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Homemade Cat Litter Boxes — Easy And Effective

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Litter boxes

Sometimes a “litter box problem” is just a litter BOX problem. Create a box, and you might solve it.

Our lovely orange DLH, Vernie, likes to spray. She usually stands to pee for no known medical reason and did this even when she was the only cat in our household. Due to the height of her hindquarters or perhaps pure skill, she can crest the sides of most litter boxes on the market.

Vernie needed a customized box, and luckily I remembered advice from Pam Johnson-Bennett in her book, Cat vs. Cat. Use a storage container, she suggests, and just cut a “u-shape” on one side as an entrance. Although Johnson-Bennett mentioned Sterilite containers, I could not find one in my town that met my height requirements. I bought Yaffa storage containers similar to this one instead, along with a pair of “tin cutters,” scary over-sized scissors recommended by a hardware store associate for cutting plastic. (I found a jagged knife designed for cutting plastic left an equally jagged edge. The tin cutters really were my best choice.)


Holiday Gift Ideas For Our Beloved Pets

Wednesday, December 19th, 2007

pet toysStill looking for that special present for your four-legged friend this year?

Here are some gift ideas:

  • Need something for your curious cat? The Tick Tock Teaser is a wood box, shaped like a slice of cheese, with a wand toy sticking out from the top which your cat can bat around. There is a mouse toy on the bottom which can be changed with another type of Velcro toy.
  • Does your dog just love the holidays? You can get him the Planet Dog holiday bulb toy or snowball toy. This is one snowball that won’t ever melt.

For more gift ideas, visit Steve Dale’s Pet World.

GoughNuts, Dog Toy That Tells Owner If It Is Still Safe

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007


The idea behind GoughNuts, a dog chew toy manufactured in Modesto, CA, is to have a toy tell a pet owner when a toy is safe and when it is no longer safe.

If the toy is green, it means go and if the toy has been used to a point that an owner sees red, it means stop.

Amy Rockwood, the inventor and president of GoughNuts, said, “The simple concept is the patent-pending safety technology that is part of every GoughNuts pet product. If your dog can chew through the green layer of the toy to expose the red, GoughNuts will replace your toy at no charge.”

Rockwood used her husband’s technical expertise to make the GoughNuts technology which includes 20 years experience in rubber chemistry and more than ten years in chew-toy design.


Coffee For Dogs

Monday, November 19th, 2007

Doggy Java

Does your dog go crazy whenever he walks by Starbucks? Does the smell of fresh roasted coffee cause her to jump with excitement?

DoggyLicious, a Phoenix-based company, has created Doggy Java. This drink may look like a cappuccino, but it is caffeine-free.

This beef-flavored vitamin drink is expected to hit retailers in December. It comes in a coffee bag and looks like coffee when it is mixed with water. The Doggy Java is served in a canine cappuccino cup and comes withs a Bonescotti biscuit.

Mari Justin, the creator of Doggy Java said this is the first product on the market to induce a dog’s desire to drink water and at the same time provide vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Live Webcams At Pet Care Businesses

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007

DogsWith the various stories of abuse or negligence at the groomers or boarding facility, many pet owners wish they could check on the safety and wellbeing of their pets at any time.

An increasing number of pet care businesses including groomers, pet day care centers, and veterinarians are installing live webcams to attract customers who want to be able to check on their pets any time of day or night. Many pet owners are also installing them at home to check to see if their pets are behaving.

“People love their pets and some would like to keep an eye on them even when they’re not there,” said Kelli Gapski, founder of “Their pets are like their kids.”

Gapski said businesses and homeowners want to control who sees what cameras and when so her system allows for that.


$30,000 Dog Washing Machine

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Hate giving your dog a bath? In France, a new $30,000 dog washing machine has been unveiled. One of the partners of the company even stepped into the dog washing machine himself to show that it was safe for both humans and dogs.

Dogs around the world, run away from this piece of machinery as fast as you can.

(Thanks Greg)

Pet Owner Reports PetSmart PetsHotel Employee Hit Dogs, Employee Still Has Job

Thursday, November 8th, 2007


A pet owner from Alexandria, Virginia said that he saw a PetSmart PetsHotel employee strike several dogs while he was waiting to pick up his dog from the PetsHotel.

Matt, the pet owner, said he watched a live video stream of the day care room and saw an employee in the middle of a group of dogs. Both Matt and his wife saw the employee raise his hand and hit a dog. After telling a front desk employee about the incident, the couple saw the same employee hit a few other dogs.

A store manager came out and said that the situation would be investigated and that he would watch the video of the employee. The next day, the store manager said the actions of the employee were “horribly inappropriate” and that the employee would no longer work with dogs.

The next day, a District Manager called Matt and said that a full investigation needed to be done, and that the employee would still be working with dogs while they were investigating.

After ten days, Matt said the District Manager called after watching the video. She said the employee was simply playing with the dogs and not striking them. She refused to let Matt and his wife watch the video again.


$2,000 MP3 Player For Dogs

Monday, November 5th, 2007

MP3 player

Does your dog want an MP3 player for Christmas?

JooZoo is an MP3 player for dogs that is encrusted with diamonds and 18 karat gold and is designed in a heart-shaped necklace. There is a speaker that plays automatically triggered sounds that correspond to various behaviors.

According to the company, the play system enhances your pet’s physical health and relieves stress through automatic content responding to various pet behaviors. For example, when you leave your pet at home alone or while your pet travels in a vehicle, the JooZoo encourages physical movement or increases blood flow rate by sound wave stimulation.


Emergency Rescue Jacket For Pets

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

Rescue Jacket

Want your pet to be prepared for emergencies?

