Happy Ending To An Animal Cruelty Case

BobWith all of the animal cruelty cases out there, it’s definitely refreshing and good to read about happy endings to stories of animal abuse.

A year ago, Bob, a 16-year-old poodle mix, was abandoned and neglected by his owners. The RSPCA found Bob emaciated and he had a broken jaw and wounds on his gums. The RSPCA cleaned up Bob and now a year later, Bob is in a new loving home with the veterinary nurse that helped treat him when he was found. Here is a picture of Bob with his mom.

The couple that neglected Bob was banned from owning animals for five years and was fined.

17 Responses to “Happy Ending To An Animal Cruelty Case”

  1. Rose L says:

    Oh how sweet. Bob is so very cute and lucky to have love in his life!
    Yea! Good luck Bob, you deserve all that love and care!!!

  2. Donna says:

    I am very happy for Bob.BUT,……….THE penalty for the crime is not harsh enough.Five years? Do you really think people of abusive nature will alter their ways,in a mere five years ? Animal cruelty cases should result with 25 years in prison and a $25,000 dollar fine as a start.Get real,get tough,get serious.Second offense, lethal injection for the abuser.Laws with “teeth”,stop abuse. Not a slap on the hand.

  3. 3FURS says:

    I agree that there should be a $25,000. fine and a life time ban on ever owning or caring for an animal. These people are sadistic, and that’s their nature, and will never change. Although, the lethal injection would be great ! To be realistic, a large fine( in an amount that will really affect them ), plus there should be no question that there would be a life time ban on owning any animal. To me that would be the only way to stop this insanity.

  4. e wem says:

    I do not see any difference between breaking a dog’s jaw and breaking a human’s jaw.

    In terms of protecting public safety, to me the crimes are equal and the criminals should get equal treatment.

    Personally I think the animal abuser might be more dangerous because he is choosing the ’safe’ victim to practice his sadism with. That shows cunning, and a strategy to find loopholes in our laws against assault and torture.

    If we were as lax about doing things like this to humans can anyone guess the outcome in our society?

    We can see the outcome of differentiating dog pain from human pain in these sad animal cruelty stories.

    It makes me so happy to see this doggie get a new life. And he wasn’t euthanized, but rescued by angels, God bless ‘em all

    I believe there is a Rainbow Bridge out there, but I also hope in the next life there is a combat zone near the bridge where these abusers get to meet a squad of doggies with machine guns

  5. Susan says:

    I want to see an animal abuser registry. The sentences are too light and repeat offenses too common. I want to know if those things live in my neighborhood, and I don’t want my children to date one. I want to be able to check if they own pets. I don’t think there’s a hell hot enough for them.

  6. Kevin says:

    Fined? FINED! They should have been put in jail! They should also be banned from raising children.

    Thank God for people like Sam. Nice work!

  7. 3FURS says:

    I Totally Agree. But the animal cruelity law right ,now is nothing. A heavy fine and never possing an animal again, would be a start. Unfortunately society doesn’t seem to see the point. In the last few days, on T.V. I saw a hidden camera show, where the producers hid a tape recording of a dog barking frantically in the back of a garbage truck. A young girl was running after the truck waving her arms and shouting to get the driver’s attention–to no avail. And the audience thought this was hilarious. On another day, I saw a spoof, where an Indian man was being punched and kicked by a man and woman. The people on the street were oblivious. This is FUNNY ?? This is ENTERTAINMENT ?? It’s a sick society that we live in. And proper laws to protect animals will be very slow coming. On a happier note–on Canadian news, they showed a Call Center that took thousands of calls re the poison pet food, the company donated $6000. to local pet rescues.

  8. 3FURS says:

    I dearly love animals, and dogs in particular. If I witnessed anyone abusing an animal, and I had a gun, I wouldn’t wait for the law.

  9. Kevin says:

    Forget the gun, let’s break the previous owners jaw and let them roam the streets.

