Houston Chronicle Criticizes FDA For Tacit Approval Of Toxic Foods

This editorial takes the FDA to task for releasing tainted food into the food supply and raises the alarm on milk protein concentrate. We’ll let the Houston Chronicle speak for themselves:

Unfortunately, some livestock could not be recalled since they were already on their way to your plate.

The Food and Drug Administration’s response? Not to worry, there is no scientific evidence that eating melamine is bad for humans, so no grocery recall is necessary.

Consumers have now unwittingly joined their pets as subjects in a massive food safety experiment.

This is hardly the first case of an illegal byproduct getting dumped into the U.S. food system with the tacit approval of the FDA.

Milk protein concentrate, which enters the United States as an industrial-grade ingredient to make adhesives and which has never been subject to consumer-safety testing or given Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status by the FDA, is now found in hundreds of adulterated cheese products, candies, chips, nutritional drinks and other processed junk foods.

For powerful corporations like Kraft, it is much more lucrative to import milk protein concentrate to make Velveeta, Mac n’ Cheese or Kraft Singles and hope pliant FDA officials turn a blind eye than to pay U.S. family dairy farmers a fair price for real domestic milk.

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  1. Mandy says:

    Most of the people here are friendly and helpful. I’ve had nice conversations with people, swapped information, and even had some laughs. This is a stressful time for all of us, and we can all use the support.

    There are however, a few bad apples who seem to think it’s a good idea to put down others. People have done this to me, and I’ve seen it done to others.

    I am seriously getting tired of people insulting each other on these blogs. I have seen name calling, bullying, people ganging up on others, etc. It is childish, cruel, and unnecessary.

    Insulting people is NOT going to make them want to listen to you. In fact it usually makes people want to do exactly the opposite of what you say. So lets all be mature adults here all right?

    I am putting this message in the latest blog in the hopes that the ITCHMO ADMIN will see it and put a stop to this.

    ITCHMO ADMIN please stop allowing this to happen. Please do not allow people to harass others. I have seen some people not want to post any longer because of this, and it is in danger of giving the blogs on itchmo a bad reputation. We are not five year olds fighting on a playground. We should all be able to disagree and still remain civil.

    ITCHMO ADMIN: Please let’s agree to disagree and move on. We’d prefer to see more positive comments and encouragements. Rather than fighting. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Explains What Happen To My Daughter A Few Months Back. When She Ate A Grilled Cheese Sandwich Made With Velveeta. I Didnt Read The Ingredients My Mom Always Used Velveeta But The 1st And Only Time I Gave It To My Own Kids My 10yr Old Had A Severe Allergic Reaction. We Couldnt Figure Out To What. Til A Couple Of Days Later It Happen Again Right After She Ate A Small Piece Of Velveeta. She Has Had Allergies But Never To Cheese. She Still Eats Every Other Cheese From The Deli Without A Problem. So Ive Wonderd What Was In Velveeta That Caused The Reaction. Now I Know

  3. xyz says:

    I’d like to see some of the publications or organizations test a few food and drink products at random to see what they really contain. If wheat flour has been slipping by as food grade wheat gluten and RPC, how about cassava? If memory serves, it’s cheap and potentially toxic.

    If all of this hasn’t put companies on notice to step up quality control and testing, something has to.

  4. Sandy says:

    Well, this is getting to be just too much. Milk protein concentrate now? Seems nothing is safe for us to eat. Luckily I have the means to raise my own chickens and beef. I can rely on neighboring farmers for pork. My hubby fishes and hunts. I can grow and can my own vegetables, make my own bread (although I may have to look into a grain mill for making my own flour), etc.

    Many americans don’t have access to these things but I encourage them to not eat processed foods. Search our your farmers markets and local meat lockers. Eat only the fresh fruits and vegetables in season.

    Last time I looked it was 2007. Now for our own safety we have to resort to the lifestyle of the 1800’s.

    To any food companies who may be lurking….I give up. You “win?” You get to keep all your tainted crap. And I will keep my dollars. I will not buy another item that does not have Country of Origin Labeling. Thanks for playing.

  5. Steve says:

    Will our families health insurance cover medical care for short and long term illness, lifelong disease management or death caused by the toxic foods Big Business has been shoving down Americas throats and marketing as healthy and wholesome?

  6. Mandy says:

    So much for enjoying Kraft Macaroni and Cheese anymore. And just how many kids love eating that and their families not know about this?

  7. Cynthia says:

    OH MY GOD! I don’t feel like I’m living in America anymore. I feel that we are all being continually raped and used by the government and big corporations. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO STOP!

    I truly believe that if the FDA told us everything they know about our food supply, that they would cause WIDE SPREAD PANIC in America. 
    For this reason, the FDA will remain vague about the potential danger from eating tainted food.

    The FDA’s statements have been nothing but contradictory.  So many lies. So much deception. They will NEVER be straight with us on the facts.

    FDA: the “Faith-based Dining Administration”

    AND people wonder why they are getting sick. Why there are so many birth defects, cancer, diabetes etc. There are a tremendous amount of products that we use every day that go untested that are now effecting our endocrine system. This is just the beginning.

    You must visit the ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP to see what I am talking about.

    “…nearly 25,000 personal care products. With no federal law requiring safety testing before selling products.”

  8. Anonymous says:


    Companies want source of additives made in China
    Food manufacturers questioning origin of ingredients
    By DON LEE - Los Angeles Times May 20, 2007

    “China exported $2.5 billion of food ingredients to the United States and the rest of the world in 2006, an increase of 150 percent from just two years earlier, according to Chinese industry estimates. It is now the predominant maker of vanilla flavoring, citric acid and varieties of Vitamin B such as thiamine, riboflavin and folic acid — nutrients commonly added to processed flour goods such as Mission tortillas and Tyson breaded chicken.

    ““It would be somewhat difficult to move away from all the vitamins in China,” said Monte White, president of Research Products Co., a large supplier of nutrients for flour mixes.

    ““Until now, companies just didn’t care about commodity additives,” said Laszlo Somogyi, an authority on food sciences in Kensington, Calif. “But that might be changing now. This was a warning,” he said, referring to the pet-food debacle.

    “Chinese-made ingredients are likely found in every aisle of American supermarkets. Consider that American favorite, the Hostess Twinkie. Of its 39 ingredients, at least a half-dozen — such as Vitamin B compounds, the preservative sorbic acid and red and yellow colorings — are mostly likely made in China, says Steve Ettlinger, author of the book “Twinkie, Deconstructed.”

    “But for every additive maker like Ningbo Wanglong, scores of small operations compete in China, offering cut-rate goods in food industry journals, at trade fairs and on the Internet.

    “To make many ingredients, people need only basic knowledge of chemistry and simple equipment: a kettle, a scale and a dryer.

    “”The problem is that many small companies don’t register their products as food additives, thus avoiding supervision,” said He Jiguo, director of the food nutrition and safety department at China Agricultural University in Beijing. Instead, he said, these companies classify their goods as nonfood items. Many food additives also have industrial applications; citric acid, for example, is used to clean boilers and etch concrete floors.”

    Before there were cheap imports, we made most or all of the ingredients for these products in the US. Many companies who used to produce them were driven out by those cheaper imports. It would be much better for both the consumer AND business to find ways to produce them here again. We would be safer as consumers, the trade deficit wouldn’t be the huge problem it is now and there would be more jobs–what’s not to like here, unless one has a hidden agenda?

  9. SandyC says:

    Several articles about milk protein concentrate can be found on this page if you’re interested:


  10. Steve says:

    Let’s just all play nice. Please to don’t be mean to us people. We’re the China experts. Melamine is even used in cakes!

  11. menusux says:

    Sorry, people–Anonymous was me–looks like it’s working now.

  12. e wem says:

    menusux and sandyc, thanks a million for the links. Everyone read and forward

    I had noticed the so-called premium brands of ice cream are no longer made from just cream and milk but strange fractions of milk like ‘milkfat’.

    Since milkfat is not called ‘butter’ what part of the fat in butter is being added to ice cream?

    One famous ice cream bar is devoid of ‘cream’ or ‘milk’

    I had stopped buying these products but in my ignorant stupidity, I never thought the ingredients came from China or anywhere overseas. I had stopped buying the impossibly cheap (usually rancid) Danish butter cookies out of suspicion the Danish government was dumping something they wouldn’t sell in their own nation, but those cookies are labeled ‘Denmark’. That is fair.

    This is shocking. The globals have cheated and conned us while we slept. We were eating our wonderful American brands while the brands were absorbed or converted into ruthless Globals who are now buying industrial waste product as food ingredients

    The Globals can say their hands are clean because the bag was labeled ‘A-OK Very Good’ by someone in China

    The famous American brands are not American anymore. The food they sell is not American food

    The stores are lying when they say they cannot find sufficient American ingredients to feed us Americans. Look at the link above from Anonymous (sandyc). American dairy farmers are ignored while the American food sellers switch to Chinese fake dairy products

    We already know there is no shortage of American gluten makers only they are being ignored while the con men rush to buy Chinese crap

    We had wonderful American vitamen makers. We didn’t know they were quietly put out of business by resellers who rushed OUR dollars to China to fraudulently sell us Chinese vitamans under American labels

    Now I read above that most vanilla flavoring is from China. Synthetic vanilla is made from wood pulp or cellulose if I remember. Does anyone want to think about the quality of wood pulp that would be used in China to make our vanilla? How about recycled wood?

    If it wasn’t for the mass murder of pets we would never have learned what is really killing our own industry. It isn’t competition, it is global fraud

  13. Steve says:

    and the missing chemical is?

    Acrylamide, Epichlorohydrin, propylene, allyl chloride, triglycidyl isocyanurate, methidathion, thiabendazole, Aminopterin (after all), or N-isopropylammelide?

