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Dogs Deserve Better’s Chain Off 2007 Event

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Unchain 50

Dogs Deserve Better, a non-profit organization that works to end the suffering endured by dogs kept chained or penned for life, is holding their fifth annual “Chain Off’ this weekend. This event’s goal is to raise awareness about chaining and to show that this is one of the worst forms of abuse to which a dog can be subjected: keeping it chained or penned for its entire life.

The “Unchain the 50″ begins today in Atlanta, GA and Redmond, WA with 48 satellite “Chain Offs” running through July 8th. Participants will chain themselves to doghouses — some in their own yards — to stand against the process of continual chaining.

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Van Stolen From Seattle Animal Rescue Operation

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007


Animal Talk Rescue, a Seattle pet store and animal rescue organization, has been really unlucky this past year. Last October, someone broke into their building, ransacked the store, let out and stole some animals, and stomped some of the smaller animals to death. No one was ever caught for the crime.

Now, someone has stolen the organization’s van that they use to transport the animals to the vet. When an employee was preparing to load up the van with some cats, someone entered the building, grabbed the keys off the counter and stole the van.

“It’s ridiculous. It’s so stupid, because it doesn’t hurt me as much as it hurts the animals,” said Missy Young, Animal Talk Rescue. “The ones paying for it, paying for it with their lives are the animals,” said Young.

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Man In Trouble For Trying To Save Baby Seal

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

NilasA Washington man is in trouble for rescuing an abandoned seal pup. When he was walking along the beach, he saw the lone seal pup and thought it was abandoned by its mother or orphaned.

“He was curled up and… he started to follow me,” said Mike Benoza of Bellingham.

“I waited 3 hours for the mother to come back because he was parked on the beach,” he said. “I had to bring him up.”

Even though the man thought he was rescuing the baby seal, wildlife officials say when seal pups are brought into captivity at that stage in their lives, they will remain in captivity for the rest of their lives. They also say that even though people may think a baby seal is abandoned, often their mothers are usually nearby and are just waiting for people to leave.

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Woman In Trouble For Registering Her Dog To Vote

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

DuncanDuncan M. MacDonald is registered to vote. But he’s not your typical voter. He’s a dog.

Jane Balogh, a woman from Washington state, registered her dog, Duncan, to prove that it’s too easy for non-citizens to vote. She put Duncan’s name on her phone bill and she used the phone bill as identification to register him as a voter.

Duncan’s absentee ballot envelope was signed with a picture of a paw print.

“You can’t sign with a paw print,” the election worker told Balogh on Nov. 9.

“I said, ‘he can if he’s a dog,’ ” answered Balogh, a 66-year-old grandmother and Army veteran who lives in Federal Way.

The election worker told her a supervisor would call, but she never heard from anyone.

Balogh’s crime was signing Duncan’s name on a registration card under a declaration that he meets all the requirements to vote. She submitted ballots in his name in the September and November 2006 and May 2007 elections. She wrote “VOID” on the ballots, and didn’t cast any votes.

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Washington Horse Rescue Needs A New Home

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

Equine Rescue Association

Equine Rescue Association, located in Tulalip, Washington, has until June 29th to find a new home and move dozens of their horses. Their land owner is selling the property and they have to move their 24 horses off of the property and tear down barns and other building structures by the 29th.

The non-profit organization is still looking for a new home to be a sanctuary for these horses that were once neglected, abused or unwanted. They are looking for 5+ acres with an out building for storage, water, electric, and the ability to put horse shelters and a mobile home on the land.


(Thanks Chelsea)

Man Pays $500 For Pet License

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Seattle pet licenseCities around the U.S. are beginning to enforce pet licenses especially in Seattle.

One Seattle resident failed to relicense his 17-year-old dog and he ended up paying almost $500. The man received notice last September from Seattle Animal Control telling him that he had not renewed his dog’s license since 2003. At that time, he owed $45 — $30 for the two-year license and $15 for a penalty fee. The man was about to move to Florida, so he didn’t pay for the license and the fee and didn’t tell Seattle Animal Control that he was moving.

While he was living in Florida, Seattle Animal Control cited him in December for failure for obtaining a pet license. His former landlady called the Seattle Animal Control to tell him that he had moved, but by that time, the case had already been transferred to a collections agency.

In February, the man ended up moving back to Seattle and forgot about licensing his dog and the violation. A couple of weeks ago, he discovered that almost $500 was taken out of his bank account due to the pet license citation. His original pet license fees had increased to include collection costs, court costs and bank processing fees. He has decided to not fight the case and just pay his fee.

