Groomer Accused Of Abuse While Grooming Cat

CatA New York groomer has been accused of abusing and beating up Nusha, a three-pound Burmese cat.

Igor Kisil, Nusha’s owner, alleges that his groomer beat his cat and caused her to bleed in June 2007.

Kisil said, “The cat was literally crying. That was the first time in my life where I saw an animal actually crying, with the tears on her eyes.”

He said his six-year-old cat was in pain, had blood on her face, and even a veterinarian said it was one of the worst cases of animal abuse he has ever seen.

The police were called, but Kisil was told that it wasn’t their jurisdiction. Kisil said that he never got an apology from the groomer.

The groomer faces criminal charges and a year in jail. The case goes to court next month.

Source: ABC7

27 Responses to “Groomer Accused Of Abuse While Grooming Cat”

  1. Amanda says:

    OMG that poor cat :( I am glad she is physically better but emotionally and mentally she will not be the same cat.

    (((((HUGS to Nusha)))))

  2. Sharon says:

    Calling the police is a waste of time. Sue the bastard.

  3. Nora and Rufus says:

    I am afraid that I would have went into the Groomers shop and beat the hell out of him. NO ONE TOUCHES my fur babies like that!

  4. Nancy G. says:

    Oh, this is just horrid. That poor cat. “Not their jurisdiction”? Aren’t there animal cruelty laws in NYC?

  5. NH says:

    They’d have to throw me in jail after I kicked that groomers a$$.

  6. furmom says:

    Nothing excuses what this monster groomer did to this poor cat. However I would never send a cat to a groomer’s because it’s just not in their nature to enjoy a stranger in a strange place doing strange things. If a cat freaks out, some handlers (who should not be in the business) lose it instead of just backing off. Cats groom themselves perfectly anyway, or the owner should learn to handle them if that’s what they want, so the cat is not stressed or mistreated. From personal experience, I would say you’d better be very careful about your choice of vets as well. Many of them are sleep deprived and can get heavy handed with a frustrating cat.

  7. kathy says:

    Furmom, I agree with you. Cats can be very frustrating, especially when they are frustrated. NH, Nora and Rufus, I would have too. I would rather groom someone’s cat than let them take their cat to a groomer, I have even seen vets smack a cat that was stressed.

  8. Cheryl says:

    What is with people? Gee, I hate animals - I guess I’ll spend money to learn how to groom pets or become a vet? A billion other jobs out there and this idiot chooses to become a groomer - he needs to be locked up for mental incapacity.

  9. Kevin says:

    It really breaks my heart to read this. The Burmese and Tonkinese breeds are some of the most passive, gentle and lovable breeds around.

    What really bothers me is that these cats really trust and love humans and for someone to abuse them must be very traumatic for the animal.

    I hope Nusha has no permanent psychological damage and remains a loving and trusting cat.

    If the allegations are true, I hope someone kicks the crap out of the groomer! I know I would.

  10. mittens says:

    my longhaired cats( a himmie and now a maine coon/persian mix) are i admit a trial to groom so i do it myself. my hands are all scratched although theyve never bitten. even if they did i could NEVER hit something smaller than me like that. cats are notoriously difficult when they do not want to do something so if you can’t deal with that you shouldn’t agree to groom cats.

    my cats are so devoted to me- the maine coon/persian sits at my feet like a dog stares at me, winking. my himmie crawls in my lap the minute i sit down-(most of the siamese/oriental breeds are known for their affection and devotion to their humans). my cats are not *difficult* cats. they are very well behaved at the vet but the brushing out of the snarls completely stresses and unnerves them. it can take me days to get out a particular snarl because their tolerance level for it is so low- it’s not something that can be accomplished without scratching from them in a neat half hour appointment OUTSIDE their territory.

    i just can’t get over a human hitting a small animal to cause such harm. so many people have so much rage inside. taking it out on the defenseless because you’re frustrated is intolerable. once you understand that it is the nature of the cat and stop ascribing other ‘ motives’ to the cat ( it isn’t purposely trying to annoy and disobey you.) i think most reasonable people will find their anger overblown and the product of irrational dysfunctional acting out. violence only makes these situations worse so if you hit a cat because you think that’s they way to control it’s behavior you are gravely mistaken- it’s quite the opposite. one can at the least be honest with your clients, tell them the cat is too difficult for you to handle and stop the session.

