Howl911 Threatened with Lawsuit from Blue Buffalo

UPDATED 4/7: The original author of the Blue Buffalo menadione concern wrote us today to let us know of other information supporting their position: A response from Blue Buffalo on when they would remove menadione.

ORIGINAL: Blue Buffalo just sent the editor of Howl911 a threatening email asking them to remove the post to Blue Buffalo’s inclusion of menadione - a substance that’s banned in the UK. Instead of explaining why this substance would be good for our kids, they threatened to silence the grassroots blogs because it happens to appear on a page that has recall news. It’s not known if the original poster on The Dog Food Project has also been legally threatened. We expected more from a company like Blue Buffalo. We demand an apology!

Reading Mr. MacLean’s logic, it’s clear that Itchmo can post this news since we cover much more than the recalls. Shall we temp the law?
Full email from Blue Buffalo’s legal counsel after the jump.

Dear Web Master,

I am General Counsel for Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd, the manufacturer of BLUE brand cat and dog foods. I am writing concerning the piece that appears on your web site (, under the headline “THE DOG FOOD PROJECT: MENADIONE IN BLUE BUFFALO FOODS” dated 4-2-07.

Virtually your entire web page is devoted to news, information and links about the recent pet food recalls, except for the article about Blue Buffalo. While your work regarding the recalls is commendable, the placement of the Blue Buffalo article in this context is irresponsible, and leaves the the reader with the impression that the BLUE products are under recall. The explanation “Unrelated to the Menu Foods recall” appearing in much smaller font below the headline does little to reduce the clear association of BLUE products with the Menu Foods recall, or some other recall, or, at the very least, a dangerous health issue.

No BLUE products have been implicated in any of the recent recalls, and there is no reliable scientific evidence that even remotely suggests that BLUE products are anything but safe and healthy for pets. For you to suggest otherwise on your web site is defamatory, particularly in light of the current consumer concerns about pet safety.

That your piece consists almost entirely of quotes from another site does not shield you from responsibility or liability for this defamation. Any cursory inquiry by you into the allegations of the author would reveal that the claims are factually and scientifically inaccurate, and unsupportable.

This piece does not deserve coverage on any site, but it certainly does not belong on a site that attempting to provide valuable information about the recalls to pet parents who are truly, and deservedly alarmed about the foods that have been recalled.

My client demands that you immediately remove the BLUE article from your web site, and refrain from any references to BLUE products on any page of your site that references the recent recalls. If this is not done within 24 hours, we will assume that you are intentionally creating an association of BLUE products with the recent recalls, and we will take immediate action accordingly.


Richard E. MacLean
General Counsel
Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd

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  1. Anna says:

    Oh yea, about that one person above who is wanking Blue over this… I have two words for what you sound like - generational satanist. So back off, go somewhere else with this or else, the cops will be looking for Nikki in your back yard.

    … there are some who kill puppies and kitties for sport, and other for some organized ritual. It goes on so badly all over the US that pet rescue organizations have specific rules how to be careful whom they let adopt their charges. For ritual pet killers, killing any pet (or person) is “part of their world order”. When someone show up with the language exhibited, they sound just like one of those evil people…

    I hate to bring this up, but it’s time this is all spoken openly, and by leaving for a moment the fairy tales we were taught as a child that “this” just doesn’t happen: Remember the Animal Sanctuary in Utah is where the old Process Church and their ritual killers created… we shudder to think what goes on behind those closed doors in Utah, for years investigators HAVE been thwarted trying to get transparency, some have disappeared, and if you think this is nuts, talk to law enforcement.

  2. Anna says:

    BILL BISHOP, CEO Bully of Blue Buffalo, typical of all CEO Bullies, has removed the ability of PET FOOD CONSUMERS to EMAIL them with their concerns. Instead they think it is best for you to CALL them with your concerns.

    Here where you can email Bill Bishop and his terrorist hell-slime lawyer and what you think of them:

    Copy their web marketing consulting a/k/a Squeaky Wheel Media For The Blue Buffalo Company.

