Houston Chronicle Criticizes FDA For Tacit Approval Of Toxic Foods

This editorial takes the FDA to task for releasing tainted food into the food supply and raises the alarm on milk protein concentrate. We’ll let the Houston Chronicle speak for themselves:

Unfortunately, some livestock could not be recalled since they were already on their way to your plate.

The Food and Drug Administration’s response? Not to worry, there is no scientific evidence that eating melamine is bad for humans, so no grocery recall is necessary.

Consumers have now unwittingly joined their pets as subjects in a massive food safety experiment.

This is hardly the first case of an illegal byproduct getting dumped into the U.S. food system with the tacit approval of the FDA.

Milk protein concentrate, which enters the United States as an industrial-grade ingredient to make adhesives and which has never been subject to consumer-safety testing or given Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status by the FDA, is now found in hundreds of adulterated cheese products, candies, chips, nutritional drinks and other processed junk foods.

For powerful corporations like Kraft, it is much more lucrative to import milk protein concentrate to make Velveeta, Mac n’ Cheese or Kraft Singles and hope pliant FDA officials turn a blind eye than to pay U.S. family dairy farmers a fair price for real domestic milk.

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  1. JJ says:

    Helen not one major grocery store chain here has organic ice cream. Not one so maybe in your town but in IL no. Just at Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Cubs Foods used to carry Julies but they are out of business since being sold. Ruth sorry to hear about your precious puppy.

  2. JJ says:

    Petslave I agree the chocolate by Julies is the best as I am a chocolate lover. Very difficult to find chocolate that does not have soy in it. Wish they would quit putting this genetically modified nutritionally devoid substance in all types of food. On thedoctorwithin.com there is a chapter called The Magic Bean that goes into in-depth explanation of how this bean is processed and how it is just no good for you. Next to the last step in the process is to wash it with Draino, yes Draino. Go and read about it will make you sick and question why you would eat this in the first place.

  3. petslave says:

    oh great–& i just opened a new box of soy milk approved by quality assurance international. just think, not only probably made of soybeans from china, but washed with draino. or maybe made in china & washed not only with draino but grown in draino & irrigated with draino.

    actually as i was opening that carton after all my label discoveries, i was thinking maybe it was time to ditch vegan & go back to west coast goat milk & organic butter & yogurt to go with my fresh local/west coast organic veggies & fruits. & the julies choc ice cream.

    now what to feed the pets—–

  4. e wem says:

    Steve, I have been on a quest to buy non-Chinese goods for several years. I never thought they had infiltrated cat food.

    Band Aid brand badages are made in China. Do you want to put a bandage from that nation on an open wound? I buy Walgreens brand fabric bandaids, and some Meijers brand that are made in USA.

    Hefty brand plastic bags are USA. Many Fuller brushes are USA. Here is the last maker of rubber boots in the USA and you can order direct: http://www.treds.com/.

    At Krogers S&W canned goods are Product of USA. Until recently they were a farmer owned co-op put into bankruptcy by the cost of upgrading to environmental standards in California - water treatment etc. Although they are no longer farmer owned they are one of the last ‘Product of USA’ canned goods

    I found a made in USA phone to buy when I get $50. There are several sellers on the web who have bought original dial phones from the 50’s and modified the phones to use modern connections and signals. Some of the phones are military surplus

    I have not been able to find a set of plastic measuring spoons or cups. However there are many used ones on eBay. Ditto toasters. If I cannot find a new item, there are millions of senior citizens who own good old made in USA stuff that still works. I bought a USA iron at a yard sale

    I have stopped using that nasty Chinese garlic powder sold by every major label, McCormicks, etc. I found a post in Local Harvest for farm raised dried garlic and that is on my wish list.

    If I had a freeaer, or even a decent refrigerator I would buy grass fed meat by internet. You buy a minimum package of 40-50 pounds which comes frozen. Some places sell dog bones, organ meat and items good for pets i have not bought from any but here is a sample http://texasgrassfedbeef.com/id77.htm

    What a way I live and that was before I found out they were lying about most things they sell to me

  5. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Monday says:

    […] Houston Chronicle takes the FDA to task over tainted foods. […]

  6. Uni says:

    Helen Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 7:47 pm
    Uni, I did not say WF organic from China is safe. I hope you didn’t mean me. I sure don’t want to eat any of their “orgainic” sludge.