    (or any related compounds)

    And maybe even coming from a Novartis gm crop (with AtzA, AtzB, AtzC) that is already in the human food supply?

  14. Amy says:

    The thing that I keep thinking about is how when I was a kid (I’m 35), I didn’t know any kids with cancer, severe food allergies, or a variety of other illnesses (cancer, autism, ADD?). Today there’s a separate peanut allergy table in most school cafeterias, kids are allergic to everything, have severe asthma, and we’re seeing more and more cases of cancer. My little nephews, age 3 and 6, know a couple of kids who have undergone chemo and radiation, my brother has a friend who lost his young son to cancer. Luckily my sister in law is a serious health-nut, whole foods, organic freak. :) My one nephew surprised family members when he asked for a tofu hotdog! These boys, so far, are happy, healthy, not overweight, intelligent kids; one suffers from hayfever-type allergies but his mom does, too. But so many other kids are not well… and how much of that is the result of the garbage additives to foods these days? It’s frightening.

  15. dbg says:

    “The Globals can say their hands are clean because the bag was labeled ‘A-OK Very Good’ by someone in China”

    Right, they sure are clean. I bet this is the first time this ever happened.

    I work at a University and we have purchased optical equipment from China (never will again). Guess what, everything comes in mislabeled. My favorite, lasers are fountain pens. Everyone at the receiving end knows this. Thousands of employees in the US food processing industry know what is going on. Please come forward.

  16. menusux says:


    Food safety ‘an issue across Asia’
    Couriermail (AU) May 20, 2007

    “Across Asia governments appear to be struggling to control the use of toxic chemicals in manufactured and fresh food, chemicals that experts believe are responsible for deteriorating public health.

    “Formaldehyde seems to be one of the most widely found chemicals, used for everything from keeping flies off fresh meat in wet markets to prolonging freshness and enhancing the colour of manufactured foodstuffs.

    “Boric and benzoic acid, industrial dyes, fertilisers and pesticides, antibiotics, bad oil and sulphur dioxide are among the substances found in fresh and packaged foodstuffs throughout Asia.

    “Experts across the region are beginning to blame a range of illnesses, including rising cancer rates, liver and kidney ailments, stunted mental and physical development in children - and, in extreme cases, death - on adulterated food.

    “”We have been eating these foods for decades. I think these foods are the reason why we have increasing numbers of liver and kidney ailments,” said Rokon-ud-Dowla.

    “”These manufacturers are killing thousands of people, yet we didn’t notice.”

    “The addition of dangerous substances to foods in China is chronic and widespread.

    “Chinese chemicals have also made their way into the foodchain in Vietnam where authorities have become so alarmed at the prevalence of adulterated food that Professor Nguyen Ba Duc of the Vietnam Cancer Association has blamed one third of the 150,000 annual cancer cases on tainted food.

    “Government health inspectors have found formaldehyde in the national dish, pho noodle soup, borax in traditional cakes, and whitening chemicals in rice noodles.”

    Why can’t we institute something like FDA does for drug manufacturers–that before the item or bulk drug can be legally imported, FDA must inspect and approve the plant? Believe this is also the case re: foreign meat imports–that USDA must do this, but that’s how it works for drugs.

    The costs of the inspections, etc., are borne by the company who wishes to export the material to the US. This would take all of the Mom & Pop Chemical Factories out of the running, because they wouldn’t be able to afford the inspection costs. It would leave us with large companies exporting, ones who can afford the necessary safety measures and the inspection fees.

  17. Phoebe says:

    Another fine example of upstanding “family values.” Welcome to the United Corporations of America. There’s an industrial-grade ingredient to make adhesives in Kraft Mac ‘n’ Cheese? Gosh, what will we tell the children? Well, at least we won’t have to explain sex in the White House to them while they’re undergoing dialysis, chemo, or a transplant. Family values at work.

    Yes, that’s sarcasm, but not far from the truth. The FDA has been decimated over the past six years, as has FEMA - and we know how well FEMA works now, don’t we? Katrina put that pitiful fact right in the spotlight. Heckuvajob! Why would anyone expect other gov’t. agencies to be any different now? They are headed by incompetent (at best) cronies. Those with experience and/or differing opinions are either fired or run off. They aren’t replaced. This is repeated over and over again until the agency is decimated and completely ineffective.

    This isn’t a grotesque attempt at efficiency, either. One of this administration’s strategists, Grover Norquist, said in 2001, “My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years,” he says, “to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”

    Meanwhile, the courts, including the postions of federal prosecutors, are being deliberately chosen to make certain, among other things, that consumers’ lawsuits will come to nothing.

    Family values.

  18. JJ says:

    Amy you should add the chemicals that are in all the vaccinations they state your child needs. Trimerosol (phonetic spelling) is mercury which is used as a preservative so they can keep the vaccine for a long time so it wont go stale-HUH? That is one of the chemical components in the childhood vaccinations they urge parents to get. There are people out there who have never vaccinated their children and they are 100% healthy. Same goes for the vaccinations they give to our pets. Check area on your pet where shot was given if your dog or cat developed cancer in that same area or some other skin ailment. They want people and animals to be sick otherwise how could they practice FRANKEN medicine with a license?

  19. Amy says:

    Oh, Phoebe, what I wouldn’t give to just be worrying about bj’s in the white house.

  20. JJ says:

    SandyC posted a great site that explains MPC - Milk Protein Concentrate. That is why Kraft cheese has the words Pasterized Process Cheese Spread on it. That is the words for the MPC that is made in dirty, disgusting places and then added to all kinds of foods that we eat over here. They even want to not have to label it on the ice cream that people buy. Just want to be allowed to call it MILK when it is no such thing anymore. Well the head banging begins early on here - another dangerous component we have to now start looking for in the food. Does this never end? What food is next that has been adulterated in some way, shape or form?

  21. Helen says:

    JJ, there is still such a thing as milk. There are still companies that use milk in ice cream, meaning just that. Ben and Jerry’s uses milk and cream from non rBGH cows. Their ice cream and a few others who make organics here in the US from US milk that is really milk are delicious. They are hard to scoop because of the high fat content. Cost of a pint? Well it is and has always been WORTH it. Delicious. Enjoy it while we are still alive to eat ice cream. :)

  22. cheetah-dog says:

    Wow, this is the best thread yet. I love this place!

  23. Steve says:

    I have started reading EVERY label on something I may be interested in buying. If it’s says Made In China I put it back. Even it it means I have to do without the latest cell phone, pet toy or sneaker. When you really start looking for it, it’s astounding how much of this junk-crap is in our market places.

    It’s a start. At least I can feel like I am part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  24. purringfur says:

    JJ Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 1:23 pm
    SandyC posted a great site that explains MPC - Milk Protein Concentrate. That is why Kraft cheese has the words Pasterized Process Cheese Spread on it. That is the words for the MPC that is made in dirty, disgusting places and then added to all kinds of foods that we eat over here. They even want to not have to label it on the ice cream that people buy. Just want to be allowed to call it MILK when it is no such thing anymore.

    How many of you have emailed Kraft Foods to question them about MPC? I have. According to one of the dairy farmer sites, the FDA sent a warning letter to Kraft to stop using MCP because it is only approved for industrial uses such as glues. And Kraft produces such wholesome family ads with children eating mac ‘n cheese and cheese singles/sandwiches???
    We have to start asking brand name companies exactly WHAT we are eating? Kraft is supposed to be the largest importer of MPC.
    Representative Tammy Baldwin:


    “Milk Protein Concentrate (MPC) enters our country at a very low tariff rate,” said Rep. Baldwin. “America’s dairy farmers are under extreme pressure from historically low fluid milk prices. Allowing foreign Milk Protein Concentrate to be used in the production of standardized cheese can only worsen the plight of America’s dairy farmer.”

    The amount of MPC imported into the United States has risen dramatically – from 805 metric tons in 1990 to 44,878 metric tons in 1999. There is great concern that MPC is ending up in standardized cheese vats illegally. Rep. Baldwin’s letter urges the FDA to allocate sufficient resources to enforce current law to ensure that MPCs are not used in standardized cheeses.”

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Sharon says:

    I read every food label with skepticism now. I changed from one ice cream to another because at least the ingredients sounded like real food but they only disclosed the country of origin of the vanilla and the label read distributed in the US not manufactured in the US. I don’t trust anything anymore and I don’t know what to eat myself. It makes me afraid to feed my cat people food!

  27. menusux says:

    The ironic thing is that the Cold War, Korea, and Vietnam were all about stopping the spread of communism and keeping it away from US shores. Memorial Day is a week from tomorrow, where we honor all those who gave their lives to keep us free.

    During the Cold War, there were times when we wondered if the meal we were about to eat might be our last because of the inter-country tensions. Now, with the perfusion of non-tested imported food products, we need to wonder this at EVERY meal–if it will be our last. At least during the Cold War, we didn’t need to think about this 3 times a day, each and every day.

    Looks like no one had to forcibly come in and take us over–we were stupid enough to welcome them with open arms. If it doesn’t stop, we might just re-name the country the United States of China.

  28. Helen says:

    I am really not kidding about the Ben and Jerry’s. Go look at their website. Almost anyone can get Ben and Jerry’s at the local grocery store. If you want to support US milk producers that do not use rBGH and are in fact small family farmers (rapidly going extinct) go buy some. I sound like a commercial now don’t I? :( I do not work for Ben and Jerry’s but I eat their ice cream almost exclusively.


  29. Lisa Clay says:

    In response to Amy - You are right! I am 44 and when I was a kid, we didn’t ever get sick from eating food. Everyone knew to cook chicken and pork thoroughly, but there was never as much illness as there is today.