  11. 2CatMom says:

    I think cats should be groomed at home - either by the owner or by a service who comes to the house. And if you must take your cat to a groomer, I would never leave a cat alone - that’s a recipe for trouble.
    Everything at the vets office that’s done to my cats (weighing, nail cutting, any shots, blood draws) must be done in my presence. Its amazing how much calmer they are when I’m there Believe me, I’d watch their teeth getting cleaned if I could.

    I think it would be better to ask your vet for kitty valium if you have a really difficult cat and do it yourself.

  12. furmom says:

    I agree 2CatMom, and while your at it, maybe the vet should be prescribing a large dose of “kitty valium” for the owner, groomer who has a major combing session looming for their cat.

  13. dru says:

    i’m so with u 2CatMom….i groom my cats (& my dogs) at home. mainly because i have 8 cats n 4 dogs. lolol. any time my babies have 2 go n b “seen” it’s all done with me right there with them.
    i just cannot fathom a human being hitting a 3lb kitty like that. hugs, sweet Nusha. i do hope u’re alright….
    Nora and Rufus…i’m right beside u.

  14. Rose says:

    Please, get a good attorney. What happened is inexcusable.
    Horrific! Sweet Nusha I’m glad you have a nice home to go to and hope you won’t be traumatized forever from this.

    Hope you have a friend or relative who likes Nusha and Nusha likes who can groom Nusha for you if it’s something you can’t do. May need to switch to other grooming tools like soft nubby ones or the cat allergy wipe moist towels for less kitty stress.

    Good luck

  15. The Lioness says:

    A YEAR? What a joke! This person should be put away for longer than that and never allowed to handle animals again!

    I’m so glad Nusha is OK. She’s one lucky cat. My heart goes out to her owner.

    ~The Lioness

  16. Linda's Cats says:

    See, i disagree about professional groomers. i do take my cats (and always would) to a professional groomer, cause (here’s teh caviat) IF THEY ARE GOOD at it, they are far better than i can be, and less likely to hurt my cat when they cut out knots.

    I have 3 long haired. a maine coone who loves everybody and is totally cool with baths and grooming (but ironically, is fastidious about grooming, so never needs to go to the groomer), a long haired “mutt” grey cat who has what i call “sticky” hair that get’s into knots no matter how much you brush her; and an orange male who is lazy about grooming and needs to be shaved once a year.

    But, like catmom said, i am WITH my cats when they are groomed, and i asked around a lot before i selected my groomer.

  17. Don Earl says:

    RE: “it can take me days to get out a particular snarl because their tolerance level for it is so low”

    My longhaired cat sounds much like yours. I’ve found it’s less stressful for both of us to sneek up on the problem with a pair of scissors when he’s feeling mellow and just cut off the kind of snarl that’s hard to brush out. He has enough hair that it doesn’t show, it grows back, and it’s a done deal before he has time to figure out it’s not something he wants to do. Also, a bit of preemptive claw tip clipping saves on the skin when it isn’t possible to avoid the longer grooming sessions. Cats don’t scratch to be mean, but when they’re stressed, they forget to be careful.

    In the mean time, I can’t imagine trying to groom a stranger’s cat. Anyone who knows cats well enough to be good at it, probably wouldn’t attempt it in the first place. Cats that enjoy being brushed make it a pleasure for the owners to do it themselves, and the ones that don’t like it are going to be ten times harder for a stranger to deal with.

    And, yeah, jail’s too good for someone who pretends to be a professional and beats up people’s pets. There seems to be way too many of these horror stories involving groomers. At a certain point some kind of professional certification and training should be required before being allowed to go into the business.

  18. says:

    This is one of those stories that turns your stomach. After this story and all of the others I have read about with groomers, why don’t we ask them to put in cameras on the premises so that we can review the process if there is a question of abuse. I mean they do it for babysitting right?. Since our pets can’t tell us what happened we need to think of new ways to protect them so that this doesn’t happen again.

  19. momkat says:

    It would be nice if a judge could make an example by setting a precedent for a longer jail term for animal abuse by groomers or anyone entrusted with the care of our dear pets.

    Perhaps if groomers etc knew there would be dire punishments they might not be abusive.

    I hope this person sues the groomer and wins. That’s just inexcusable and despicable.
    No one has to hurt an animal. If the animal isn’t behaving, just keep it in the carrier and tell the owner they couldn’t do the grooming because the cat was ballistic or whatever.

