GoughNuts, Dog Toy That Tells Owner If It Is Still Safe


The idea behind GoughNuts, a dog chew toy manufactured in Modesto, CA, is to have a toy tell a pet owner when a toy is safe and when it is no longer safe.

If the toy is green, it means go and if the toy has been used to a point that an owner sees red, it means stop.

Amy Rockwood, the inventor and president of GoughNuts, said, “The simple concept is the patent-pending safety technology that is part of every GoughNuts pet product. If your dog can chew through the green layer of the toy to expose the red, GoughNuts will replace your toy at no charge.”

Rockwood used her husband’s technical expertise to make the GoughNuts technology which includes 20 years experience in rubber chemistry and more than ten years in chew-toy design.

On their website, they describe the technology behind GoughNuts:

By implementing the GoughNuts visual indicator within the chew toy itself, pet owners can clearly see if the pet toy’s integrity has been compromised. This indication will be clearly visible if the pet (typically a dog) chews from one color to the next. The basic colors known throughout the world, “Green for Go” and “Red for Stop” will be used.

The product instruction states that if or when the pet chews through the green thickness where by the red indicating “Stop” color is seen, the pet owner should return the product to the manufacturer for replacement. If the pet owner does not want to return the chew toy for replacement then the pet owner should throw the toy in the garbage. As stated above, if or when the red color is seen (assumes a pet has chewed through the green), this is an indication that the toy design has been compromised and is no longer safe for the pet to use as a chew toy.

Source: Modesto Bee

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  1. Amy Rockwood says:

    Thank you for whomever put this article together on Itchmo! We have had great response and great questions. We are a company that is interested in chew toy safety. Green means go and Red means Stop!

    Thanks again for all of your interest.

    Amy - President
    GoughNuts LLC

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