    Does anyone here remember skinny chickens??? My Mom (who is 68) and another family member (she’s 87) remember chickens being skinny. They were almost the cheapest food you could buy. As a kid, chicken was never a favorite meal, and usually we ate it because there was not enough money to buy meat.

    I am another person who can’t eat velveeta. I can’t eat any processed meats or cheeses that have additives. Thanks to the pet food recall, there are a whole lot of other products I no longer eat as well. Plus I now read the labels and research the ingredients.

    Last week I even went online to find cheese that did not contain hormones. The more I read, the more shocked I am. I had no idea how much CRAP was being added to our foods. Pets & People!

    I’m willing to pay more to buy products made in America by farmers who produce hormone/antibiotic/pesticide free foods. I found a website that lists natural growers by state (I’ll find the link and put it in a future post).

    Thanks again to Itchmo!

  30. Helen says:

    Lisa Clay: Post it! Post it!!!

  31. Cynthia says:

    I stopped buying Ben & Jerry’s long ago because of this. You can buy their organic ice cream, where organically raised cows that are allowed to roam on clean, organic pastures. There wouldn’t be such high levels of dioxin

    Ben & Jerry’s Dioxin Controversy

    “The study shows that the level of dioxin in a sample serving of one variety of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is about 2,200 times greater than the level of dioxin allowed in wastewater discharged into San Francisco Bay from the nearby Tosco oil refinery.”

    Ben & Jerry’s “Tasty Toxins”

    “According to a study published on Junkscience.com unsafe levels of dioxin were measured in a sample of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s don’t deny the allegations, in fact according to their own promotional literature “Dioxin is known to cause cancer, genetic and reproductive defects and learning disabilities… The only safe level of dioxin exposure is no exposure at all.”

  32. Amy says:

    Lisa - please share that link! I, like you, would rather pay more to eat higher quality, safer, American grown foods! You’re not getting more for your buck if you’re getting a bigger chicken pumped full of drugs and hormones that will only make you sick in the long run… unless you want more illness for your buck. But fast food restaurants need to be able to sell you an 80 piece nugget meal for $4.99 and the only way they’re able to do that is if we manipulate the chicken (or whatever) and the sick part is we asked for it! Well, maybe not you or me, but society in general. Our kids are ill and overweight, our pets are dying (I personally have one kidney cat due to the recall), it’s heartbreaking but we can’t count on corporate America to fix it for us - we have to start fixing it ourselves. We’ll just be ahead of the curve, I think, because anyone who has tried convincing a friend that the pet food recall is real has likely run into skepticism and dismissal. I’m thinking those folks won’t catch on until they realize that humans are dropping dead from this stuff.

  33. Steve says:

    Ben and Jerry’s unfortunately sold to multinational food giant Unilever in 2000. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unilever
    I understand they do maintain reasonable control despite this behemoth owning them now. Hopefully thats true.

    Here’s the kind of people-businesses you want to seek out and support.

    Integrity Wins


  34. Cynthia says:


  35. Steve says:

    What I’m saying is a lot of boomers who built businesses based on quality won’t be doing anyone any favors by selling out to a big Multi National Corporations. That seems to be the game these days. How much money do you need anyway to be comfortable?

    Enough to “drop out” from the game or do you want a legacy thats positive and makes a contribution to the future and won’t doom your own kids to a mess of your own creation?

  36. SandyC says:

    A couple of weeks ago, when I realized just how dangerous our own food supply has become, I decided to change the way we eat. I decided the way to go was to support my local farmers & ranchers. I want local grown fruits and vegtables and grass-fed meat. After searching a bit, I found 3 websites that were a tremendous help. They will give you a list of producers of natural products in your local area. Thought I’d post them here in case anyone else is making the big change:


  37. Cynthia says:

    Ops! Let’s try that again

    I have a favorite site where you can get a bunch of great links..
    Local Harvest, Eat Well Guide, The SuperMarket Coop, New Farm Locator, Certified Organic Food Directory, ect, etc.


  38. JJ says:

    Steve you posted Shattonmilk’s site as a joke - right? Their ingredients are propylene glycol which is ANTI-FREEZE and preservatives like polysorbate 80, etc. Gawd what is that doing in the milk? Can we add that to our car radiators and save on the cost of anti-freeze instead?

  39. JJ says:

    SandyC posted three wonderful sites that I have bookmarked to go back to for places in my own back yard that produce food the way you would want to eat it. Grass fed beef and chemical free products. Great find SandyC - thank you!

  40. Jay says:

    Steve Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 1:44 pm
    I have started reading EVERY label on something I may be interested in buying. If it’s says Made In China I put it back. Even it it means I have to do without the latest cell phone, pet toy or sneaker. When you really start looking for it, it’s astounding how much of this junk-crap is in our market places.

    I have been an inveterate reader of labels for several years in trying to avoid “high fructose corn syrup” as it plays heck with a condition I have (Tip: you can eliminate 95% of grocery items on this test alone and how much of that “syrup” is from China, I wonder).

    However, the pet food poisoning has made me step up my watch even closer. I have noticed lately a huge number of foods as diverse as pickles & sauces that say, PACKED IN THE USA, and I am now putting those back on the shelf and going on. Who made the pickles and who made the sauce? I just bet they were cheaper in China, but we don’t wish you to know.

    If a company does not state explicitly on the label what the complete origin is , I will never that product.

  41. Anonymous says:


  42. LovingMyPets says:

    I made some today!!! My husband says that there’s not a brand out there that can top this.

    Rocky Road Ice Cream (HOMEMADE!)

    1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 cup sugar
    2 cups REAL organic milk
    1 tsp vanilla extract
    1/8 tsp salt
    2 cups whipping cream (or half & half)
    1 oz semisweet chocolate, chopped
    1 cup miniature marshmallows, halved
    1/2 cup chopped almonds, walnuts OR pecans

    In a large saucepan, mix cocoa powder and sugar.
    Gradually stir in milk.
    Stir over low heat until sugar and cocoa dissolve.
    Cool to room temperature.
    Stir in vanilla extract, salt and whipping cream (or half & half), set aside.
    Stir in chopped chocolate and chopped nuts into cocoa mixture.
    Pour into ice cream maker. (I use the Cuisinart) Process 25-30 minutes.
    Stir halved marshmallows evenly through out frozen mixture before serving or putting in the freezer.

  43. Amy says:

    Thanks for sharing the links! I have some research to do! Luckily it’s almost summertime and the farmers markets are going strong around here so I have good options for buying fresh produce. And I live in the Midwest so hopefully it will be easy to find local grown grass fed beef although I’m more of a chicken person. :) I even did something really simple, you might find it silly considering the gravity of what’s going on, but I stopped buying those so-called ‘baby’ carrots (which are actually big carrots cut down by a machine) because, you know what? They don’t taste very good. Anyone who has ever eaten a carrot, or any other veggie or fruit FRESH from the soil or tree knows what I’m talking about. And a couple months ago I realized the extra bit of time it takes to peel and chop some carrots is worth it just for the better flavor. I already eat little processed food simply because I don’t like the taste and it’s generally entirely too salty for me. It’s amazing the crud we’ll put into our systems in the name of ‘convenience’. Anyway, I’m rambling again but thanks for the links - I will definitely be checking those out and have added them to my favorites. What I wouldn’t give for a backyard and a garden of my own… one of these days I’ll have it!

  44. JJ says:

    Went back to Sattonmilks web site and found this in the products they sell: Fruit Punch contains glyceryl abiatate, sodium benzoate. Root Beer contains propylene glycol, gum tragacanth. Egg Nog propylene glycol. Orange Creme has sodium benzoate, butylated hydroxyanisole, polysorbate 80. Why would anyone buy plain milk and trust it when these chemicals and preservates are in the other products they sell? For me - NO THANKS. I buy StonyField Farm milk which is organic, free of bovine growth hormone, pesticides, etc. and is so rich you can use it for half and half also.

  45. JJ says:

    Helen I know their is organic ice cream to enjoy. I currently buy Whole Foods house brand which contains real milk no antiobiotics, wheat, soy, canola oil or any other questionable ingredient. Thanks for thinking of me.

  46. momkat says:

    Here is a copy of a letter I just emailed to Kraft Foods: Please feel free to use it if you wish…
    To Whom it may concern:
    I’m writing to let you know that based on current information about your use of imported milk protein concentrate…from countries who do not practice sanitary and safety regulations compliant with our US standards….I, and many of my friends are boycotting Kraft products until we can see the country of origin of ALL ingredients listed on ALL packages.
    Please give this some careful consideration. We understand that your CEO will have to sacrifice some of his bonus money, and that your products might go up in cost, but we want the assurance that we are eating ingredients grown in accordance with the safety standards in this country. We want to support the growers in this country!
    THE BOTTOM LINE IS…WE DEMAND SAFE FOOD and ALL of the information about the food’s origins so that we can make educated choices about what we eat and feed out children.

  47. SandyC says:

    Amy, I haven’t had a garden for years but for some reason this year I did put a small garden in my back yard. Maybe it was my gardening (guardian-i know, i know..bad pun!!) angel whispering in my year this year. I saw my first tiny tomato yesterday! Even on a small patio, you could have a few veggies in pots. There’s tons of info on the net about container gardening.

  48. Steve says:

    JJ not in their whole milk they don’t. Apparently the flavored products have some questionable things. Oh, and don’t think Whole Foods is a panacea. They stock as much Chinese crap as anyone. Which brings up the next question.

    When is the Natural Foods and Supplements industry come out and admit they’ve been flying with their heads up in the sky?

  49. Steve says:

    Anyway, imagine how terrible life would be if America decided to slam the brakes on the rush rush rush buy buy buy consume consume consume like there’s no tomorrow and actually start enjoying life, quality, and things of enduring value.

