Home Improvement Goes To The Dogs And Cats

Dog shower

If you could renovate your home, what would you improve? How about what would Fido and Fluffy want renovated in the house? Now, many homeowners that are also pet owners are factoring in their pets when they make home improvements or additions.

What have some homeowners done to make their pets’ lives easier? They have built custom made dog showers and bathrooms. (No more dog hair in your shower drain anymore.) Cat sanctuaries have been added to the house. Special kitchen cabinets for pets have been designed.

The most common and popular home-related renovation for pets is the dog shower. The showers are built wide enough to accommodate the dog, shower controls are down low, and tiling can go up to 4 feet. A bench for the pet owner and a shelf for pet shampoo and supplies can also be included.

In the kitchen, pet owners can build a pullout kitchen cabinet that contains holes for the food bowls, so pets can eat at a comfortable level. Also, special cabinets can be designed to accommodate those large 50 pound bags of dog food.

Does your pet need to look out the window all day? Homeowners can have platforms built in their house to help pets see outside the windows.

From Detroit Free Press:

Goodman [interior designer] says she had a client in a retirement home who wanted to give her declawed cats a safe place to roam. Goodman transformed a porch into a screened-in cat house, complete with a real tree she set in a block of cement and hung with cat toys.

“We put stones all around and a bench for her to sit on,” Goodman says. “She loved it.”

Stanley [builder] had her husband install cat doors on their high basement windows and a catwalk to give them access.

“I love cats, but I’m allergic to cats, so we made a cat house in the basement,” Stanley says of the special space for Tonto and Duke.

Stanley says she believes her cats enjoy the freedom to use their door to slip outside to enjoy her koi pond and fetch bird feathers.

“I have a cleaning lady who comes once a week just to clean the cat house,” she says of the room she spent about $1,000 outfitting. “They’re pampered.”

6 Responses to “Home Improvement Goes To The Dogs And Cats”

  1. Lynne says:

    There’s no end of wonderful options for wealthy people.

  2. Rose says:

    Cool. Hope you can have a follow-up story with morephotos of the cat zones.

  3. Aqua says:

    We did actually expand the downstairs lav to include a dog shower, and no, we are not wealthy. This was a matter of necessity when our 13 year old German Shepherd dog began suffering frequent events of diarrhea. I simply could not take him outside to hose him off when the snow was 2 feet deep.

    We used our vacation savings account to convert the lavatory. Pet ownership often means juggling priorities.

  4. pam says:

    i have ottomans by several windows so that helps out…my 2 cats have claimed the counter and washer by the kitchen windows and i had to move my couch from in front of the living room picture window because ny wolfie dog wouldn’t stop sprawling across it to survey his territory…we live on a hill. what i really need is a place to bathe him…lifting all 35 lbs of him into the victorian tub…originial to the house…for his bath and then kneeling on the floor bathing him just kills my knees! oh, and my boy loves his bath and wants a really long one.

  5. Canadianna says:

    My beagle has his own room. We put the spare bed along the wall with the window. He likes to lie half in the window sill to look outside. It also has his bed, a toy box, blankies, and a TV. When my husband gets home from work, we all watch TV together in the ‘den’. Of course, he still sleeps on our bed at night!

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