Humane Society In Wisconsin Issues Quarantine And Adoption Ban On Cats Due To Virus

CatA mutant strain of the calici virus has been discovered at Washington County Humane Society in Wisconsin.

Due to the cats’ close proximity to each other in the shelter, the virus spread quickly. The Humane Society director said that 15 cats currently have the virus and another 8 cats are suspected of having died from the virus. Some of the symptoms they have seen in the cats are oral ulcers, nose ulcers, and upper respiratory infections.

To prevent the spread of this virus, Washington County Humane Society has suspended adopting out or receiving cats. The ban is expected to last at least 5 weeks. They have also vaccinated all of the cats, so they will not get the virus.

Veterinarians are worried about this virus becoming an epidemic because most cats are not vaccinated against the mutant strain of calici virus. There is a new vaccine that does protect against the mutant strain.


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