    Wouldn’t be good for the Corporate Global Capitalists thats for sure.

    Oh wait, they can move to China. There’s the ticket.

  50. LovingMyPets says:

    Well Steve, my family has certainly slammed on the brakes since March! We are actually “enjoying life, quality and things of enduring value” since the recalls back in March. (We lost a dog and are recovering with another dog and kitten). We’re doing home cooking and Farmers Market!

    Corporate Global Capitalists can suffer (hopefully) from my NON-contributions from now on! I so wish that every American would do the same! That’s the only way we can make them suffer like we have!

    It makes me sick to read that people are still wondering what commercial food to feed their pets! What are they thinking?

  51. cheetah-dog says:

    Oh, and don’t think Whole Foods is a panacea. They stock as much Chinese crap as anyone. Which brings up the next question.

    STEVE: You are absolutely right. I have to search for the gluten-free/wheat-free tags that stick out from the shelves; you have to still read the labels and do your research. But at least they have all of the information on their website which helps.

  52. menusux says:

    Folks–we have a biggie here:


    Chinese imports nixed by key firm
    USA Today May 20, 2007

    “Menu Foods, North America’s biggest maker of wet pet foods and the company that launched the pet food recall, is phasing out ingredients from China.

    “It won’t resume using them until Menu and the “world community” are assured that they are safe, says Menu’s outside counsel, David Lillehaug of Fredrikson & Byron.

    “Menu, which makes pet foods for dozens of brands, recalled hundreds of products in mid-March after reports of kidney failure in pets. An ingredient imported from China was later found to be contaminated with melamine and melamine byproducts that are not allowed in foods.

    “The recall has increased concerns over the safety of imported foods, especially from China, and food companies of all kinds have or are evaluating their global sourcing procedures.

    “”All of our customers are asking, ‘Where are the ingredients coming from?’ ” says Victor Barsky, of the New York-based Chenango Valley Pet Foods, which makes dry pet food for 35 companies. It, too, is dropping China-made ingredients, Barsky says.”

    Menu AND Chenango say no more Chinese ingredients.

  53. cheetah-dog says:

    This Chinese Website is scary. May have been posted before. Click on the Rice protien concentrate for Pet Food!


  54. LovingMyPets says:

    ‘Menu AND Chenango say no more Chinese ingredients”.

    O.K, so who is believing this crap??? I’m not! The mighty dollar will prevail. If it’s cheaper from China, Chenango will say yay to China!

  55. Deb G. says:

    We have to become more self-sufficent and educated! Thank God we can come here and share ours thought and things we’ve learned. I have a small farm w/chickens, calves, and a organic garden that I just started this year (must be that guardian angel, SandyC.) Who would have thought it was so important rather than just a neat thing to do. It took me two months of searching to find a feed store where I can actual buy organic grains (corn, wheat, oats etc.) to feed my animals that are grown locally. I know now, most of the corn we had feed in the past my well have been GMO. I could just scream. How could they do this to us? I read recently at a web site “All about feed” that the Dutch are suing us for sending them genertic mod. corn which they do not allow in their country. Why would we do something like that? Then turn around and accuse China of sending their garbage to us? This is insane. We must tell all that we can about this site and other, where people can start to educate themselves before we become the sickest country in the world!

  56. SandyC says:

    I found this a rather interesting sentence: “Rather than “shut the door” on China ingredients, Pet Food Institute President Duane Ekedahl says better procedures are needed to ensure quality. “

  57. Deb G. says:

    FDA Center For Veterinary Medicine Letter To Feed And Feed Ingredient Manufacturers

    I found this letter today in my email alerts which I found unbelieveable! The FDA sent this letter (A quote from it below) which “reminds” the manufacturers of feed and feed ingredient to do the right thing! At the bottem of the letter (I’ve posted the addr. to the site which you can take a look at) the FDA “ENCOURAGES” them to know what products their using and to make sure there safe!!!!! Encouraging them????? HOW ABOUT DEMANDING….Just like we are demanded to pay our taxes??? Maybe we should encourage them to do a better job or we’ll not pay them by our taxes. ENCOURAGE and REMIND, two words that don’t sound too strong to me!

    FDA Center For Veterinary Medicine Letter To Feed And Feed Ingredient Manufacturers

    Dear Feed and Feed Ingredient Manufacturers:

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking this opportunity to remind feed and feed ingredient manufacturers of their legal responsibility to ensure that every ingredient used in their products is safe for its intended use, whether the product is meant to be used to feed animals intended for human consumption or non-food animals such as pets.

    for the rest of the letter…..

  58. xyz says:

    I’d like to call on organizations, like Consumer Reports and Organic Consumers, to do what the pet blogs have done. Get together and give us a list of safe products manufactured or produced by companies that have strict quality control. No GMO’s, no toxic chemicals, as organic as possible. You know who they are. Have a parent page and give credit where credit is due, but offer us a portal with lists of products and brands we can depend on. You have the information. Why not work together in a new arena to promote safety and quality for all of us?

    Itchmo, PetConnection and others have done a bang up job yet still retain their own identity. They didn’t worry about it. How about you?

  59. Mandy says:

    Menu says no more Chinese ingredients.

    Oh gee Menu Foods why the change of heart? Because so many people are suing you and boycotting your products? Do you really think that with all the crimes you’ve committed people will suddenly forget and cheer for you after you waited weeks and possibly months to recall your products resuling in thousands of cats and dogs getting sick and dying? Do you really think all the pet owners who had their fur babies die in their arms will suddenly forgive you and say oh lets buy from Menu Foods again because they no longer buy from China?!

    I hope the lawsuits and boycotting buries you Menu Foods.

    Sorry for the rant, but that just seriously ticked me off.

  60. Mandy says:

    Oh and for people who don’t want to buy products made with ingredients from China, take a look at this. I just thought you should know this. This is from the Purina site in the FAQ area. To read the full page go to


    What ingredients do you source from China?

    While the vast majority of our ingredients are sourced from the United States, we do source a limited amount of ingredients from China. These ingredients – primarily important nutritional supplements – are not commonly available from other countries in the quantities we need.
    Nestlé S.A. also recently has established an office in China, headquartered in Beijing, to assist Nestlé affiliates, including Nestlé Purina, with sourcing ingredients and other materials from China. The goal of this office is to have Nestlé staff physically inspect and monitor the facilities of Nestlé approved Chinese suppliers and test product samples to ensure compliance with Nestlé Quality Assurance and Compliance safety standards.

    How do you know melamine isn’t in other ingredients from China?

    The FDA reported April 19 that it is sampling 100 percent of the wheat gluten and rice protein concentrate received from China, and that they will add other ingredients to the sampling list if necessary. In addition, all products from the two Chinese firms in question are being stopped at the border and prohibited from entry into the United States.
    Nestlé S.A. also recently has established an office in China, headquartered in Beijing, to assist Nestlé affiliates, including Nestlé Purina, with sourcing ingredients and other materials from China. The goal of this office is to have Nestlé staff physically inspect and monitor the facilities of Nestlé approved Chinese suppliers and test product samples to ensure compliance with Nestlé Quality Assurance and Compliance safety standards.
    Nestlé Purina is evaluating its ingredients sourced from China, and has implemented a new process to test for melamine in every load of wheat gluten. We also are implementing additional technology to further screen our pet food ingredients.

  61. Deb G. says:

    xyz, I think that would be awesome, I would love a site like that to go to. Even though the internet is great, alot of times it take hours of reseach to find info. I’m all for it, who do we approach?

  62. kellie says:

    his whole thing is really changing my outlook.
    I have known of the food pollution and GM foods but have just put it to the back burner of my mind. i felt helpless to stop the wheels in motion.
    Hopefully this turn of events will mobilize the public into big enough numbers for the companies with the bottom line mentalities to take notice and make some well needed changes.

    I’m now to the point where i don’t feel i need all this crap in my diet. i need to lose weight anyway. i’d rather be able to buy less food for my money if the food is healthy and additive, poison, and GM FREE!!!!

    Sad fact is alot of low income families have no choice but to buy discount, dollar store, Walmart, etc.

    My next shopping trip is going to be different for sure.
    Tough part is there are no whole foods stores near me at all. there used to be a Good Food COmpany in Canton, Michigan, but when i went to go there for better pet food they were closed. They were the only major health grocer around the metro detroit area that I could find.

    I live in Detroit suburbs and if anyone reading this knows of any good, organic local growers or meat sellers i would be very greatful for web links or even address locations if they have no websites.

    I’ve been buying organic milk and eggs for years now but the problems go so much deeper. and the price cuts deep too so i understand people struggling who cant afford 3.99 for a half gallon of organic milk or 6 bux for a pound of organic butter.

    I’ve decided to buy more organic and natural fresh foods if i can find them. I’ll get less for the money but i’m sure i’ll feel better and drop all this extra bloating and weight i carry due to additives and chemicals making the country’s residents all have sluggish thyroids.
    I was recently put on thyroid meds. sadly they havent made any difference. A synthetic hormone is prolly crap itself. Perhaps a better diet ALL THE WAY AROUND will eliminate my need for the meds all together since i’m just borderline.

    There was a holistic, organic chef on season one of Bravos Top Chef. She had a thyroid condition and healed herself with diet and exercise. she has a website with alot of good info and recipes. she has 2 books out as well. I think i’ll give some of her methods a try.
    Here is her website.


    I wish there was a way to get more information out there. none of my friends know about any of this. Most ppl dont even know of the recalls other than the first one in march. None of the further recalls ahve made it to any of my web news pages, not yahoo, or comcast. I get my news here and the other sites like this one.

