How Smart Is Your Pet? Give Your Pet An IQ Test


Ever wonder how intelligent your pet really is? Think your pet can get into an Ivy League university? Just want to make sure the light bulb is working inside that cute furry head?

Gina Spadafori and Dr. Marty Becker of Pet Connection have collaborated to create quizzes to test the intelligence of your dog or cat. The tests were based on their observations and experiences with cats and dogs.

These IQ tests are definitely for fun, so don’t banish your pet to his room and make him study Latin and calculus if he doesn’t get a high score.

Want to know what the Top 10 Most Intelligent Dog Breeds or the Top 10 Not-So-Obedient Dog Breeds?

Gina and Dr. Becker also explain some scientific observations in your pet’s behavior in the IQ tests.

While some reactions are automatic in pets as well as people—if you’re frightened by something, for example, your body will react before your brain kicks in—intelligent dogs understand exactly what belongs to and relates to them.

The smartest cats quickly learn that they can not only take advantage of opportunities for food, play, affection and comfort, but also create those opportunities.

The sights, sounds and (especially) smells of the world are always changing and always of interest to a smart dog. The smartest will always be checking out the environment, but not to the point of wasting too much energy on things that don’t much matter.

Take the How Smart Is Your Cat Or Dog Test and see where your pet ranks!

Gloat and tell us how your pet did on the quiz!

28 Responses to “How Smart Is Your Pet? Give Your Pet An IQ Test”

  1. Kevin says:

    Coconut and Matrix scored 75.

  2. kae family says:

    What a redundant question! Every doggie IS smart beyond an IQ measurement! Just ask the mommy of each ;-)

  3. furmom says:

    I don’t mean to brag, but my dog is smarter than I am! He’s been training me since he was a pup.

  4. Jenny Bark says:

    Furmom, I agree with you. All my dogs & cats have always had my husband & I very well trained. We have never had to guess what they wanted and most of the time they get it. They do move over in the bed so we can have a little bit of room, so isn’t that smart & loving?

  5. mittens says:

    my cats are wondering about a special program for me because i scored so low.

    oh. the test is for the cat …

  6. Traci says:

    The question on looking at a reflection (cats) reads this way:

    8) How does your cat react when he sees himself in the mirror?

    a. Almost every time it’s “Who’s that strange cat?”
    b. He won’t recognize himself at first, but then he’ll relax once he realizes it’s not a “strange cat.”
    c. He reacts only when there’s something different about his appearance; for example, when he’s wet and looks smaller.

    My Madge first went throught the “Who’s that?!” Then she figured it out BUT she has continued to look at her reflections (and shadows also!) in any surface where they even barely reflect–including the bathroom sink. She is fascinated at “reflection.” She will even investigate the reflecting object, walking back and forth and around and peering behind it. My husband likes to say she is being a “scientist” and it’s not entirely a joke. ;)

  7. Gone to the Dogs - A Breed Personality Quiz says:

    […] internet is full of quizzes (such as the Pet IQ Test) to answer all kinds of questions like this, but it takes a British movie to create the best dog […]

  8. Dora says:

    my cat bring her toy next to my bed and meowing at me every time she wants to play. she only look at mirror when she got a new hair cut, like the lion cut. she got a score of 87. she wait for me at bedroom door every morning, but only meowing loud try to wake me up when her food bowl is running low. I cannot train her, she’s the one training me.

  9. Rebecca says:

    82! what a smart kitty i have :D
    i knew he was smart when he learned to play fetch and i caught him using the toilet!

  10. Megan Kaeding says:

    my mom said that if a cat has a black spot on the top of its mouth then it is smart
    and my cat has that so is that true?

  11. Megan Kaeding says:

    my cat is like my bodygard he stands beside me and falows me and it is SOO cool!!

  12. emma says:

    ive got a lhaso apso called milly she can sit,down,play dead, give me five if im at her height and lots moreand she is 2 years old you can she her on you tube just put in run milly run into the video sherch

  13. Talya says:

    My kitty got an 86! I’m so proud!

  14. Carmen says:

    My Sheltie Lexi scored 95, I’m so proud.

  15. Nelly says:

    Interesting test. My cat scored a 96.

  16. pixie says:

    my kitty “drew” scored a 76 so you guys are fibbing cause my cat is the SMARTEST!

  17. Denise says:

    My cat scored 98, she’s 19 years old and smarter than a lot people I’ve met.

  18. Denise says:

    P.S. She also “taught” me to hide a toy mouse in the house before work every morning. When I get home the mouse is back in her bed. She quits this as soon as it’s nice enough to play outside in the spring, with the real thing.

  19. Marbles says:

    My owner did a test for me, and I scored 93 (including tricks)…. I ought to be going to med school instead of her. I am the smartest cat ever.

  20. matt says:

    33 surprised it was that high

  21. Loony says:

    I scored 88. Not including tricks. Hey, I’m not a circus cat, why should I learn tricks? Do I look like a clown-cat to you?

  22. Bayley says:

    My cat scored a 88 surprised he was that smart without tricks

  23. alyks says:

    my cat is so smart!:D my cat got a 78!she was so close to an 80 but…i think if i put more effort into her i can help her be smarter. :D i tried putting a towel over my cats head to test her intelligence…it took her a minute but she got the towel off thank god.heres for anyone with a dog or cat……put a towel over your cats head(or dogs head)and see how long it takes for them to get it off.if they get it off in under 30 seconds,they’re pretty dang smart.if they get it over 30 seconds they might be having trouble with what to do. :) good luck

  24. Kathy says:

    Ooo my big-bad godfather kitty scored an 86! I’m so proud :) however, our youngest scored a 56… ah, well. At least she has her looks :D

  25. purplejelli says:

    woaah, ha, my cat rain got 92! im chuffed!

  26. LitChick2911 says:

    Sweetpea earned a 96 !!!

  27. Denica&Naomi says:

    Our two year old cat scored a 70 :) and here we thought he was completly stupid !

  28. sherbet says:

    i has 78!!!!

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