    Stories like this make me want to be left alone in a room for 5 minutes with the abusers…while they’re tethered and helpless like the pets they’re supposed to groom.

  20. Denise says:

    Hi Nora and others. Nora I would have just beat the crap out of that groomer. I would be in jail. what kind of sick people do we have out there. sometimes I can hardly read this stuff its very upsetting. Denise

  21. elizabeth says:

    With all due respect to those who do—-I have never taken one of my pet cats or dogs to a groomer and never will. And I have had dozens of dogs and cats, including a huge Norwegian Forest cat who had FUR! It is not that hard and they don’t have to look like Catherine Zeta Jones or George Clooney for goodness sakes!

    We have a special long flexible nozzle which was installed in a shower stall for bathing the dogs—-nice warm water and all, choice of water stream velocity, and I get right in there with them and chat with the animal the whole time. The cats have always bathed themselves quite adequately with a possible help of a a spot foot bath or ear scrub from time to time. Animals are always less stressed at home with their owners than with anyone else. Just way too many loud sounds and weird smells at the doggie spa.

    Brushing, trimming and easing snarls is time consuming but just more bonding time between you and your animal.

  22. Denise says:

    I have to use a groomer because my dog is a shihtzu but I have had the same groomer since before this pup was born in 2004. she is wonderful and she groomed my other dog. all my friends are going their now because they have had problems. I can’t cut and do nails either and long hair on her face drives her crazy but they are wonderful there. I have used others before my pup missy but would never now that I know. it makes me sick to think of this. I brush her teeth and take care of her. its hard to trust though. if I did not have a groomer I trusted I woud try and get one to come in. they need to make an example out of a few of these abusers and I think it would help.

  23. Velvet's Dad says:

    I agree with furmom and 2CatMom. Cats by nature are clean animals and spend lots of time self-grooming. When it comes to things like nail-clipping, I believe the cat owner should handle that themselves. Whenever I need to do something with Velvet that I know she’s not going to like, I spend minutes, if necessary, talking softly to her while I pet her. Then once her ordeal is over I praise and pet her some more. She may not like what I’ve done, but we remain bosom-buddies despite it.

  24. Lis says:

    I groom my Maine Coon daily, and if I forget she reminds me, because we’ve been doing this as part of our nightly routine since she was a kitten. And every couple of weeks, I clip her claws. It’s easy, it’s pleasant for both of us, it’s part of our bonding. I’ve never been scratched doing it, either, not for her, and not for my DSH rescue kitty, or my previous several cats.

    But if you adopted your cat as an adult, or didn’t realize it was a necessary skill for you and your cat to learn (because most cats, even Coons, don’t need regular human assistance when they’re kittens), it’s much harder to get started, and for a lot of people it’s pretty intimidating. It seems safer and more sensible to let the professionals do it, when it’s absolutely necessary–and most of the time, it is safe, and more sensible, at least, than trying it yourself if you’re scared of the process.

    When I was a kid, our first cat only got her claws trimmed by the vet, because it seemed like such a scary thing to do ourselves; we were afraid of hurting her. Our second cat, when my sister and I were old enough to pool our funds and our research skills, and find a good breeder, was our first Maine Coon–and when we got our new kitten, the breeder said, “And this is how you trim her claws…” and suddenly it wasn’t scary anymore, and we got to practice the skill on a young kitten, rather than a grown cat. (Our first cat was a shelter kitty, a bit over a year old when we got her.)

    Lots of people who love their cats simply haven’t been taught the skills needed for grooming and claw trimming, and are afraid they’d be putting themselves and their cats at risk by trying it.

  25. Hazel Chambers says:

    If someone beat my cat like that….I most likely would be the one in jail because I kick their sorry ass into next week.

    SUE this idiot…!

    Do we have a name??

  26. Gina says:

    I disagree with cats not needing grooming. I have 2 very long haired cats who do not like me brushing them and get shaved every summer. I do not take them to groomers though, as most do not do cats. They go to the vet. Shaving them helps with the knots and my one cat loves it. After all the knots and mats are gone she’s purring and prancing about. I sometimes shave parts of them, they won’t sit still long enough for me to do all of them. I haven’t had any problems yet and I’ve been doing it for years.

  27. MOLLY says:


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