    I get the rest from you guys and your research and links so thanks for that as well. I’ve been telling all co-workers, web buddies and people at stores i’m shopping at about itchmo and pet connection. One college Journalism major even asked to quote me in her article about the pet food scandal and why i chose to shop there now and switch to the new brands i’ve chosen over grocery store brands.

    My biggest fear is still that small premium brands that we now trust will sell out, cut corners, alter formulas or get bought out by purina or others and turn into crap in a can as well.
    After this is over , if ever, lets keep these forums and blogs going and stay on top of the smaller brands and their buisness practices as well to keep our furkids safe long after this scandal lands in the archives.

    I pledge to my pets and to all of you that i will watch. learn, and share any and all future info i come across that affects the health of our pets or our families.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts…

    P.S. I encourage ppl to keep posting their letters to big corps and government and keep allowing us to copy these and forward them as well.

    PLEASE INCLUDE THE ADDRESS OR EMAIL of these corps and agancies. I’ve seen letters i want to send But theres no addy with the post, for example the Kraft foods one. I want to send that so please post where to forward it to.

  63. kellie says:

    * THIS WHOLE THING* sorry i pasted this from notepad and i cut the first letter off, heh, :-)

  64. Marci says:

    —Sandy Says:
    Well, this is getting to be just too much. Milk protein concentrate now? Seems nothing is safe for us to eat. Luckily I have the means to raise my own chickens and beef. I can rely on neighboring farmers for pork. —-

    Yes, but Sandy, what do you feed your chickens? What is fed to the pigs? I’ve considered going this route as well, but unfortunately grain products for animal feed are likely to contain contaminates, modified corn and animal protein. You might raise a steer on pasture and hay alone, but chickens are going to need commercial feed. I shudder to think what goes into the feed our old pony eats but I have no control over this.

    I test feed most of what we all eat to a caged rat 24 hrs before we sample it. While this would eliminate foods that would make us acutely ill, it has no effect on carcinogens and other harmful elements that are probably having a cumulative action on our bodies.

    Kudos to your hubby for providing wild game for the dinner table. I used to hunt and fish in my younger years; probably ought to renew my license and dig out the equipment.

    —Cynthia Says:
    OH MY GOD! I don’t feel like I’m living in America anymore.—

    In a real sense we are not living in America. China owns us; it owns our jobs and our debt. Corporations grew big enough, thanks to deregulation, to wield sufficient power to allow trade with China over the objections of many of our European neighbors.

  65. LovingMyPets says:

    You know, I feel for those that can’t afford certain things, but it really ticks me off when people feel it’s necessary to have cable TV, digital TV, plasma TV’s, go to movies, buy expensive shoes, clothes, eat out at fast food take outs, or pizza take outs, or even eat out all together, etc. OH I could go on and on!!!!

    No wonder they have no money left to take care of themselves and their families and their fur babies! I have given up all of the above, and find that we are much better off and have plenty left over to spend on our own family’s quality food and for our fur babies as well. This is not rocket science people! What’s so difficult about this?

  66. kellie says:

    i meant to include that thought as well but i forgot it in my long mini novel up there, lol

    I have 2 T’vs that are 10 and 6 yrs old. no HD no flat screen either. My puter is 7 yrs old with windows me, heh. that i will have to upgrade soon tho.

    I do have cable but no movie channels.
    I will only buy luxuries after i take care of myself from now on. i pretty much lived that way already but will go more extreme now.

    You can’t change peoples priorities no matter how much info you throw at them.
    To some people a 700 $4 purse cluthch with the letters LV on it mean more than their health or the survival of local buisness.

    Even if i were rich i never spend that kind of money on clothes and accessories.
    i’d take my riches and open my own animal shelter as big as i could afford on a quiet lake somewhere.

  67. kellie says:

    i meant to include that thought as well but i forgot it in my long mini novel up there, lol

    I have 2 T’vs that are 10 and 6 yrs old. no HD no flat screen either. My puter is 7 yrs old with windows me, heh. that i will have to upgrade soon tho.

    I do have cable but no movie channels.
    I will only buy luxuries after i take care of myself from now on. i pretty much lived that way already but will go more extreme now.

    You can’t change peoples priorities no matter how much info you throw at them.
    To some people a $700.00 purse clutch with the letters LV on it mean more than their health or the survival of local buisness.

    Even if i were rich i never spend that kind of money on clothes and accessories.
    i’d take my riches and open my own animal shelter as big as i could afford on a quiet lake somewhere.

  68. kellie says:

    oops double post. sorry, no idea how that happened.

  69. cheetah-dog says:

    Isn’t Haagen-Daz owned by the Nestle Corporation?

    China shuts kitchen of ice-cream maker Haagen-Dazs citing sanitation rules
    June 20, 2005
    Agence France Presse
    BEIJING - The Xinhua news agency was cited as reporting Monday that Chinese authorities have shut down a kitchen used by leading US ice-cream maker Haagen-Dazs after finding it had failed to meet sanitation standards and lacked a permit.
    The story notes that inspectors in the southern city of Shenzhen destroyed the food products and sealed the site, which makes ice-cream cakes for Haagen-Dazs’ five retail outlets in the city.
    According to Xinhua and other state media reports, inspectors last Thursday found the tiny workshop had a toilet next to a food processing room, when local sanitation rules dictate they should be at least 25 metres (82 feet) apart.
    Workers had also failed to wear masks and gloves, as required under local regulations, and the sanitation permit produced by Haagen-Dazs did not apply to the food processing area in question but to another site, the report said.

  70. kellie says:

    does chenago make Innove dry?
    please help?
    i threw my bags(transferred to cannisters) away already so i cant even return it. i thought it was safe.
    everyone reccommended it.
    i bought EVO and reg cat food.

    #% dry brands made there?
    ugg like a mini menu foods only in the dry realm instead.

  71. LovingMyPets says:

    OH KELLIE! I just loved your quote:

    “i’d take my riches and open my own animal shelter as big as i could afford on a quiet lake somewhere.”

    I would do the same. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it more and more as my husband and I are thinking about selling our home and down-sizing a lot. It would free up a lot of money for us . . . to take care of our family as well as our fur babies. I’d also really like to do something to help others in educating them to home cook for their pets and get them off of the freakin’ commercial food for ever !!!

    Great post kellie . . . it’s going to keep me thinking of my dream.

  72. kellie says:

    oooh looky here


  73. kellie says:


    if it ever happens and you’d like a dedicated animal lover to help out just give me a holler.
    its my drem to.
    i’d love to quit building cars and do something that fulfilled me emotionally such as saving animals that just need a second chance.

  74. cheetah-dog says:


  75. LovingMyPets says:

    Ah kellie . . . that’s music to my ears! I’ll let you know when it happens and we will make the difference to those sweet fur babies that just need a second chance! Let’s keep in contact . . . jules_jewel2002@yahoo.com

  76. ann says:

    Kelly - Innova and Evo are made by Naturapet, along with a couple of other brands. Dry food is made exclusively by them, canned food made in the non-affected S.D. palnt. They have implemented serious security and quality control measures for their products. Check out www.naturapet.com.

  77. Steve says:

    SandyC Says I found this a rather interesting sentence: “Rather than “shut the door” on China ingredients, Pet Food Institute President Duane Ekedahl says better procedures are needed to ensure quality. “

    Lost cause this one is.

  78. ann says:

    Kellie - Innova and Evo are safe. Check out www.naturapet.com

  79. Barry says:

    > Menu Foods, North America’s biggest maker of wet pet foods
    > and the company that launched the pet food recall, is phasing
    > out ingredients from China.

    > “It won’t resume using them until Menu and the “world community”
    > are assured that they are safe, says Menu’s outside counsel, David
    > Lillehaug of Fredrikson & Byron.

    Translation: Menu Foods to continue using Chinese products in their foods.

    It clearly says that they will stop using them until they start using them again.

  80. ann says:

    Everytime I tried to send the website, I got caught in the filter

  81. ann says:

    Hi Steve

  82. ann says:

    Steve - where did you find that quote by Dr. Hodgekins in the other thread?

  83. Steve says:

    Hi Ann


    These 3 really annoy the hell out of me.

  84. mittens says:


    i know that’s old but it was under the administration of billy clinton that GMOs were approved for use by HIS FDA-

    “During that 1996 speech, Mr. Clinton paused to mention Monsanto by name, saying that ” they’re on board” his social agenda bandwagon, in that case the “welfare to work” plan to alleviate poverty and cut government spending on programs much in disfavor with conservatives. What, one may ask, did Monsanto get in return for their support?”


    of course the current adminstration is up to it’s hoochie in monsantos- but that’s par for the course- monsantos will snuggle up to and hump whoever is in power and like a cheap whore our elected officials will toss us from the train and jump into their lap.

  85. Steve says:

    Ann which quote and thread? I can’t keep track anymore.

  86. ann says:

    The one that spoke about the magazine article that melamine may not be the culprit

  87. Helen says:

    JJ, Whole Foods sources all their “organic” products from China. They admitted it. If B&J can’t even make dioxin free ice cream with organic and/or rbgh-free from small family farms in Vermont, it is just a clear example of exactly how poisoned our environment really is. The dioxin gets in EVERYTHING. B&J farmers are not dumping it on their own land. Pollution can travel all the way around the globe. That is why it is such a global problem. At least the B&J is made in the US from US products. There ARE a few companies that make organic ice cream not from China. Just hard to find. *moan*

  88. Uni says:

    Whenever I hear or read anymore about a company who uses ingredients from China but don’t worry it’s safe for whatever reason I swear my eyes start to glaze over and the rest of it just comes out as blah blah blah…

  89. kellie says:

    the thing that angers me most about the whole GM food issue is that it really could be put to good use.
    The technology is there but as usual it’s used for non-ethical means and profit only.

