Heartbreaking Story of Sick Pets Due to Slow Recalls

Watching the Senate hearing made the sick and dying pets seem like an abstract concept. It was about safety standards, deflecting blame, and cautious answers. If you want to know more about what happens when vital, life-saving information is withheld from the public, read this story about a family and their two pets in our Forums. This isn’t about the number of dead pets. It’s about the lives that are affected.

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  1. 5CatMom says:

    Thanks to Senator Durbin.

    It’s very surprising that no one in the room knew why we don’t test for MELAMINE. Here’s why:

    In 1999 Novartis petitioned EPA to allow increased levels of Cyromazine. The EPA also noted that WHO recommended no tests for MELAMINE.


    PS Sorry to be redundant. This is for newbies.

  2. 5CatMom says:

    Forgot to add:

    Then we posted the change in the Federal Register for all the world to see.


  3. johnypaycut says:

    Wal-fart.. it figures.. slow as an escapin gas, couldn’t be bothered to have
    someone check to see if that food was recalled ? no email notifacation for
    wal-fart, managers busy dreaming up ways to get his own chain?

    1st. i want to offer my prayers for your wonderful dogs..i bet they’l be make it, although you really need to figure out who ate the most of that horrible crap.
    then here’s a suggestion. you got a basis for a hell-of-a law suit??
    ‘check it out with a good personel damages attorney? if you DON’T SUE
    these kinda of slimeballs will never learn? (’sides’ they’s in bed with the chinese?) they use child labor in mexico , and africa.. GOD knows,
    Say a prayer ,and ask for the LORDS grace, and tell him you want to’
    make this right?
    god bless.

  4. Louie says:

    What I heard in the Senate Committee Hearing is that some of the guests don’t have a clue.

    Did you count how many times the response was “I don’t know”.

    Those are the supposed “experts”.

    The CEO’s of Purina, Hill’s, P&G, etc. turned over the integrity of their companies to a bunch of know-nothing morons.

    You CEO’s need to get together and decide to do the right thing. You don’t have to wait for more Federal paralysis through analysis.

    Don’t sit there and wait for more pet deaths to show FDA where the gluten went.

    Recall your products. That’s the RIGHT thing to do.

    The integrity of your company depends on you.

  5. Debbie says:

    TERI, I can relate to the joy you had the day you first got Huey and throughout the years. And I know so well the heartache that you are going through now. My beloved German Shephard, Cody, “my boy” who I had for 12, seemingly short years, started with a kidney condition when he was 8 y/o. He was medically treated for it until he went into total renal failure in 1998. We even had him hospitalized w/IV’s. Although his illness was over a period of time, less abruptly than you are experiencing, my boy also used to eat Alpo Beef Chunks w/gravy and the dry…and we had no idea that the food was a possible cause.
    So now that I hear these tragic stories so similar to mine, no one can convince me that they have not been putting toxic ingredients into pet foods for years…and not just during this recall.
    If I can offer you any kind of consolation, please know that I, and a lot of other people share your pain…for we have already been down that same road. BIG ((HUG))

  6. Debbie says:

    Louie, you always have absolutely great comments that I always look forward to reading and agree with, but I have to politely disagree with one thing you said in your last post about the integrity of Hill’s and P&G. (as of this writing, I’m not too sure where Purina stands).
    Specifically speaking about P&G, they have been notoriously known for years for doing tortuous experiments on lab anmals, including dogs and cats. They do horrendous exps. on animals for most of their products, besides experimenting for Iams/Eukanuba. The details are very gruesome, so I won’t go into that.
    In 1999, as part of a large campaign against them, I wrote them a letter to express my disdain. They wrote back to me saying that they were going to end their animal experiments in a year or two.
    It is now 2007, and those experiments are still going on, and our campaign is still after them to stop…but they’re too big…so we just boycott their products…(little do they care, I know)…but the campaign is relentless. So as far as about a minimum of 800,000 people accounted for in this country alone (just one organization alone) is concerned, P&G has no integrity. P&G doesn’t care about the animals in the labs, so why should we think they should care about our pets. They only care about MONEY!

    With this recall, and more people being aware and outraged about their animal experimentations for Iams, perhaps P&G will stop it.

    Looking forward to more of your great comments and enthusiasm!

  7. Louie says:

    Excellent point.

    Guess I was hoping the CEO would have some integrity even if the COO doesn’t have any.

    Also, I share your passion about the experiments, and hope the delay in disclosing gluten sample test results doesn’t mean Cornell is running animal experiments.

    Do you know if anyone is checking on this?

  8. Debbie says:

    Louie, thank you for being so understanding as to why I disagreed about P&G (not) having integrity…and for your compassion about the animals being experimented on. If they had any integrity to begin with, any CEO surely loses it when they start gaining six-figure salaries, even less! Then they become experts at saying what they know people would like to hear, like that transparent Duane Ekehard (Exec. Dir. of the Pet Food Inst.) at the hearings yesterday! His poisonous BS turned my stomach!
    And you were so VERY RIGHT when you said in your post yesterday about the “I don’t know’s.” Absolutely amazing how they get paid so much money to be in their positions, but conventiently get stupid when necessary!

