Girl Battling Cancer Reunited With Her Missing Dog

Sundance is back home and Katherine Touhill is ecstatic over her dog’s return.

Katherine, an eight-year-old girl battling Leukemia, was getting a chemotherapy treatment at the Children’s Hospital when her dog Sundance ran away from a relative’s house.

He was missing for 11 days, and now he has come back home. Katherine and her 10-year-old brother Sean are so excited to see their beloved dog again.

“He has been somewhat of a watchdog for us with Katherine and an inspiration for her, taking her mind off…she’s been couped up in the house for months on end because she’s immuno-surpressed with all the chemotherapies,” said Katherine’s dad Bill.

Despite her battle with Leukemia and Down Syndrome, Katherine, also known as Kat, faces everything that is handed to her with “Kat-i-tude.”

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