    GM seeds and plants that are not modified to include pesticides and poisons, but rather to survive in harsher climates, such a africa and other places that have mass famine could feed millions and save lives.
    But theres no money in charity. No money without involving chemical giants and pharmiceutical companies.

    It’s a shame really. they could produce healthy crops in bigger numbers to solve the wheat and other import issues without poisoning the products, but sadly Monosato and it’s ilk isn’t in it for bettering humankind, it’s in it for money and dominance in the marketplace.

    I’m not at all against science and tech getting involved in agri-buisness if they did it with a conscience and humanity.

    I’m also not against CHINA as a whole. there are as many corrupt corps. and unethical people right here as well. Blaming an entire country and it’s population is like blaming all of us for the war and all the other undesirable things that happen here in the U.S.

    Remember our gov, let this happen. they gave our buisness to China. they killed all small buisness here.
    Blame walmart for forcing menu to source cheaper ingrediants to meet the demand, etc.
    Theres way more involved than just China and GM foods.

    The chain of immoral buisness practices is EVERYWHERE.

    I wish i had a buisness degree and some investment capital because now is the best time in history to start a homemade, organic, U.S. sourced pet food company.

    I’d love to provide the public with a safe healthy option while supporting organic growers and meat farms.
    i wish i wish i wish.

  90. Helen says:

    Here’s some information on how we are consuming so much dioxin:


  91. Helen says:

    Kellie: Natura makes ALL of their own dry food, including Innova and Evo. They have tested all their food and test all finished product before shipping out.

  92. Helen says:

    Uni, I did not say WF organic from China is safe. I hope you didn’t mean me. I sure don’t want to eat any of their “orgainic” sludge.

  93. Jules says:

    Helen Says:
    May 20th, 2007 at 7:47 pm
    Uni, I did not say WF organic from China is safe. I hope you didn’t mean me. I sure don’t want to eat any of their “orgainic” sludge.

    Helen, are you saying that WF has “organic” sludge???? Please substantiate your claims. I’d be very interested in your comments. Thanks.

  94. kellie says:

    thank you helen,

    my fear is now, in light of new info, what if it isnt melamine alone killing pets?
    are they testing for other poisons and chemical by products?
    if the FDA isnt beig honest how do honest companies even know what to look for and test for?

    the whole cross contamination thing doesnt add up at all.
    it makes me think theres other dangerous chemicals not being named or screened for.

    what do you guys think?

  95. kellie says:


    i sent you an email

  96. ann says:

    I think we have three choices: 1. rely on what they’re telling us - FDA, safe “pet food” companies, etc. 2. Get the food tested ourselves 3. Make out own pet food. Everyone has to do what they feel comfortable with doing.

  97. LovingMyPets says:

    Oh Helen,

    It looks like you might be in deep doo doo with the legal department of WF. What’s that called legally when you ditch a company? Shoot, the phrase escapes me . . . anyone?

  98. kellie says:

    get it tested for what exactly? melamine?
    what if that isn’t the real problem?
    making homemade is good too, but also i worry about that stuff being contaminated as well. Especially since it will accumulate in the organ meat which is crucial in homemade food for cats

  99. kellie says:


  100. LovingMyPets says:

    Oh, is it “Deformation of Character?”

    Anyways, as I know it, Whole Foods is built on providing certified organic foods. None of their foods is considered as “organic sludge”.

    Helen, where do you come up with this stuff?

  101. ann says:

    Test for ingredients other than what is on the label

  102. kellie says:

    Actually in written form it’s called libel, i believe.

    I think she meant that it’s all from China and her choice is not to support China’s organic food due to their lax regulations.

    I don’t see her legally at risk for her comments.

    just my 2 cents on that matter.

    i rarely trust USDA organic these days either. I do buy it, but i wonder about the claims.

  103. kellie says:

    Most places don’t have tests that test for anything foreign free for all. they are standardized tests that look for certain components only.

    They cant devise a test for a mystery igredient when they dont know what they’re looking for.

    the only labs with that tech is CSI labs, They can take anything and break it down to its molecular components.

    Most smaller labs lack that equipment and the process is VERY expensive.

    I’m not at all being argumentative so please dont read it that way.

    these are the things that make me feel hopeless and helpless when trying to ensure the safety of me beloved kitties.
    It goes way deeper than, menu, China, FDA, meal-chix or pork or all that.
    We’ll probably never know that truth unless some brave journalist infultrates the system at risk of their job and future.

  104. kellie says:

    *mela-chix or pork*

    sorry my keyboard battery is about to die i think and causeing major typos.

  105. Sandi K says:

    LovingMyPets Says:
    I so wish that every American would do the same! That’s the only way we can make them suffer like we have!

    It makes me sick to read that people are still wondering what commercial food to feed their pets!

    LovingMyPets, while it would be wonderful if everyone would or could do that, it really isnt reality. An example being animal shelters. They do not have the money, staff and time to be cooking food for the shelter pets. I can bet it just wont happen for them. Avoiding buying China products is a good thing to do but it is only one part of the equation IMO….I would love to see a U.S., that does not import any products from China period (and many other countries also as China is not the only problem country) but in order for that to happen our government needs to get their act together and the people need to get them to do that.

  106. martin says:

    Hi Ann,
    I think #2 or #3 are our only choices. We cant rely on the FDA. The B******!


    I agree with you. It’s not just melamine. It’s the combo meal of melamine & cyanuric acid.

    Inspectors found melamine in the tainted products, but not at levels that would normally kill. But researchers now say that it may have mixed with another compound — cyanuric acid — to produce crystals that may have been deadly.

    There is still another toxin THAT HAS BEEN FOUND but the FDA wont revel their dirty little secret. Even more disturbing is the pet food company(s) know what it is and they are not reveling it either. They are as guilty as the FDA!
    How can they allow the food to continue to be sold knowing it is toxic? I would have much more respect for a company who stand up and say: PULL THE CRAP! WE FOUND SOMETHING THAT SHOULDN’T BE IN THERE!!!
    Any of the companies knowing there is something wrong with their product and they still allow it to be sold on the market are worthless. They all need to be put on death row with all the other murders. That is in fact what they are doing!!! KILLING!

    Hi Helen, JanC, YaYa, Steve and the rest. How are you tonight?

  107. ann says:

    Kellie - I thino the writing is on the wall for the future of some of these companies. As far as the testing - we as fur parents can only do the best we can. As far as the food, there are still alot of good reputable companies out there. The makers of Innova and Evo for example, they have excellent products and excellent safegards in place. They will provide in writing their ingredients and suppliers. Give then a call. They are great folks.

  108. ann says:

    Hey Martin! What did you think of the Vitamin K3 links?

  109. ann says:

    Martin - I was being sarcastic when I listed the FDA

  110. Anonymous says:

    * Deb G. Says:
    May 20th, 2007 at 5:42 pm

    xyz, I think that would be awesome, I would love a site like that to go to. Even though the internet is great, alot of times it take hours of reseach to find info. I’m all for it, who do we approach?

    (others- see post xyz 5:27 pm)

    Start with consumerreports.org organicconsumers.org

    Food and drug safety is a common cause. It’s not a political issue that requires sides arguing about who’ s on first. If we start concentrating our efforts on the organizations that promote safe and healtful products we’ll be preaching to the choir, but it will be our choir. You know the saying- safety in numbers.

  111. Helen says:

    Jules, Whole Foods says they get their “organic” food from China because US is not able to supply the organic food demanded by their customers. I said sludge because I have no idea what is in their “organic” food from China…since China has shown itself so trustworthy with ingredients. Whole Foods makes a larger profit by refusing to pay organic prices for food from American organic farmers. Sorry if I was sounding harsh. Don’t mean to.

  112. martin says:

    Hey Ann,

    I know you were being sarcastic about the FDA. We are definitly on the same page. I cant understand what good the FDA is? I noticed a recall yesterday regarding Energy Man or what ever the MELL it was. Ya would think our food is much more important than their being concerned about a woodie! “Can I say that”?

  113. kellie says:

    i cannot understand why these companies arent jumping on the bandwagon to support U.S. growers???
    they still say they’ll use China when proven safe.
    That loses my buisness right there.
    The stuff is available here they just don’t want to pay for it.

    Ugg…i just don’t get their thinking. They are gonna lose buisness.


  114. Helen says:

    Kellie, re: “I think she meant that it’s all from China and her choice is not to support China’s organic food due to their lax regulations.”

    Thank you. That is exactly what I meant.

  115. ann says:

    Martin - even the prescription ones can have that “4 hours ” side effect

  116. Helen says:

    Hi Martin, it seems that someone is trying to intimidate me tonight. Well, I can be the attack target. No problem. :)

  117. ann says:

    I’m signing off for the night…Desperate Housewives is on….they need a pet food housewife spin off….Like they did with CSI and Law and Order

  118. ann says:

    Helen, I have pie on my face too, don’t feel bad..

  119. Helen says:

    Thanks Ann, have a good night.

  120. JJ says:

    Helen exactly where and who did you contact and they told you all their organic ingredients were from China at Whole Foods? I will be emailing their site later tonight but just curious where you obtained the information? I find that all of it is from China kinda hard to believe right at this moment is all.

  121. JJ says:

    Steve if you feel safe buying the milk from Sattons then by all means go ahead. I just stated that since their other products are loaded with toxic chemicals and preservatives why would I trust the milk to be safe? Just cause they say so? Why aren’t the rest of the products free of these chemicals and preservatives? Sorry the company just doesn’t do it for me. We’ve been lied to and had information withheld from us so sorry if I find it difficult to trust any company that is a new post on the forum because I have ones that I trust so far and my dog is fine and was before the recalls began since I use organic food. And Stonyfield Farm milk is sold by Jewel Grocers. Whole Foods and Wild Oats do not carry this milk. Organic Valley is the owner of StonyField Farms.