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Cornell is doing animal exp. with this matter since they are a teaching vet university, who normally does exp. anyway. Of course they would never announce it, just like that unscrupulous P&G and other brutal scumbag entities wouldn’t own up. What always amazes me is that those highly educated, stupid scientists give poisons to animals to consume, just to see if it’s toxic. DUHHH!!!!! The thing that gets me is that poison pet food co’s. have been doing exp’s. on animals for years for the purpose of discovering if they go into renal failure, etc. Go figure!

    ps: actually I should have said yesterday that I do know where Purina and the like stand with tortuous animal exp’s. PETA sent out a survey to all the pet food co’s. long before the recall, asking them to voluntarily comply if they do or do not do tortuous animal exp. PETA did receive some replies from co’s. who do NOT exp., and said that if any co. is not on their list, than we will have to take for granted that those other co’s. do cruel exps. Purina was not on that list. If you are interested, check the list out on www.iamscruelty.com
    Thanks agains, Louie, and keep up that great enthusiasm with your great comments!

  9. catherine pierson says:

    in response to sesajune and her two sick dogs, huey and emma, is anyone else upset about the timeline and the vet? she has to wait 19 hours to call her vet’s office on monday morning–doesn’t the vet have an after hours emergency #? when she does call monday a.m., the vet’s office gives her an appointment for tuesday!!! she has 2 dogs extremely sick at the same time during a period of a pet food recall. the symptoms started on saturday and the vet sees the dogs on tuesday!!! then will only treat if paid in full at time of service. anyone else think sesajune needs a new vet? i have called my vet at 4:30 A.M. and had her return my call and help me through my dog vomiting blood. also, have called on a sunday and the vet that was covering for her offered to meet us at her office immediately. if a vet does not offer compassionate care, find one who does. your animal’s life depends on it.

  10. susanne says:

    Menu Foods was “invited” to attend the hearing and declined. They had the PFI hack represent them instead. What a bunch of loser cowards…

    Menu Foods should have been ordered to attend the hearings and to let tell everone why they waited 3 weeks before alerting the FDA. Then they should have explained why they decided to go ahead with “routine palatability” testing of their tainted dog food AFTER they already had reason to suspect contamination.

    One university researcher was quoted as saying that the best way to test the effect of melamine on dogs and cats is to deliberately expose the animals to it - however, that would never be an option. A researcher who makes his living doing experimets wouldn’t deliberately expose dogs and cats - but Menu Food does?? And obviously they think it is just fine.

    I hope Menu Foods loses its ass and needs to shut down. I hope karma hits them where it hurts….

  11. Debbie says:

    Yes, indeed, Susanne, the infamous “they” deliberately expose dogs and cats to toxic substances…uh, just to see if it’s toxic…and yes, they think that just fine. DUHHHHH?????? Doesn’t matter if it’s toxic pet food ingredients like ethoxyquin (which is in some pet foods), or cleaning products, the pharmaceutical industry, or Jell-O! Can you imagine after all these decades that they have test on Jell-0 on animals????
    Anyway, one of the biggest and most notorious culprits is P&G. If you are interested, see www.iamscruelty.com
    The thing is, modern and more highly accurate methods of testing any product have been developed - without testing on animals - but is only being utilized by very few companies, which the PCRM is making woderful advances. (PCRM: Physicians’ Committee for Responsible Medicine)
    It’s time that ALL of these poison compaines come out of the Dark Ages! The reason they test on animals is bec it is cheaper, and a legal clause alllows them to get their products out on the market faster - good or not for the consumers…for the almighty competitive buck!
    I TOTALLY agree with your last sentence!

  12. EelKat says:

    From August 2006 through December 2006 we lost 5 of our cats in spite of a frantic vet tsting for everything under the sun to try to restore their health.

    The vet’s final conclusion was this:

    an unknown toxin of alarming levels had somehow gotten into their system, they died of a combination of kidney failure and liver failure

    in each case they died 2 days after becomeing sick

    dureing the testing phase, one of the questions the vet had asked us was: “Do you have any decon (rat poison) or medications in the house?”

    we did not, and these were house pets that did not go outside

    the vet explained that they “appeared to be dieing from rat poison”

    After buriging Skeezics in Decenber of 2006, we have had no more problems

    what we did not know was why we had suddenly had problems and than suddenly did not…

    than we heard about the recall in March 2007… rat poison in pet food! we were stunned! though the deaths were 6 months before the recall claims the contamination was, one thing did stand out: we had changed cat food brands during the summer of 2006… after Skeezic’s death in December 2006 we changed cat food brands again… the rands that we had used durung the summer and fall of 2006 have now found their way onto the recall list EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!

    in spite of the dates given in the recalls, our vet believes that the contamination goes back much father than Menue Foods is saying, and that the food is what cause the deaths of our 5 beloved friends.


  13. EelKat says:


    P&G sucks… I’ve been leading the local protests and boycotts against them since the early 1980’s

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