How Michael Vick Will Spend Thanksgiving


This year, Thanksgiving for Michael Vick will be extremely different.

Since Vick started his prison sentence early, he will be spending the holiday in a Virginia jail.

On Thanksgiving day, he will get to chow down on a hot turkey dinner with stuffing, rice, cranberry sauce and sweet potato pie and have a non-contact visit with a family member or friend if he wants.

High-profile prisoners are sometimes sequestered away from the rest of the prison population, but Northern Neck Regional Jail officials won’t disclose where Vick is being held within the prison.

Vick will be held at the jail until his sentencing on December 10.

Source: Tampa Bays 10

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7 Responses to “How Michael Vick Will Spend Thanksgiving”

  1. Lynn says:

    Only in America could jail be this easy.

  2. 2CatMom says:

    My thoughts exactly. I would be much happier if he were having a nice day breaking rocks.

  3. Maggi Parker says:

    If Michael Vick thinks that his early check-in to jail is going to score him any points, he is sadly mistaken. In the court of public opinion, he should have been spending every waking hour at a local animal shelter volunteering. Some people NEVER get it.

  4. chris says:

    I think his meal should consist of the recalled pet foods. We would then know what how CA & Melamine effects a body his size. If he gets a headache he can always pop a few kibble.

  5. furmom says:

    I am Thankful that Vick’s fame has not allowed him to escape some sort of penalty. If high profile inmates are sequestered, why would that apply to Vick now, he is a has been, not a celebrity. Treat him like anyone else. Why should big shots have an easier time than regular inmates. Only in america.

  6. Diana says:

    I personally don’t care what he is eating for Thanksgiving. He is an animal abuser and killer, a shame to the race of Black Americans. As far as I’m concerned he should be giving his money to homeless animals, to feed and take care of them and not getting one ounce of recognition for it. He is a pitiful excuse of a man!!

  7. eric says:

    and f**k kat williams for sympathizing with vick on the bet awards! pieces of sh*t

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