Hi-Tech Dogs

RoameoPeople have GPS everywhere: in their car, on their cell phone, and now your dog can even have his own GPS. RoamEO Location System has created a GPS system for dog collars, so pet owners can easily locate their pets, and track where and at what velocity they are going at. Owners can even create a perimeter, so if pets go further than the designated area, owners can be alerted. I don’t know if I need GPS for my dog because he’s either sleeping on the couch, eating at his food bowl or sitting next to me wanting to be itched.

One Response to “Hi-Tech Dogs”

  1. Kathy Thompson says:

    Five years ago my mother, who had Altzheimers disease, left the front screen unlatched and both dogs went out the front door. They were gone overnight, one was home when I got up, the other was found on mainstreet at noon the next day. No clue where they went, I drove out a tank of gas looking for them and checked the porch about every 15 minutes all night long. I searched and searched for a product like this, none was available. Now, the dogs are trained not to go out the front door without me and their leashes, don’t need it, but if the price comes down I might buy one anyway just for the peace of mind.

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