Meanwhile, this may be a lesson to all Seattle residents and residents all over the US that animal control agencies mean business when they want you to license your pets. Seattle Animal Control has assigned three officers to target unlicensed pets, going to parks and even to your own home, and they issue about 1,200 citations a year.

Update: James, the Seattle man who was fined, emailed us in regards to his story and added some details to the situation:

1. August 27, 2006. Animal control officer shows up to my residence and demands payment for expired dog license. I explain to the officer that I’m moving to Florida next week. The officer threatens to issue citation ($54.00) for not renewing license. I offer to pay for license, but I do not want a citation. Due to the fact that she “showed up” at my door, she HAS to issue a citation. I plead my case of moving and offered a compromise to pay for said license. No deal. I didn’t pay it. No citation issued at that time.

2. September 9, 2006. Moved to Florida (a wonderful drive with Cayla, my dog)

3. November 10th, 2006. Animal control shows up at old residence looking for me. Landlord tells the officer that I moved to FL.

4. December 20th, 2006. Animal control leaves citation posted to front door of old residence.

5. May 25th, 2007. Paying bills online from my checking account, notice almost $500.00 missing. I call bank. Bank says to call Alliance Once collections. They say: “failure to obtain dog license” . I called the Seattle Times. A reporter interviews us, does research, and finds that there was a court order to garnish said funds from checking account. I originally paid by check to obtain her license (which was how the funds came out of the checking account — they did not take credit cards at that time). This all happened while I was living in Florida.

Rare Breed Of Cats Possibly Found In Man’s Backyard

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Pixie-BobA man has discovered that he may have a rare breed of cats — Pixie-Bobs, part bobcat, part cat. It was 2 years ago when he saw two bobcats fighting near his house and he found a litter of bobcat kittens in their den. He caught one kitten from the litter and named his Rufus (apparently, he was not worried about making the bobcat mom angry). Rufus joined the family and shared a pen with a grey and white cat. Soon, the grey and white cat gave birth to a litter of kittens.

The man tried to give the kittens away with no luck and was going to take them to a shelter, but something stopped him. He did some research online about the cats and found a picture of a Pixie-Bob that looked just like Rufus who he believes is the kittens’ father. The man posted about his cats on a website and it snowballed from there. Numerous emails and calls came in to purchase this rare breed. He then spoke to a Seattle-area breeder that got Pixie-Bobs approved as a breed and has agreed to sell his kittens to her. The breeder says the cats are worth anywhere from $300 to $1500 each.

Top 50 Cities For Dogs

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Dog carrying stick

What city is your dog’s favorite? Men’s Health has compiled their ranking for the Top 50 cities for dogs. Here are their Top 5 cities for dogs:

1. Colorado Springs, CO: All that needs to be said is 250 days of sunshine a year which means an endless amount of outdoor activities for your furry friend. Their boarding and dog day care facilities earn top scores. Also, Colorado Springs levies the highest maximum fine for animal cruelty: $500,000.

2. Portland, OR: Portland is proud of the fact that they have the most dog parks per resident and the many pet retail stores in the area.

3. Albuquerque, NM: New Mexico has the second highest dog ownership rates and Albuquerque’s affection for dogs is shown throughout the city. Even the Mayor holds a Mayor’s Dog Ball which supports efforts to educate children about the humane treatment of animals.

4. Tucson, AZ: Not only is Tucson filled with sunshine, but Tucson has more veterinary practices accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association than in any other city in the Top 50.

5. Seattle, WA: There are almost a dozen dogs parks in the city and many more in the suburbs (including Marymoor Park which is a 40 acre off-leash dog area). Seattle vets report that Seattle has one of the lowest number of heartworm cases in dogs.

The complete list of the Top 50 cities for dogs after the jump.


Canine Brucellosis in Lewis County, Washington

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

The Lewis County Health Department issued a warning to anyone who has bought or adopted a dog from a woman in the Ethel-Toledo area in the state of Washington. Several of her dogs were infected with canine brucellosis. This breeder sells purebred and designer breeds including pugles and terrier-Chihuahua mixes. She also rescued dogs and would put them up for adoption. The health department is encouraging people that bought or adopted a dog from this woman to get their dog tested.

(Thanks Lisa)

Tainted Fish Feed Companies Identified

Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Skretting Co. of Canada has been identified by an Oregon hatchery as the company that sold melamine-tainted fish feed to the US. The affected product being used in Oregen is BioVita Starter. The hatchery found out about the problem when the FDA contacted them about testing the feed.

