House Fire Blamed On Dog

Firefighters said the reason for $50,000 of grease fire damages was because of a dog.

A Topeka woman was frying fish on the stove when she went outside to take the garbage. When she went outside, somehow her dog shut the door behind her.

She was not able to get back inside because the door was locked, so the fish continued to fry and it resulted in shooting flames and heavy smoke.

The woman was finally able to get back inside the house when her husband came home with a key. They tried to put out the fire, but it had already spread through the house.

It took 15 minutes for firefighters to put out the fire.

Everyone made it out safely, including the dog and their pet bird. The couple is just happy that everyone made it out and said this is why they have homeowner’s insurance.

Source: All Headline News

14 Responses to “House Fire Blamed On Dog”

  1. kaefamily says:

    Our pup always gives us the “Why?” look whenever we turn off our portable heaters and fans when we leave the rooms.

  2. Judy says:

    This is the dog’s fault? You should never leave something frying on the stove sorry I am blaming the woman. And if your house is on fire break a window and at least get the pets out.

  3. lola&miasmom says:

    Sounds ‘fishy’ to me ;-)…blaming it on the dog. I agree that breaking a window would have been the best choice.

  4. Gindy says:

    If it wasn’t a dead bolted door, she could have kicked the door in. I am only a tiny person, but kicked my metal back door in due to being stupid and locking MYSELF out. Dogs had nothing to do with it.

  5. shibadiva says:

    Thank heaven the dog and bird got out OK.

  6. Lynn says:

    I’ll be blunt: Stupid, stupid woman to leave the room with something frying on the stove. And she waited until her husband came home with a key?

    And she blames the DOG???????

  7. kathy says:

    C’mom guys, s–t happens………

  8. Lynn says:

    There’s a big difference between s**t happening and doing something really, really dumb like this. If that’s what really happened.

    The more I think about it, I doubt her version. Odds are that if she left the house with the door open to take out the trash, the dog would have followed her [good things in trash?] rather than stay behind. Plus most dogs like a romp outdoors.

    I’ll bet the woman absentmindedly locked the door behind herself and was too embarrassed to admit it and instead blamed the dog for closing the door. Now THAT sounds more realistic to me.

    Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of damage - a whole kitchen? That’s a lot of flames. And she didn’t hurl herself through a window to get the pets out? [Shudder.]

    No, I’m too cynical I guess. My perception of her savoire-faire attitude makes me think she’s covering up. [Maybe she wanted a new kitchen…..and THAT’s why she has homeowner’s insurance.]

  9. Sharon says:

    Kinda sounds like “the dog ate my homework”, yeah, sure.
    Would the homeowner’s insurance have paid if she was deemed responsible and negligent? I pity their pets, next time they might not make it out alive.

  10. furmom says:

    Oh MY! I have something frying on the stove about to catch fire and burn the place down, and I’m locked out of my house, what should I do?!??? Let me think! Oh yeah I’ll sit here and do nothing and wait for my husband to come home instead of breaking a window to save the house! Stupid dog!

  11. Lynn says:


    I don’t know if the insurance would have paid if she was negligent [kinda’ doubtful, don’t you think?] - which is why I have a hunch she conjured the story about the dog locking her out.

  12. Lynn says:

    I came across another article [lost the link - sorry] that indicated the fire happened at 5:40PM. It’s pretty cold in Topeka this time of the year at that time of the day. So if you were running to take garbage outside, wouldn’t you close the door after yourself to keep the heat in the house?

  13. aaher says:

    why she blames the dog? stupid woman , I hate this woman !

  14. Michelle says:

    I don’t know what to say to this story. Thank God, the pets made it out safe, but I agree that she should have broken the window to get her pets out safely sooner- instead of just waiting around for her husband to come in with a key. AND, she should have turned off the stove first, and then taken a key with her, or atleast kept the door unlocked, JUST IN CASE. Some people are really stupid. I wouldn’t even be surprised if the dog had nothing to do with it, and she just blamed it on the dog because she wanted her insurance to pay for a new kitchen. I once read about a story of a woman who ransacked her own house because she wanted money for the damages. The things people do to get what they want….

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