Highlights from FDA’s Press Conference

  • FDA will not name companies until the companies say they used the shipment of rice protein in the manufacturing of foods.
  • Wilbur-Ellis started receiving shipments from the Chinese company in July of 2006
  • FDA has yet to test corn gluten after South Africa’s findings of melamine in corn gluten from China.
  • Blue Buffalo identified as one of 5 companies that received tainted rice protein.
  • Rice protein is less widely used as wheat gluten.
  • Rice protein will be screened at import.
  • Some contaminated products may have been used as pig feed.

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28 Responses to “Highlights from FDA’s Press Conference”

  1. 4lgdfriend says:

    YUMMY! i smell bacon, sausage, ahhhhh the aroma of melamine.
    Well, now that a big agricultural producer has been harmed there will be quick movement on pork. Then, the FDA dorks will go back to feeding on our tax dollars and lobbyist payoffs while our pets continue to die.

  2. alabelreader says:

    I am not surprised it has found it’s way into our food supply. Here is an excerpt from the manufacterer of the rice protein concetrate. Take a look at the diverse food animals it mentions..

    This was taken from the Chinese manufacterers of the Rice protein concentrate’s website it’s not my English!

    …on what concentrated rice protein is.ntages︰ rice protein (feed grade)
    looks bright and the color is offwhite .It mainly be used to feed the
    animals .The rice protein concentrate which is the byproduct of rice starch
    is rich in nutrition. It plays an important part in helping animals grow and
    against illness . It is good additive, so the animals can grow stronger and
    eat more . Especially , we can make sure that the animals would be needed
    for it at all times. Also, people can make good use of the feed ,then ,much
    proteins will be remained ,feed energy will be improved and feed cost will
    be reduced .At last ,making animals grow stronger will come ture . Finally,
    we want to say that it is very useful for feeding cattle , pigs ,chickens,
    ducks and marine lives ..etc. So it can’t be lacked in the feed line.
    Min Order︰ 19ton
    Ship Date︰ in 3 days
    Standard Met︰ Q/BFT001-2004

    So, Pigs, chickens, ducks, and fish………eat this as feed, oh…..almost forgot…and our dogs and cats.

  3. purringfur says:

    Don’t forget that some pet foods, one being Hill’s Prescription Diet a/d that contains “PORK PROTEIN ISOLATE.”

  4. alabelreader says:

    correction, I should have said, I am not suprised it MAY have made it’s way into our food supply.

  5. Steve says:

    alabelreader yes I’m really enjoying the morning star meatless sausage and bacon we have “enjoyed” the past few years since March 16. I’m just thrilled with the thought of sitting there thinking, “is it from China” with every bite I force myself to take.

  6. Anonymous says:

    For those with an interest in agriculture, biology and horticulture:


    If anything the subjects will give you a jumping off point for topics addressed on this and other boards.

  7. alabelreader says:

    Anonymous, interesting, and enlightening.

  8. Sandy says:

    I am thinking if farmers start to lose cows and pigs the SLOP will hit the fan and something will FINALLY be done. I mean really farming is big business and that lobby money will be heard unlike our voices and those of the silenced cats and dogs :*(

  9. PetSentinel says:

    I was just at an ag site and here’s their new slogan:


  10. xyz says:

    alabelreader- (sorry, forgot my moniker)

    Yes, definitely enlightening.

    A little blurb in relation to something I read about one gluten or another that’s been modified- they were going for organic status. I didn’t exactly utter a sigh of relief.

  11. Pam says:

    Hey, Pet Food Manufacturers: Just because the FDA isn’t testing corn gluten yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. Your sales will increase if you will go ahead and test it and announce your results in writing on your websites. Until you do, you can be assured that you will not sell me anything that contains corn gluten (or any other glutein or plant-based protein boosters). Better yet, quit using that stuff & quit buying anything from China.

  12. Carol says:

    During a conference call today, the FDA confirmed that melamine-tainted pet food was reprocessed and fed to hogs. People eat hogs. Figure it out for yourself.


    Not sure what to make of this

  13. Karen says:

    If the Chinese refuse to allow Inspection - SIMPLE - stop the importing of glutens and grains.

    A. This alarms the Feds, since China owns a HUGE CHUNK of the American Debt.

    B. Its a LOT CHEAPER - tax dollar wise - then FINDING and testing each shipment imported.

    C. The Pet Food Industry will revolt (of course, prices might rise closer to those of the Super Premium Foods - HHHMMM)

    D. Food for thought (pun intended)

  14. teric says:

    Correction: They said 4 others - I count 5.


    Thanks for your post!!!!!

    Rice protein concentrate shipped to Diamond Pet Foods plus 4 others. They are located in Utah, NY, Kansas and 2 in Missouri.