A pet rescue jacket/rain coat was unveiled during the Security and Safety Trade Expo in Tokyo last week. The jacket can be for both dogs and cats and contains an emergency kit and food to be used during disasters.

The price for this pet emergency rescue jacket ranges from $240 to $430.

Source: Reuters

Photo: Yahoo News

Dog Product Review: PetSafe’s Ultrasonic Bark Busting Bird House

Friday, October 19th, 2007

Birdhouse BarkWe have all heard the expression “fences make good neighbors”, but can the same be said for PetSafe’s new ultrasonic faux bird house that emits an ultrasonic sound when dogs bark?

Here is what PetSafe has to say about their new product:

When the Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse unit is placed within range of a constant barking dog, an internal microphone detects the barking sounds and the unit is activated. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control Birdhouse unit emits an ultrasonic sound to stop dogs barking. The ultrasonic sound can only be heard by the dog. When the dog is startled by the high-pitched sound, it should stop barking as it will associate its bark with this unpleasant noise. The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control unit has 4 settings which includes 3 Sensitivity Levels and a Test Mode. This unit is effective for bark control up to 50 feet.

The PetSafe Outdoor Bark Control unit should be placed facing the barking dog and within fifty feet of the dog. This unit is designed with provisions for hanging or wall mounting and it should not be positioned any higher than 5 feet. For optimum bark control results, the area between where the Outdoor Bark Control unit is placed and where the dog is should be free of any large objects or obstacles.

On the surface it may seem like a relatively non invasive pet product. But is it, and more importantly, does it work?


Ohio Cemetery Allows Owners And Pets To Be Buried Together

Thursday, October 18th, 2007

Pet CemeteryThe Glendale Cemetery in Akron, Ohio is now allowing pet owners and their beloved pets to be buried together. Pet owners can cremate their pets to be buried in their lots.

John Frank, president of the Friends of Glendale Cemetery board of trustees, said they decided to adopt this new policy because of the numerous requests by pet owners who want to be buried with their pets.

”There are societal changes in our country. Household pets are very important to people. With the changing times, the lot owner who wishes to bury the cremated remains may do so,” Frank said.


Pet Product Review: Perfect Petfeeder

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Perfect Petfeeder

When the CEO from Pillar Pet Products emailed me about reviewing their Perfect Petfeeder, I was incredibly intrigued. Both my dog and I had never used a pet feeder/pet food dispenser before, and I was incredibly curious to see how my dog would react to it.

The Perfect Petfeeder is geared towards cats and small to medium sized dogs. Although when I spoke to Scott and Gretchen from Pillar Pet Products, they said that there are a few dog owners that use the Perfect Petfeeder for their Labradors (a model for large dog breeds is being considered). The product can also feed two pets with one unit.

First of all, this is no flimsy piece of machinery. It weighs about 20 pounds when empty. When I first took the Perfect Petfeeder out of the box, it looked solid and almost indestructible (just like a KitchenAid mixer — those appliances last forever). Set-up is relatively quick and painless, and there is an easy to understand manual to guide you through the process.

Programming your pet’s feeding schedule is also easy to do and includes: the time of day, number of meals, if you want to activate a meal chime, and the specific meal amount. Meals can be programmed to be as little as several pieces of kibble to as much as several cups, and different meal amounts can be programmed for each specific time.

(more…)’s Cat Product Reviews Highlights

Monday, October 15th, 2007

Multipet gymHere are some highlights of cat product reviews on (Itchmo’s cat product review website) for this week:

Feed Your Pet Through Your Cell Phone

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

Pet dispenser

Nowadays, it seems like your cell phone can do anything. It not only connects you to your family and friends all across the world, but you can take pictures, surf the Internet, watch movies, and now you can feed your cat or dog with your multi-use gadget.

SK Telecom, a Korean mobile operator, is offering a pet care service along with their other cell phone features.

The automatic food dispenser is controlled by your cell phone. You dial in to the food dispenser, and it makes a ringtone to alert your pet that it’s feeding time. You then press a button to dispense the food and you can even watch your pet eat via streaming video from the food dispenser’s built-in webcam.

Cell phones. What will you do next?

Source: Tech Digest

Consumers React To Article About Toxic Pet Toys

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

greenmonster1.jpgThe public is wary in the wake of a heated debate between and retail giant Wal-Mart over toxicity levels in pet toys manufactured in China.

One Ohio pet owner described her reaction as “scared and horrified” after reading a story that revealed what a forensic toxicologist called elevated levels of lead, chromium, and cadmium in two Chinese-made pet toys sold at Wal-Mart.

“I bought one of those toys for my two dogs,” pet owner Karen N. told the online consumer magazine. “Now I’m really afraid because (the forensic toxicologist) in the article said the toy could shorten my dogs’ lives. This makes me sick.”

Karen said this is the second time this year that she’s purchased the green monster toys for her dogs. Now she is worried about lead building up in her dogs’ bodies and the long-term effects that could have on their health. The dogs have not shown any signs of illness from playing with the green monster toys.

In September, hired Texas-based ExperTox Analytical Laboratory to analyze four Chinese-made pet toys they had purchased from a Kansas City, MO Wal-Mart — two dog toys and two cat toys. A latex dog toy that looks like a green monster tested positive for what ExperTox’s Forensic Toxicologist and Director, Dr. Ernest Lykissa, Ph.D., called high levels of lead and the cancer-producing agent chromium. The green monster toy contained 907.4 micrograms per kilogram of lead. The lab also found other toxic metals in the toy. “There’s cadmium, arsenic, and mercury in there,” Dr. Lykissa said. “This is not a clean toy. This is toxic. Bank on it.” ExperTox also detected “worrisome” levels of cadmium in a cloth catnip toy: 236 micrograms per kilogram.


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