Hairless Guinea Pig, The New Designer Pet

Skinny pig

Labradoodles, maltipoos, and puggles. They all are part of the designer pet trend. Meet another up and coming member to the designer pet family, especially in the UK, — the hairless guinea pig.

Skinny pigs are hairless except for the hair on their paws and at the crowns of their heads. Because of their unique nature, their dry skin needs to be moisturized, and they are very sensitive to extreme temperatures (sunscreen in the summer, a sweater in the winter). They also eat three times the amount of a normal guinea pig because they lose their heat quickly.

This hairless breed of guinea pigs was created for laboratory testing more than 30 years ago. Their skin was used for dermatological experiments.

Breeders than mated the hairless guinea pigs with normal guinea pigs so their immune system would be strengthened. And now, skinny pigs are becoming a popular household pet especially among allergy sufferers.

One skinny pig breeder said, “They are perfect for people who suffer from allergies and asthma as they have no fur. They obviously aren’t the cuddliest but they are so endearing and are always squeaking.”

Some people that really want to have a skinny pig are willing to pay up to $300 for one.

Source: Daily Mail, Metro

9 Responses to “Hairless Guinea Pig, The New Designer Pet”

  1. Gindy says:

    Hairless rats have been pets for years. We never had any like that, but several of our allergic friends have and all they need is extra warmth when it is winter and they do fine.
    The rats don’t live as long as the piggies do, which is a shame since they are so entertaining and affectionate.

  2. turbo bouv says:

    hey how do i get one !

  3. 3FURS says:

    If you can’t use hand cream on the face, because the skin properties are different, what part of the body is comparable to this little animal’s skin??

  4. 3FURS says:

    Or, do we need to be genetically altered, to be able to use the tested products ??

  5. mittens says:

    no problems 3FURS- if we use the products we WILL be genetically altered in due time merely through the application of such….

  6. kayla says:

    i have a skinny pig.
    you have to be careful when u moisturizing them due to their sensitive skin.
    but other then that mine is very happy and is VERY cuddly.

  7. eugen jones says:

    im looking fore a skinny pig as i want to bye one or two thanx hope to here from you

  8. lisa h says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    what pet store carries these

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