  122. Helen says:

    JJ, Sorry but it was here at Itchmo. Person said they had reply from WF explaining yes, they source from China because their customers’ demand for organic food cannot be met by US. If the person was lying, which I suppose is possible, please feel safe buying whatever food you like from WF. Count me out. Please do post your reply from them though. They are another multinational corporation doing what multinational corporations do best. I am not trying to offend you. I don’t think I would be able to search through weeks of blogs to find the name of the person the blogger spoke to.

  123. 5CatMom says:

    Got to say, I agree with Helen regarding some of the stuff that’s sold as “organic”.

    I’ve contacted some of the “organic” companies, and their answers to my questions sound very similiar to what the pet food companies had to say.

    Regardless of whether a food is sold at Whole Foods, Wild Oats Market or one of our local health food stores, it’s still necessary to contact the food company whose name is on the label.

  124. kellie says:


    China’s infultration continues

  125. kellie says:


    here’s another..headline


  126. Helen says:


  127. 5CatMom says:

    Here’s another interesting article:

    Is Whole Foods Wholesome?
    The dark secrets of the organic-food movement.
    By Field Maloney


  128. kellie says:

    thats a good article , Helen.
    But it does contradict your earlier statement that ALL their organic produce comes from CHINA.

    They do import most of it but it comes from New Zealand, Mexico, Asia and elsewhere.
    They are against COOL, which is enough for me to avoid them. They do not have any stores near me anyhow.

  129. martin says:

    I agree with Helen, Ann Kellie & 5CatMom,

    Dont attack those who have done their research.

    Nite all! Hope we all and kids have a safe week along with some information from the PF suppliers and the F*%$D#@*A.’s

  130. Lisa Clay says:

    Here is the link. If you click on find organics, you will be able to search by state.


  131. Lisa Clay says:

    While off the food topic, I have a book that tells you about all the chemicals in products we use everyday. About 5 years ago, I developed excema, at the age of 40! I bought a book listing the ingredients in our everyday consumer products, from hair care, to laundry detergent.

    My dematologist gave me something with hydrocortisone, which they would have me use for the rest of my life… not the correct answer for me. I researched products and ingredients, changed the products I use, and started to use a NATURAL supplement, not supported by the pharmaceutical companies or recommended by regular doctors. I take liquid Sarsaparilla. It helps rid your body of toxins from the inside out and it worked for me. I have recommended it to other people and they have had the same success.

    I know I am digressing, but like the ingredients in food, we also don’t know the ingredients in everyday products.

    Back to the pet food issues at hand… I have a cat with IBD (Hacoona) something that no cat I ever had growing up, developed. The prescription veterinary diets were recommended but they contain so much crap, that I wouldn’t feed it. Once I had to give up the dry food, due to my other cat Peaches who has with kidney stones, the Hacoona started to do better. Apparently the corn, rice, wheat, etc… are bad for her stomach. My guess it was probably the tainted corn, rice, wheat that contributed. In addition to finally recognizing that cats do not need grains, she is for the most part, relatively healthy.

    Perhaps the Pet Food Recall will start a revolution of sorts. Making people aware of just how dangerous imported food from 3rd world countries can be.

  132. Helen says:

    Yes, I admit “all” was an excessive word. What difference does it make if you don’t know which items? We are going to eat, drink, and inhale toxins no matter what we spend or who certified what. I will take the toxin from close to home over the one that got shipped across the earth any day. I am lucky enough to have a good co-op and a good farmer’s market around, but I have all of a sudden been doing intense label checking even at the co-op, which does research all of its products carefully. We all have to shop the best we can. I hope my erroneous use of the word “all” in my statement earlier will not deter anyone from shopping in the best way available. WF would love to drive every little co-op out of business though, so if you have one around, please give the co-op a chance.

  133. JJ says:

    Thanks for that link Helen on Whole Foods. Most of the part about the store I knew. Now the part about the organic coming from a few other countries - now that is bothersome. Will have to find another store that carries the Hain mayonnaise that I use because it does not contain any soy. Glad we are on here to point out things that one might not otherwise have knowledge of. Time to buy a homemade ice cream maker next right after I receive my metal ice cube trays and glass bundt cake pan. Going away from plastic-now thats another story for another time.

  134. Helen says:

    JJ, the little local store will always serve you better than the big multinational conglomerate. In a little local store or co-op, you can actually talk to the owner or manager. Giant multinationals are like the pet food companies we were caught off guard by: corporate profit first, stockholders next, and very little concern for the recipient of the (irony here) goods. I hope there is a local place around for you to find. :) My co-op carries tons of local stuff and so does my small local grocer.

  135. kellie says:

    what is a co-op?
    i’ve been searching the links on this thread for local growers and farms and havent had much luck.

  136. soma says:

    The only thing I think we can do for ourselves, besides researching every food choice we make these days–(we really should create a government agency for that to take the burden off of the people and regulate those unscrupulous vendors and ENFORCE those regulations)–is to push that country of origin labeling through now. While we’re at it, we should piggyback it with GMO labeling to protect us from our own government’s agenda!!! There is never going to be a better time to get it through. This situation is a living testament to why we should have the right to know. Melamine-free might be a good one, too.

  137. Helen says:

    Dioxin or not, here’s the producers of organic ice cream if anyone wants to support them and can find them.


  138. JJ says:

    Lisa Clay what kind of research did you do to find out about the Sarsaparilla? How did that help you over any other supplement out there? Have a skin problem from thyroid so your post sounded worth at least checking into. Sorry if its off topic but might be of assistance for someone else and their pets also.

  139. Helen says:

    Kellie, a food co-op is a cooperative market, a small local store specializing in “natural” products, sustained by members, but open to entire community. You can shop at a co-op without joining as a member, but if you join you become a part owner. This should help:


  140. Helen says:

    JJ, someone said a few days ago that canola oil aggravates thyroid. Can’t remember who brought it up, but it is worth researching. Canola oil is all over the place.

  141. Helen says:

    Here is a link to the page where you can look for co-ops in your state:


  142. JJ says:

    Helen on the link for the organic ice cream - the Sibby’s and Julies are both sold at Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Just took the 2 pints I had just bought to try of the Sibby’s and it had an after taste that made your tongue burn slightly. So probably loaded with MSG from the powdered milk in it. Probably not real powdered milk but rather that same stuff thats in the Kraft cheese MPC. The Julies is great have tried that when Cub Foods was still open and had their organic section in the store. It is great ice cream-taste like it just came out of the ice cream maker. For those of you looking for organic ice cream sorry if you do not frequent Whole Foods or Wild Oats as they are the only two I know of carrying more than one brand of organic ice cream.

  143. soma says:

    We buy Alden’s Organic from the dreaded Wild Oats. It is just about the best ice cream I have ever tasted in my entire life. The container says mfd. in Eugene, Oregon. The cookies and cream, which i am not usually a big fan of, is fantastic. I saw that it has eggs in it and didn’t even call to see if they were pasteurized—that’s how good it is. I don’t even want to know.

  144. Helen says:

    JJ, there are actually some monster grocery stores that will carry at least one organic ice cream (though it may only be **EEEK** Ben and Jerry’s) All milk products are dangerous if you really want to avoid dioxin, which is indeed a very very dangerous chemical, industrial by-product. Fish is also notorious for being full of dioxin.

  145. kellie says:

    thank you very much helen.
    i’m gonna use those links for sure!

  146. Ruth says:

    When my pet died and the recalls came out that week, I wondered if our food was in danger. Little did I know the crap we were eating was already in our food. Our pets paid the price for the food industries dirty little secrets. Someone got greedy and put a little too much toxin into the grain protein. It was only then they were exposed.

    Our country sad to say has become too dependent on China and other countries. And we can’t even trust what they import to us. While the FDA says tainted chicken and pork is safe to eat. What a joke… And now added to the list is milk protein.

    We all including our pets have been eating crappy food for years not knowing because food labels don’t tell the whole information. Like Acheson said people don’t read food labels.

    I remember when WallyWorld first came about and it was promised that merchandize would be made in the USA to keep American companies alive. Does anyone remember that?? So what happened….ha what a joke..
    All that was a big fat lie… all it did was to eventually put small town stores and small business out of business. Couldn’t compete with imported stuff. All in the name of big business and greed.

    With the cost of living sky rocketing who can afford to buy organic food. They are more expensive and can they really be trusted. Its hard when someone is on a limited budget. I think about it everytime I go to the grocery store, I can’t afford it.

    So everytime I look at my puppy’s picture I hope that she didn’t die in vain and this whole frickin mess that has come to light will somehow, some day soon will change. And people will become more informed in what we put into our bodies.

    I was looking in Sundays paper and saw all these pet food ads. Never seem so many $ off prices. Everybody has a slash in price and one to be nameless has added more food to their dry food. And giving away cans of cat food with dry food purchase. This was in the PetCo and Target ad. The pet food companies sure are pushing their products…I hope people don’t give in to their generosity. I think they have already done enough.
    I hope this is a sign to these companies that people won’t put up with their lies or their poison pet food. So wake-up food industry lurkers.

    Ten weeks since my puppy died…..nights are the hardest…still grieving…

  147. kellie says:

    i’m so sorry ruth.
    If my young kitty dies i don’t know what i’ll do. he sleeps curled up behind my knees every night.

    this is scary for all of us and nothing is free of toxins of some sort. even foods that don’t have poisons added still contain dioxins and other crap from our self polluted environment.

    at night i distract myself with movies or good books to help me stop stressing out over the things i can’t change.
    the things i can change i will do my best to try to feed myself and pets the lesser of the evils i guess.

    that’s all we can do these days.

