Happy Birthday Petsmart

Birthday DogPetsmart is turning 20 years old today. All Petsmart locations will be throwing a free birthday party today from 6-8pm. There were be free Polaroid pictures of your pet, party hats, goodie bags and party games.

If you go, please feel free to check for any recalled food. Here’s how to be a recall volunteer.

One Response to “Happy Birthday Petsmart”

  1. leek says:

    Petsmart is a ripoff.

    I once saw a vendor’s purchase order left on a Petsmart shelf. A cat condo cost Petsmart only $8 acccording to the invoice. But Petsmart had it listed for $27 !!! They made $19, or 238% profit, off of each condo. A similar condo of no lesser quality was sold at Wal-Mart for $14.

    Petsmart is overpriced and I don’t see much there that I can’t get for much less elsewhere. Petco is no better.

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