High Style Cat House Designed Specifically For Dallas Cat

Miss WidgetWould your cat like this stylish cat house?

Miss Widget is the official mascot and office cat at the Dallas Wind Symphony. This 10-year-old black shorthair cat lives out her days listening to Beethoven, Mozart, and Chopin.

She describes herself as “svelte, ebony-hued, with a sleek coat, of American ancestry.”

Recently, Miss Widget has been getting quite some attention. Actually her house was. The Dallas Wind Symphony was chosen by the American Society of Interior Designers Dallas Design Community to receive an office makeover. And this included Miss Widget’s house.

“When we had our first meeting at the Dallas Wind Symphony office, it became clear that Miss Widget was in charge of things there. As an animal lover, it was important to me that we made sure to include her in our design,” says R. Scott Frelick, ASID Dallas Design Community chairman.

Realizing that Miss Widget had particular tastes, the design team got to hard work on creating a special house just for her. This project also caught the eye of the Art Institute. That’s how the Best Little Cat House in Texas competition was born.

Eight groups of interior design students worked and crafted their take on what Miss Widget’s perfect cat house would be. The houses were finally unveiled at a spring concert.

Miss Widget sampled and approved all of the houses, but there is one in particular that she is drawn to. Her favorite cat house (pictured here) features a tall post with a perch at the top and it’s covered with sheet music of the first piece the Dallas Wind Symphony played together: Gustav Holst’s First Suite in E-Flat.

Now, Miss Widget can live out the rest of her life in her dream house.

Source: Dallas Morning News

One Response to “High Style Cat House Designed Specifically For Dallas Cat”

  1. Kira says:

    It doesn’t look like “barbies dream house” but cats like something when its functional for them. She deserves a loft apartment in the sky.

    All she needs is a little birdseed and she can lure in unsuspecting sparrows that think this is a birdfeeder! Teehee!

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