Home Away From Home For My Dog

Happy Dog I’m a protective doggie parent and when it comes to someone else looking after my dog, I go to Bone-A-Fide Dog Ranch located in Snohomish, WA (they also have another location in Lake Stevens). Even though it is about a 30 minute drive from where I live, the trek out there is worth it. It truly is an expansive five acre ranch (picture is not Bone-A-Fide) where there are numerous areas for dogs, small and big, to play and roam freely. There are no cages and dogs sleep in various bedrooms with doggie beds. The staff always remember my dog’s name and truly provide a safe and caring place for dogs when they are away from their owners. Whenever I pick my dog up, he is happy, tired from playing to his heart’s content, and ready for a bath, and I know that I have found a wonderful place for my dog to go when I need to take a quick trip. This is one very satisfied parent.

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  1. benemo says:

    What an awesome photo!

  2. itchmo admin says:

    Gee, i wish Chicago looked that nice outside right now…

  3. itchmo!seattle » Blog Archive » DailyPoo says:

    […] When you need a vacation and you need a home away from home for your dog, take your dog to Bon-A-Fide Dog Ranch. Make sure your dog leaves a big tip when he rides around the city in Seattle Dog Taxi. Curb your […]

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