    1) Diamond Pet Foods
    2) C.J. Foods in Kansas
    3) American Nutrition in Utah
    4) ? - Missouri
    5) ? - Missouri
    6) ? - NY

    3 more guys. Now we need to list what products they make. Any assistance here would be appreciated.

  15. 5CatMom says:


    Purina, St. Louis, MO?????????

  16. 5CatMom says:

    teric, ???????????????????????

    Doane Agricultural Services Company
    St. Louis , MO

    We make no wild claims about beating the market with huge gains. Instead, we simply provide the facts from the University of Illinois AgMAS project to … Doane is a private label manufacturer of cat and dog food with 24 plants in the continental US

  17. 5CatMom says:

    teric, ?????????????????

    Diamond Pet Food Company
    Meta , MO

    Diamond Pet Foods, the manufacturer of the dog food, paid the LeGette family for Toby’s veterinarian bills and said it may pay for others.

  18. KatieKat says:

    How DUMB can the FDA and Pet Food CO’s be?! Yep we killed a bunch of pets so now lets kill the owners as well……….Hell who needs terrorist, our goverment is gonna kill us all themselves!

    I am so dumbfouned by this action, our government must want an uprising of the people, because deadly actions like this are going to bring it on

  19. Sharon says:

    Here’s a link for an industrial yellow pages which might help in the search.


  20. 5CatMom says:

    teric, ???????????????????


    “All of our brands, including Feline Health Nutrition, Canine Health Nutrition, Royal Canin Veterinary Diets,
    Sensible Choice, and Kasco, continue to be available nationwide”

  21. 5CatMom says:


    Royal Canin USA Inc
    St. Charles , MO

    Royal Canin USA is a subsidiary of the Royal Canin Group, a leading … Southbury, Connecticut (November 1, 2001) - GundogsOnline.com is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Royal Canin USA, Inc., the manufacturer of Kasco Premium Dog Foods.

  22. KatieKat says:

    We have 2 Purina plants in MO, one in KC,MO and the other is in St Louis, NO

  23. 5CatMom says:

    Looks like FDA has a rule they can use to detain contaminated food. Wonder why they didn’t use it?


    “The Food and Drug Administration today announced the final rule establishing procedures for administrative detention of food under the authority of the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (Bioterrorism Act). This new authority applies to food for which the agency has credible evidence or information that it presents a threat of serious adverse health consequences or death to humans or animals”

    Well, it’s starting to make sense why FDA didn’t go ahead and test the corn gluten. If they tested it, and it’s positive for melamine, they might have to detain it.

    THAT wouldn’t sit well with the BRAND CEO’s.

  24. Rhonda says:

    In the last year, we have spent $10,000 (yes, ten thousand dollars) on vet bills. We’ve done without in a big way to ensure that our children had the best of care. Note: the money we spent was for veterinary care for 3 kids and completely unrelated to any recall. We aren’t rich, we aren’t wealthy. We live on a very tight budget, yet are fortunate to be able to pay for this level of car.

    That said, I don’t give a darn what I have to pay for my food or my pets food if it means that every one is safe. Will prices go up in order to insure “safe” foods? Yes. I will gladly pay those prices if I can BELIEVE that what our family (furr-kids are our children) is safe!

  25. Karen says:

    5CatMom Totally agree.

    Vote with you money. Don’t buy anything off the shelf at Safeway, Albertson’s, Walmart, QFC, Etc. Some foods at Petco are OK (research FIRST). Costco has a great food line - Kirkland. Animal Feed Shops offer the more Holistic, Healty Foods (be careful of all Wheat, Corn, and processed rice - whole grain white/brown rice Okay). Plan to add about $15 - $30 per month to Animal Food Budget (or more, if you have large pets or a lot of them).

    They’ll get the hint.


  26. 5CatMom says:

    Karen’s right.

    Also please contact:

    Your US Senators and Representatives
    Your state’s FDA Office.

    I called yesterday and raised H. with state FDA. Had to be rude to get the Supervisor. “YOU GUYS MUST INSPECT CORN GLUTEN IN BINS AT MANUFACTURERS”

    ALL state and federal offices have screeners. You must speak with the supervisor.

    We need ACTION!

  27. 5CatMom says:

    Another thought.

    Contact Senator Durbin and raise H.

    WHY HAVEN’T THEY???????????????

    Senator Durbin’s no. is 202/224-2152.
    Ask for Erin Collins - She’s dealing with the Pet Food Recall

    (If you get an email address for Erin, please advise. A few thousand emails over the weekend would MAYBE get someone’s attention)

  28. Danielle says:

    Well we should get our answer on the other rice protein plants very soon. My money is on 5:30, right after the stock market closes and when the evening news is already on and it’s too late to produce a segment for the national news programs.

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