Hot Puptatoes

Dog BedHow often do you see your dog or cat searching for warmth by digging under a blanket or sitting in the sunlight? Or how about when your pet just lays there like a pig on the cold tile on a hot day? Well, here is the solution to all of your pet’s body temperature problems: Dolce Vita DuoTemp pet bed (Coldheat, the company that makes these beds, is based in Bellevue), the first therapeutic pet bed that offers both heating and cooling in one product. You can turn on the heating or cooling with a flick of a switch and the air circulates evenly inside the bed. That’s pretty cool. We’ve seen heated pet beds, but never one that cools. Now, we won’t have to scrape the dog off of our kitchen tile floor in the summer. They also make a Heated Seat Cover and Heated Cargo Pad for your pet when you are on the go. Now, you have no excuse to not take your baby with you on a trip to the grocery store. Maybe I can borrow it for while.

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