House Demolished To Save Trapped Cat

PatsyA UK family demolished part of their home to save their cat Patsy. The 13-year-old tabby became stuck in a three inch gap between the brickwork of two houses for 16 hours. Patsy became trapped after she was trying to escape from a neighborhood dog.

Her owner found Patsy the next morning and called the RSPCA and the fire department. Firefighters tried for four hours to rescue Patsy but was not successful because of Patsy’s size (time for a diet, perhaps?) and how far down she was. They then tried using hand tools to cut away brickwork and floorboards, but the cat became distressed.

A vet then sedated Patsy for 20 minutes to calm her down. Heavy equipment was brought in to knock down the wall and to demolish the brickwork. Finally a worker was able to lift Patsy out of the area. Patsy is recovering and has no injuries. Patsy’s owner is extremely thankful and says that they just had that extension work done and hopes that the insurance company will cover the damages. We’re glad that you’re safe now Patsy.

5 Responses to “House Demolished To Save Trapped Cat”

  1. Kevin says:

    Yup! That would be something I would do if it were my pet. After all, you just can’t leave the little (big) Patsy there.

    My hats off to all the rescue workers! Job well done!

    Now let’s discuss this diet…

  2. Donna says:

    I would have done the same.Saluting Patsy owners on her rescue.Now do not let her outside again !

  3. 7dog mum says:

    Then there is China…………and how they view cats.

    what is the USA doing supporting a country that is so barbaric

  4. Kevin says:

    7dog mum,


  5. Captn' Carl says:

    I agree. Hat’s off and a standing ovation to the rescuers, the owner of Patsy and the Vet who made a “House Call”. They all deserve s standing ovation!

    This is a perfect example of people working together to save another life.

    Now then: The Insurance Company? I seriously doubt it. Insurance Companies like to take. They are not in the habit of simply paying claims without a lot of red tape and a series of denials and lost paperwork.

    It would take an act of God to get them to acquiesce in this case! Good luck with trying though!

    Let’s see if they are willing to put their money where their (Oh look how well we take care of you and your family) mouths are!

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