  148. kellie says:

    the graphs show beef at the highest dioxin levels.

    fabulous eh.
    everyone here wants to avoid mela chix and pork and fish and feed pets and family all beef.
    lo and behold that’s practically toxic as well.
    we really cant win no matter where we turn.
    it’s all so dam depressing and seemingly hopeless.
    no matter how healthy you try to be you’re doomed.

  149. petslave says:

    Regarding organic foods–I’m glad this has come up tonight. Over the past 2 days, I have discovered these sad truths about organic food sourcing on my own & now everyone is talking about it on here. I’m a vegetarian, vegan for the most part, & buy almost all my food organic & from two SMALL, local natural food co-ops. You go in & feel like you’re saving the world plus getting the best food you can buy all in one place.

    I started reading labels on all packaged, prepared organic foods I was buying the past few weeks–organic soups & dry mixes, frozen organic veggies, soy/rice milks. Guess what–almost ALL of them ONLY say packeged/manufactured by some US company. No where does it say produced in the US. Then I noticed the organic certification comes from Quality Assurance International. Look at their website–one page states how they streamline international imports to your country. So I have cabinets full of canned & boxed organic foods that probably source at least some but probably much of their ingredients from somewhere else and I don’t have a clue about their production methods.

    I truly can’t see how most places in China could raise organic food under the same stringent guidelines that US organic groups, such as those in Washington & Oregon, require. The countryside is terribly polluted in most areas that would be part of the trade route to the US.

    I choose fresh produce carefully, local first, then state, then region, then US, Canada & Europe last. Bananas & tea, coffee & maybe a few spices I try to get organic & from known countries. But now I find out I don’t know where half of what I’m buying is actually produced. One of the posts earlier said it right–buy fresh, whole foods from known sources & avoid the packaged prepared stuff where they hide profit making under pretty wrappers.

  150. petslave says:

    oh & Julie’s organic chocolate ice cream is THE best in the whole world

    that’s of course in my opnion

    & in my off-vegan moments

  151. JJ says:

    Helen not one major grocery store chain here has organic ice cream. Not one so maybe in your town but in IL no. Just at Whole Foods and Wild Oats. Cubs Foods used to carry Julies but they are out of business since being sold. Ruth sorry to hear about your precious puppy.

  152. JJ says:

    Petslave I agree the chocolate by Julies is the best as I am a chocolate lover. Very difficult to find chocolate that does not have soy in it. Wish they would quit putting this genetically modified nutritionally devoid substance in all types of food. On thedoctorwithin.com there is a chapter called The Magic Bean that goes into in-depth explanation of how this bean is processed and how it is just no good for you. Next to the last step in the process is to wash it with Draino, yes Draino. Go and read about it will make you sick and question why you would eat this in the first place.

  153. petslave says:

    oh great–& i just opened a new box of soy milk approved by quality assurance international. just think, not only probably made of soybeans from china, but washed with draino. or maybe made in china & washed not only with draino but grown in draino & irrigated with draino.

    actually as i was opening that carton after all my label discoveries, i was thinking maybe it was time to ditch vegan & go back to west coast goat milk & organic butter & yogurt to go with my fresh local/west coast organic veggies & fruits. & the julies choc ice cream.

    now what to feed the pets—–

  154. e wem says:

    Steve, I have been on a quest to buy non-Chinese goods for several years. I never thought they had infiltrated cat food.

    Band Aid brand badages are made in China. Do you want to put a bandage from that nation on an open wound? I buy Walgreens brand fabric bandaids, and some Meijers brand that are made in USA.

    Hefty brand plastic bags are USA. Many Fuller brushes are USA. Here is the last maker of rubber boots in the USA and you can order direct: http://www.treds.com/.

    At Krogers S&W canned goods are Product of USA. Until recently they were a farmer owned co-op put into bankruptcy by the cost of upgrading to environmental standards in California - water treatment etc. Although they are no longer farmer owned they are one of the last ‘Product of USA’ canned goods

    I found a made in USA phone to buy when I get $50. There are several sellers on the web who have bought original dial phones from the 50’s and modified the phones to use modern connections and signals. Some of the phones are military surplus

    I have not been able to find a set of plastic measuring spoons or cups. However there are many used ones on eBay. Ditto toasters. If I cannot find a new item, there are millions of senior citizens who own good old made in USA stuff that still works. I bought a USA iron at a yard sale

    I have stopped using that nasty Chinese garlic powder sold by every major label, McCormicks, etc. I found a post in Local Harvest for farm raised dried garlic and that is on my wish list.

    If I had a freeaer, or even a decent refrigerator I would buy grass fed meat by internet. You buy a minimum package of 40-50 pounds which comes frozen. Some places sell dog bones, organ meat and items good for pets i have not bought from any but here is a sample http://texasgrassfedbeef.com/id77.htm

    What a way I live and that was before I found out they were lying about most things they sell to me

  155. Itchmo » Blog Archive » Recall Update: Monday says:

    […] Houston Chronicle takes the FDA to task over tainted foods. […]

  156. Uni says:

    Helen Says:

    May 20th, 2007 at 7:47 pm
    Uni, I did not say WF organic from China is safe. I hope you didn’t mean me. I sure don’t want to eat any of their “orgainic” sludge.

    Oh no Helen! I didn’t mean you or anyone here. I mean big companies who claim they buy from China but say that all the ingredients are safe even though they don’t really test them properly. THAT is what drives me nuts. If the ingredients from China had been tested properly in the first place, they could have prevented this mess from happening.

  157. E. Hamilton says:

    Until Menu Foods makes a press release that says they are SORRY for the delay in the recall that killed my pets, SORRY they sold poison and calling for Duane to be fired and the PFI to either be disbanded or reorganized with pet parents and others as a legally required part of the board, and that all vet bills have been paid for the pets they poisoned , then Menu Foods has nothing to say that I care to hear.

    What I would REALLY like is for Canada to pass a law that means Menu Foods CANNOT close down or declare bankruptcy, that they need to run 3 shifts a day, under close supervision, and that the CEO and the CFO and every person who made a dime off killing our pets has to work ON THE FACTORY FLOOR, not in some cushy office, until all claims are paid in full.

  158. Lisa Clay says:

    To JJ - Here is the link that lists the various products and what they assist with.

    I have had success with the Sarsaparilla for the ezcema and also Tea Tree Oil for acne.


    SARSAPARILLA - Possible applications: - Psoriasis
    This species has been used worldwide for treatment of gout, arthritis, fevers, digestive disorders, skin disease, and cancer. Sarsaparilla uses saponins which are steroid-like molecules which bind to the gut endotoxins . The endotoxins themselves are known to lead to systemic problems such as psoriasis, exzema, arthritis, and ulcerative colitis. Though touted as a ’sexual rejuvenator’ in the USA, (some advertisers have gone as far as to claim that it is a rich source of testoterone), sarsaparilla’s steroid like substances are not absorbed in any great degree and it is doubtful that there is any such anabolic effect whatsoever. There is, however, a component in the sarsaparilla called sarsapagenin which can be transformed into testosterone in a laboratory. It is highly unlikely that this could take place in the human body. There are no notable side effects reported due to sarsaparilla root ingestion.

  159. Read Something, Write Something | Elaine Vigneault says:

    […] Random awesome quotes… On the Pet Food Recall: “Consumers have now unwittingly joined their pets as subjects in a massive food safety experiment. This is hardly the first case of an illegal byproduct getting dumped into the U.S. food system with the tacit approval of the FDA.” from Chron via Itchmo […]

  160. Helen says:

    Ruth, I am sorry about your puppy too. This is all completely unforgivable to me. I contacted the manufacturer of the unrecalled dry food that made my cat ill, and they denied any problem with their dry food. Then they proceeded to mail me a coupon for a free bag of the very food that made my cat sick…right in the recycle bin it went. I would have redeemed it just to cost them money, but I didn’t want to throw the food out because I was afraid some other creature would eat it at the dump.

    As for not being able to afford “organic” food, I can tell you, lots of so-called organic food is really a scam. They charge high prices for “organic” foods that have who knows what in them and then ship them all over the planet burning up fossil fuels and polluting, which causes more problems for our food in the end. If you buy milk products, look for ones that say “farmer promise cows not treated with rBGH”. These products do not cost more. Simpler foods rather than processed are generally safer to eat because no added chemicals. You can eat better without paying the huge organic premium price for many items by being careful and checking labels and sources, and by careful washing. If I am given a choice between an organic onion from China or an onion not certified organic but grown 10 miles from my store, I will go with the local onion every time. There are toxins in everything, organic or not, but the more careful you are, the more you can limit your intake of toxic substances.

  161. JJ says:

    e wem I found a site that lists where their stuff is from (majority is made right here in the USA) while searching for metal ice cube trays in my quest to eliminate the plastic in my kitchen. It leaches out so many toxins but enough on that. Here is the site in case anyone wants to buy american made products: http://wwwvermontcountrystore.com They list two catalogs you can order for free. Found a glass bundt cake pan on their site too that I plan to order along with the trays. Have stuff us boomers have not seen in ages on there. They have clothing, household items, lawn & garden, food, small appliances, candy etc. And they also list the ingredients in their food products which I have yet to see on a lot of sites so you know what your eating before buying. Also did a live chat with a customer service rep on one of the ingredients in the Potica cake I’d like to order & she is going to give me the answer in about a week since she could not provide where it came from or what it was (like corn oil, soy oil, etc) while we were on-line. Hope this helps you. Take care.

  162. IFeelQuiteItchy says:

    Plastic can collect many nasties


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