  10. 3FURS says:

    Kevin, or maybe one hundred strokes with a cat’o'nine tails—and then break his/her jaw. An eye for an eye. Animal torture, vandalism all start young. When little Johnny/Jane who is 14yrs. old and stands 5ft. 8 and weighs 150lbs. is caught, the law takes them home and says tsk. tsk. naughty, naughty. And these youth see their sport ” heros ??” torturing animals, so it must be the thing to do. Laws need to be tightened across the board.

  11. Kevin says:


    Your right! I hear and read about people who enjoy animal suffering because they think the animals do not know the difference. Those people need a taste of their own medicine and I want to administer it.

    I am so protective of my cats I treat them like they are my kids. If anyone even says a bad word about them I 86 them. I have two Tonkinese cats and they love and trust humans so much that I am on my guard 110% of the time so they are never abused by anyone.

    Animals have unconditional love for humans and it pains me when I see and hear about the abuse.

    It’s even hard for me to watch Animal Planet when they are investigating pet owners for neglecting and abusing their animals. I just want to kick the crap out of the owners.

  12. Buster says:

    Animal cruelty MUST be made a felony and with harsh penalties. We need an Animal Abuser Registry NOW! That registry should be accessible to all shelters who do adoptions, and checking it should be mandatory!

  13. mittens says:

    part of the whole problem with the pet food recall and deaths and law suits is that in american law our pets are merely our possessions like a toaster or a camera not a living creature with emotions and emotional attachements to us and our lives. you pretty much ,if you win, get the price of the’ item’ lost.

    this is also why the fines for animal cruelty are so low- like you’re going to be arrested for kicking your toaster. you often see cases of abusers on a massive scale whose defense is’ i will do what i want with my property and its no one’s business’. and the laws in many places all but support them in this. if you rescue the animal from abuse without the owner’s consent you are technically stealing their property and you can be charged with the greater crime.

    in researching the recall and issues associated with it i kept coming across comments by vets in particular that went sort of like this-” people are humanizing their pets more today and that’s why they’re so upset”. uh, no people love their pets and consider them parts of their families and there is nothing wrong with that. the tone was as if by demanding something be done about the killing our cats and dogs, we were childishly making our pets part of our family and over reacting. how offensive. and these were vets who make money off of these foolish animal humanizing people who bring their pets to them and fret over their care.

    what level have we descended to that caring for life and abhoring the brutal cruel treatment of the innocent are somehow character defects ?

  14. E.Beard says:

    How sad that these animal abusers were only fined and banned from owning pets for five years. They should get five years in JAIL at the very least. How long will it take before we wake up and equate animal cruelty with human cruelty? A broken jaw hurts us, starvation hurts us, what makes it less painful for the dog ? Answer is, it is just as painful for the dog but the dog cannot stand up for its rights. It is one of God’s creations and should be treated accordingly and the abusers punished accordingly as if they had done this is a human being. When we start handing out this type of retribution, perhaps we will be able to slow if not totally stop this cruelty. Cruelty has no place in our world. Tragedies are occuring all around the world as we speak and we are all charged with not turning our backs on it. We must improve upon our laws of protection, our education for these offenders and punishment of same until we are at peace and have compassion for one another, be it animal or human.

  15. Lynn says:


    Excellent idea - animal abusers database. If someone can set up and maintain a website and get an attorney to spell out what we can and can’t publish, then I’ll create the the database - gladly. Just go to the Itchmo Forums, enter “Lynn” into the search engine in the upper right and it will come up with something with my name. From there you can send me a personal email.

    And shame on the judge who meted out this paltry sentence. Maybe we need to start a database of Judges who dish out weak sentences for cases like this, then flood his/her office with letters, etc.

    And finally, Bob’s Mom - you are indeed an angel in heaven for giving Bob a home.

  16. 3FURS says:

    What method is used now, to prevent these animal tortures from going straight from the court house ,to a breeder or shelter ? There has to be an animal abuse registery set up, and a current copy provided to every location where animals can be obtained. Then if the guy next door gives him a pup or a kitten he should be heavely fined, just for possessing the animal. And the restriction on animal ownership should be for life.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Banned from owning pets for five years? Who follows up on this?
    What are the penalties?
    Longterm community service and big fine.

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