    The way to make a difference, is to EMAIL ALL OF BLUE BUFFALO STAKEHOLDERS, especially their web presence positioners, and tell them why you are BOYCOTTING the whole lot of them.

    Domain Name:
    Anthony Del Monte
    Anthony Del Monte
    300 9th street
    jersey city, NJ 07302
    Phone: 201-888-9766

  3. Anna Gates says:

    I feed my dogs Lamb and Rice Blue Buffalo Dog Food, Adult. It works very well.

  4. Anna Gates says:

    There’s that Anna Gates I see up there, but I don’t see any ‘reply’ things, so why don’t you just write to me at if you have anything, as I don’t come by here often, yet am almost an expert. Surely my family thinks I am at least.

  5. Shannon says:

    On February 16, 2009 I started feeding Blue Buffalo Chicken and Rice puppy food to my six week old (and weaned) litter of Puggles. I was serving the food soaked in water so it was moist. On the 18th, Emily (one of the female pups) was found gasping for air and acting as if she were choking. Immediately after eating. She died within seconds. Her gums were pale and cold.

    Later that night one of the males, Cerast was shaking and acting lethargic. His gums were pale and his body temperature had dropped to 97 degrees. I gave him Nutri-Cal puppy to raise his blood sugar and sat with him under my shirt to warm him slowly. He died at 7:00 am the next morning.

    The morning after that, the smallest of the litter ate, slept, played, ate a bit more and was dead five minutes later. Again, pale gums and cool mouth. His name was Wulfy.

    We had autopsies done, blood panels, ex-rays… These were healthy dogs. My vet said “There is no reason these dogs should be dying”.
    He remembered that I had changed food (exactly as you’re supposed to - slowly). He asked me to stop feeding BB and to bring the remaining pups to him. They have been there since Friday. No puppies died after I took away the BB food. No signs of illnesses… nothing at all wrong with these puppies except whatever the BB puppy food was doing to them.

    Mr. MacLean of course is full of platitudes and condescending comments. I however am left with almost $2000 in vet bills, loss of income from the puppies who died, and heartbroken and traumatized children. And I’m wondering what BB intends to do about it?

  6. Shannon says:

    Shannon, I just read your horrifying story about BB food. I recently was a product demonstrator for the company and occassionally get bad feedback about this food. No feedback was as sad as yours.
    I am so sorry for your loss. I no longer work for the company because I stopped believing in it the way I had and the company did something to me that was unspeakable. They have questionable food and they treat their employees like crap.
    I will pray for your babies in Rainbow Bridge. Good Luck

  7. bobby bergeron says:

    Really interesting board. I have a 4 yr old bulldog named Kumar that we adore. Recently we have noticed that Kumar has had spells of collapsiing after using the restroom or playing for small amounts of time. I decided to bring him to the vet today about it. The vet (who is the best Ive EVER seen), ran a few test, and stated that he is suffering from severe anemia. After running additional test, we have ruled out internal bleeding, tumors, ulcers, etc. The only thing, short of bone marrow cancer being the cause, is his food. I had switched him from Royal Canin bulldog formula to BB fish & sweet potato due to the people in Petsmart telling me that this was way better than the food I had him on which worked fine. Looking back, the symptoms DID start at about the same time I switched foods. Now my dog is suffering from severe anemia as stated and is barely functioning on about half of his blood supply according to the vet. After reading on the internet, it appears that BB has been banned in some European countries for a Viatim K substitute that has been linked to anemia in dogs. If this is the cause of my dogs anemia, I plan on filing suit against BB. I immediately changed foods back to Royal Canin today at the request of my vet, feeding him steak, & giving suppliments etc. We have to go back to the vet next week. If red blood cell count is back up, it definitely points toward the food. If not its on to blood transfusions & more test. Has anyone else heard about something similar with BB & anemia, etc? Anything would help!

  8. Ryan says:

    Except that the vitamin k supplement to which you are referring isn’t an ingredient in Blue Buffalo, so that obviously wasn’t the cause of your dog’s health problems.

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