German Firm Markets Whirlpool Bath For Dogs

Is your dog dirty after a long day at the park? A German company is marketing a specially made whirlpool spa for dogs, designed to make your dogs extra clean. A session costs 15 euros — or about $20 — but dog owners seem to be lining up in droves.

“I think it was a bit strange for her at first,” said one dog owner who took her golden retriever to the spa. “But she’s standing there quite relaxed and enjoying it.”

The maker touts health benefits as the bubble action can make dogs cleaner by helping to clean deeper into the fur and can accommodate a variety of dog sizes. The device was originally used at a university in Munich to treat dogs with skin conditions.

See the video of the whirlpool in action.

One Response to “German Firm Markets Whirlpool Bath For Dogs”

  1. Gotham Unleashed says:

    MTI makes a pet whirlpool for residential use.

    That seems even crazier, at least to me.

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