The fish feed is manufactured in Vancouver, Canada by the Skretting Co. It’s distributed under the Bio-Oregon label out of Longview, Wash.

It appears that seven hatcheries in the Pacific Northwest used this food — 6 in Washington, 1 in Oregon. Many of the fry in these hatcheries are released into the streams.

But the AP is reporting that a St. Louis-based broker, Diversified Ingredients Inc. sold tainted feed to Westaqua, another Vancouver, Canada company.

The head of a St. Louis company said it brokered a deal to import nearly 353,000 pounds of the Chinese wheat gluten that went directly to a Canadian aquaculture feed ingredient company called Westaqua. Listings for Canadian fish meal producers include a company called Westaqua Commodity Group Ltd. When reached by telephone, the president of the Vancouver, British Columbia company declined to talk about the matter.

“I can’t talk to you about that today,” Kelly Mills said, adding: “We’re not talking to the press about this issue.”

[The broker says Westaqua received] the wheat gluten directly from China last July and August. Collins said his company has provided the FDA with information, but added no one in return has indicated the ingredient tested positive for melamine.

(Thanks menusux)

RELATED: Summary of CNN Report

AndersonCooper360 called the pet food recall scope “almost Biblical” after fish feed contaminated. Concerns about Chinese fish around “for a long time.” According to CNN, melamine levels as high as 20% was found in tested samples.

CNN interviewed the manager of Chinese manufacturer, who has been detained since 4/25. He denies any wrong-doing and says he doesn’t know what melamine is.

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007

San Francisco DogTony Bennett sang about San Francisco and now The Humane Society of the United States is singing praises about this city. Thanks to San Francisco’s pet friendly hotels, off-leash dog parks, vegetarian restaurants, it is ranked as America’s most humane city. Seattle, Portland, Washington D.C, and San Diego followed in ranking after San Francisco. Some of the factors that were used in the ranking were: the number of fur retailers per capita, the number of puppy mills, and the ratio of wildlife watchers to hunters.

Animal Talk Rescue Event

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007

TobascoAnimal Talk Rescue is a no-kill rescue shelter located in Seattle, WA. On Sunday, May 6, they are hosting an open house to celebrate their new Kitty Cat Romper Rooms (3 cat exercise rooms). The event will be from 12-5pm and everyone is invited. There will be food and a raffle. Here’s a picture of Tobasco, a cat currently up for adoption at Animal Talk.

Thanks Traci for the tip.

Seattle Dog Meetups

Thursday, April 19th, 2007

PoodlesHere is a list of Seattle dog meetups for this weekend:

1) The Italian Greyhounds of the NW are meeting on Saturday at 2:30pm for the West Seattle Pet Rodeo and Snooty Walk. There are numerous competitions for best hair-doo, drooliest, best smile, oddest bark, funniest ball chaser and many others. The event is being held at Hiawatha Park in Seattle. 16 have RSVP’d.

2) Oodles of Poodles! The Poodle Rock group will be meeting up on Saturday at 11am at Robinswood Park in Bellevue (2400 151st Pl SE). 10 have RSVP’d.

Free Puppy Training Seminar!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

PuppyThere’s not too many things that are free in life — but here is one now! Green Paw Studios in Seattle is offering a free Puppies 101 seminar for puppy parents. The hour-long seminar will include: an introduction on how dogs learn, information about socialization and behavior problem prevention, and a Q & A period. There is a session this Saturday (April 21) from 4-5:30pm and they are offered every other Saturday. Registration is required. Green Paw also offers other classes and seminars like manners classes and tricks seminars. Learn what to do with your new puppy, so he won’t “teach” you!

The Circus Is Coming To Town!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Moscow Cats TheatreOkay, so usually I’m not really a fan of circuses because clowns just really scare me, but I may overcome my fear of clowns to see one show: The Moscow Cats Theatre. This show showcases cats performing amazing tricks that your household cat probably doesn’t do (if your cat does, then your cat should belong in the show). The cats walk tightropes, walk on their front paws, climb a 10 feet pole and dive down, and leap eight to ten feet from one podium to another. There are a couple of token dogs and clowns in the show too. Here are just some of their national tour dates: in San Francisco from April 28-29, Portland from May 26-27, Seattle from June 2-3, and Montreal from June 23-24. I wonder if the cats are afraid of the clowns too.

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