Group Of Vick’s Dogs Arrive At Utah Animal Sanctuary


Twenty-two of the 47 pit bulls that were seized from Michael Vick’s Surry County property have been relocated to Utah.

Each dog, in its own crate, was loaded onto a plane at Richmond International Airport and arrived at the Best Friends Animal Society’s 33,000-acre no-kill sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.

A spokesman for Best friends stated, “The one thing about these dogs that’s different is they can’t be put in group living situations like most of our dogs. So we’ve been spending the last few weeks clearing out some new areas where these dogs can have individual runs. They have indoor-outdoor access. They’re going to have a really nice home.”

An animal-care adviser at Best Friends added, “I’d like to see all these dogs get into homes and live happily ever after, on couches and sleeping in beds at night. That’s what we work for.”

Source: USA Today, Baltimore Sun

7 Responses to “Group Of Vick’s Dogs Arrive At Utah Animal Sanctuary”

  1. EmilyS says:

    “”They’re here, they’re safe, they’re fine,” Best Friends spokeswoman Barbara Williamson said on Wednesday. The dogs arrived at the Kanab City Airport in a chartered plane that left the Richmond International Airport in Virginia earlier that day.
    The dogs were released to the care of Best Friends after a lengthy court process, which included in-depth evaluations of each dog and discussions about where to place the 47 pit bulls that were taken from Vick’s Virginia property. Seven shelters in all were asked to care for the rescued animals, all of them no-kill shelters like Best Friends.
    “This is their first night here, and they’re settling in, sniffing around, getting used to their new place,” said Patty Hegwood, Best Friends animal care director. “We’ll have 24-hour security and people around them so they don’t feel lonely.”
    A team of Best Friends specialists is already familiar with the dogs chosen to live at the sanctuary, she said, after spending several weeks working one-on-one with the animals before they arrived here.
    “We were laughing about how we’d have to divide the dogs into three different types,” Hegwood said. “We’ve got a few that just roll over and want their tummy rubbed.”
    One pit bull in particular seems to be thrilled to be in Utah’s red rock country, she added.
    “We heard all this clanging around tonight and discovered one of the dogs is just in love with his water dish. He was rolling it around and chasing after it,” Hegwood said. “We are hoping all of them get nice and comfortable and can be who they really are. We’re excited to see what kind of personalities emerge.”,00.html

  2. Ginny says:

    It’s good to see these dogs finally have some comfort. It’s also nice to see the shoe on the other foot. Now Vicks in a cage eating only the food given to him and sleeping cold sometimes. Now they get to go on a heated plane and finally live in comfort. Something they all should have had in the beginning. God Bless each and everyone of them and bless you for your kindness in caring for these wonderful furbuddies.

  3. Tanya says:

    I’m really concerned about the future for these dogs. They are high profile, and one of two things could happen. 1) owners could run around saying “look what dog i got, isn’t it cool, 2) owners could be in cahoots (sp?) with the dog fighting world at large, and the well “trained” dogs could easily find themselves back in the ring.

    I was quite surprised when i found out the dogs were going to be saved. it goes against what i belive in for 2 reasons. why these dogs, and not every other dog seized in a raid? are they no more deserving of re=evaulation and training? and more importantly, reports into underground dog fighting show that when fighting dogs are returned to the “population” at large, more than 60 % of them find themselves back in the ring. Vets are in on it, Shelters are in on it, etc. They are often stolen from good homes, or in other cases the “adopters” lie on the forms.

    trained fighters are valuable to the fighting community. so if they can be located, they are often re secured. sighs…

    i hate dog fighters. more than probably any other group i know of.

  4. angela says:

    Great news. After all they’ve been through, what these poor dogs really deserve is a good, loving home. I hope they all get a chance to be normal, happy dogs :)

  5. Bane says:

    Tanya, I think the best course of action would to make sure the dogs are relocated to homes in an area of the country where dog fighting is not as prevalent (so the South is out) with continuous monitoring of the dog’s living situation in the home…the people at Best Friends are angels…the dogs couldn’t be in better hands. I’m sure they’ll make the right decisions for the dogs. I hate dog fighters too…I think they should all be thrown on death row, and all of their profits should be given to sincere animal advocacy causes.

  6. Dee says:

    These poor sweet babies deserve to be taken care of and have good lives. Michael Vick doesn’t, but he will . He should be plugged up.

  7. R V Motley says:

    If these dogs attack each other, what do you think they might do to children if placed in public homes. They should stay in your sanctary for the rest of their life. Once a dog has tasted blood and been trained as a finghting dog, they will always be a danger to the general public. As you know there are movements all over this country to band this breed, placing them to the public at large is something that should never happen. When they attack a citizen it will make head lines all over the country. Truthfully I was surprised when they were not put down, they are truly a danger to each other and other dogs and possibility people. Shame on Vick and his buddies for doing this to such a wonderful breed. By the way I live in the Atlanta area and I for one hope he never sees a football field again.

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