    Oh no Helen! I didn’t mean you or anyone here. I mean big companies who claim they buy from China but say that all the ingredients are safe even though they don’t really test them properly. THAT is what drives me nuts. If the ingredients from China had been tested properly in the first place, they could have prevented this mess from happening.

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Until Menu Foods makes a press release that says they are SORRY for the delay in the recall that killed my pets, SORRY they sold poison and calling for Duane to be fired and the PFI to either be disbanded or reorganized with pet parents and others as a legally required part of the board, and that all vet bills have been paid for the pets they poisoned , then Menu Foods has nothing to say that I care to hear.

    What I would REALLY like is for Canada to pass a law that means Menu Foods CANNOT close down or declare bankruptcy, that they need to run 3 shifts a day, under close supervision, and that the CEO and the CFO and every person who made a dime off killing our pets has to work ON THE FACTORY FLOOR, not in some cushy office, until all claims are paid in full.

  8. Lisa Clay says:

    To JJ - Here is the link that lists the various products and what they assist with.

    I have had success with the Sarsaparilla for the ezcema and also Tea Tree Oil for acne.


    SARSAPARILLA - Possible applications: - Psoriasis
    This species has been used worldwide for treatment of gout, arthritis, fevers, digestive disorders, skin disease, and cancer. Sarsaparilla uses saponins which are steroid-like molecules which bind to the gut endotoxins . The endotoxins themselves are known to lead to systemic problems such as psoriasis, exzema, arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Though touted as a ’sexual rejuvenator’ in the USA, (some advertisers have gone as far as to claim that it is a rich source of testoterone), sarsaparilla’s steroid like substances are not absorbed in any great degree and it is doubtful that there is any such anabolic effect whatsoever. There is, however, a component in the sarsaparilla called sarsapagenin which can be transformed into testosterone in a laboratory. It is highly unlikely that this could take place in the human body. There are no notable side effects reported due to sarsaparilla root ingestion.

  9. Read Something, Write Something | Elaine Vigneault says:

    […] Random awesome quotes… On the Pet Food Recall: “Consumers have now unwittingly joined their pets as subjects in a massive food safety experiment. This is hardly the first case of an illegal byproduct getting dumped into the U.S. food system with the tacit approval of the FDA.” from Chron via Itchmo […]

  10. Helen says:

    Ruth, I am sorry about your puppy too. This is all completely unforgivable to me. I contacted the manufacturer of the unrecalled dry food that made my cat ill, and they denied any problem with their dry food. Then they proceeded to mail me a coupon for a free bag of the very food that made my cat sick…right in the recycle bin it went. I would have redeemed it just to cost them money, but I didn’t want to throw the food out because I was afraid some other creature would eat it at the dump.

    As for not being able to afford “organic” food, I can tell you, lots of so-called organic food is really a scam. They charge high prices for “organic” foods that have who knows what in them and then ship them all over the planet burning up fossil fuels and polluting, which causes more problems for our food in the end. If you buy milk products, look for ones that say “farmer promise cows not treated with rBGH”. These products do not cost more. Simpler foods rather than processed are generally safer to eat because no added chemicals. You can eat better without paying the huge organic premium price for many items by being careful and checking labels and sources, and by careful washing. If I am given a choice between an organic onion from China or an onion not certified organic but grown 10 miles from my store, I will go with the local onion every time. There are toxins in everything, organic or not, but the more careful you are, the more you can limit your intake of toxic substances.

  11. JJ says:

    e wem I found a site that lists where their stuff is from (majority is made right here in the USA) while searching for metal ice cube trays in my quest to eliminate the plastic in my kitchen. It leaches out so many toxins but enough on that. Here is the site in case anyone wants to buy american made products: http://wwwvermontcountrystore.com They list two catalogs you can order for free. Found a glass bundt cake pan on their site too that I plan to order along with the trays. Have stuff us boomers have not seen in ages on there. They have clothing, household items, lawn & garden, food, small appliances, candy etc. And they also list the ingredients in their food products which I have yet to see on a lot of sites so you know what your eating before buying. Also did a live chat with a customer service rep on one of the ingredients in the Potica cake I’d like to order & she is going to give me the answer in about a week since she could not provide where it came from or what it was (like corn oil, soy oil, etc) while we were on-line. Hope this helps you. Take care.

  12. IFeelQuiteItchy says:

    Plastic can collect many nasties


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