dirt on them, so they all would die.

One former employee said the Animal Control Solutions would kill around a thousand cats and dogs each month, and that in a good month, they would pick up 900 animals.

All of the former employees have nightmares of what the poor animals had to endure when they were inhumanely killed.

Source: Yahoo News/Associated Press

Photo: Associated Press

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8 Responses to “Further Investigation Into Pet Massacres In Puerto Rico”

  1. NH says:

    Can you say Nazi’s? It sounds like a 4-legged pet Holocaust. For shame!

  2. catmom5 says:

    Disturbing? This is beyond disturbing. You can show me all the beautiful beaches and travel destinations in Puerto Rico, but I would never, NEVER set foot in a country that is so inhumane to the animals who live there. I hope these poor animals who have died so violently will not have died in vain ~ perhaps some good will come out of it.

  3. Lis says:

    Catmom5–that’s OUR country; Puerto Rico is part of the US.

  4. KarlaSanDiego says:

    We are apparantly still living in the dark ages. This is barbaric and inhumane. Bless all those little animal souls who have died and will die before the day is over.
    Hello? Government….Hello? No, I didn’t think anyone was there.

  5. roguester says:

    Disgusting! I have been to Puerto Rico several times and have been outraged over how animals are treated there. Dogs roaming the streets begging for food, cockfighting!!! and who knows what else. Although PR is part of the US - they do have a totally different culture and views on animals. I believe some people there do care - but a lot are not willing to spend money on their animals to get them spayed or neutered or even to look after them properly. And that the government has allowed this to go on for so long is beyond disgusting.

  6. toni says:

    “Edwin Arroyo, special assistant to the mayor of Bareceloneta, said it wasn’t their responsibility to check.”

    Just who’s responsibility is it to follow up with ANY city/state contract with outside entities, Mr. Arroyo?
    Does anyone know if the U.S. oversees anything in PR? Or is a territory in name only?

  7. catmom5 says:

    I know that PR is part of our country ~ maybe should have said I would never visit that place.

  8. shibadiva says:

    There’s a petition on the Care2 site. Here’s a link to the story of Nadia who took the initiative to raise the petition (and of course a link to the petition).


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