Happy Memorial Day!

Dogs Wearing American Flags

Ah yes, it’s a national holiday. That means one thing to our readers: If your comment doesn’t show, it means the goblins in the comments spam filter have it. We’ll make sure to clear it by Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!

4 Responses to “Happy Memorial Day!”

  1. Steve says:

    Well Newman uses Menu Foods. So they still have a big problem.

    Don’t they “get it” . . ? ? ?


  2. Steve says:

    “No amount of regulation would have found the melamine,” says Duane Ekedahl.

    “The US system is not broken; that’s an oversimplification,” says Mr. Ekedahl. “We shouldn’t have to inspect it here. [Foreign governments] should inspect it all there.”


  3. Steves says:

    Every smile you fake
    Every vow you break
    I’ll be watching you

  4. Steve says:

    Judge tells pet food reps to back off


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