Human Illness Possibly Connected to Menu Foods

Although the human food supply has not been contaminated, a woman in Canada has fallen ill from possibly ingesting pet food that was on the Menu Foods recall list. She is the first human to report falling ill from the Menu Foods recall.

The news report states that “she ate some dog food last week in an effort to convince her terrier, Missy, to do the same.” Both the parent and pet ended up in the hospital.

For three days, she suffered a range of “confusing” and “embarrassing” symptoms, including loss of appetite, vomiting and foaming of the mouth. She also had problems urinating. She is now awaiting the results of blood tests.

Larabie said she ate the dog food because Missy would only eat table scraps. Larabie tried “just a little bite” of Iams food to make the terrier think it was people food. The mealtime routine continued for about two weeks, until both got sick.

Some may dismiss this as a fluke or perhaps an extreme case, but we’ve seen several TV show hosts eat dog food on the Food Network or on Animal Planet. We’ve even pretended to eat some dog food to get our pet to eat as well.

Thanks G.K. for the tip.

6 Responses to “Human Illness Possibly Connected to Menu Foods”

  1. G.K. says:

    No problem. One of my biggest worries (as far as people go) was young children. When I was younger, we had a number of little boys in the neighborhood who would eat this stuff for the shock / humor / gross-out value. I’ve also known a number of babies and toddlers you couldn’t keep away from the stuff. Kids put things in their mouths. I’m just relieved that we haven’t heard any reports of kid-related ilness or injury as of yet.

  2. Diane Bergeron says:

    When I read this….it made me even more nervous. I work with kids everyday and yes….if not watching them carefully….alot of them will put anything in their mouths.

  3. Traci says:

    “When I was younger, we had a number of little boys in the neighborhood who would eat this stuff for the shock / humor / gross-out value.”

    I used to do that just to shock my mom. I would pick some out of the box and right in front of her in the kitchen and pop in the mouth and crunch, crunch and mmmmm, mmmmmm sounds. lol

  4. G.K. says:

    LOL! Seriously, it was a HUGE problem where we lived- up until one particular boy started chowing down on a box of (previously unopened) Milk Bones a neighbor had given my parents. We were all pretty impressed- until I happened to notice ‘those little white things crawling around in the box’. (Cue sound of little boy screaming in horror while making beeline for the bathroom.) Ewwww. That was pretty much the end of that. Pet food just isn’t held to the same standards as human foods are.

    I confess to having tasted some of my rabbits’ yogurt treats when I was younger. (For the curious, they tasted like drywall with a hint of berries. A very small hint of berries.) If it didn’t contain meat or bone, I wasn’t all that skeeved by it. But, after this? Never again.

  5. John says:

    One law firm is already investigating a class action:

  6. Susan says:

    I’m sure we’ve all heard of senior citizens eating cat food (cheaper than tuna) to make it to their next retirement check. Would anybody bother to report seniors dying of kidney disease?

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