Iams Evaluating Pet Cases for Reimbursements

One anonymous reader wrote to us to describe his experience with P&G (Marketer of Iams and Eukanuba brands). Our summary is after the jump.

Reimbursment details are still sketchy at this point. We have not heard a case of a pet parent being reimbursed. In American Nutrition’s case, the reimbursement has been capped at $500. If you have received payment, or have filed for one, please discuss them in the Forums.

After contacting Iams via a detailed letter, Risk Enterprise Management contacted this parent. Iams has contracted out the job of handling the reimbursements to REM. According to the parent, REM is basing their decision on a set of standard questions and a committee will evaluate the case for reimbursement.

If a reimbursement is issued, it will only cover the veterinary costs involved, not the loss of the pet, or the potential tax liability of receiving the funds. We don’t know what kinds of legal documentation a pet parent will be required to sign in order to receive the funds and what rights the parent may have to give up. We will follow up after contact with REM.

If you have been affected by P&G pet food, REM can be contacted at: (800) 230-7795 from 10am to 7pm Eastern time. However, you may wish to consult an attorney before signing any documents.

To discuss more about reimbursements and legal efforts, check out our Forums.

24 Responses to “Iams Evaluating Pet Cases for Reimbursements”

  1. L. says:

    These companies are going to fight every step of the way to avoid reimbursing consumers. There is no financial benefit to them: If Iams killed your pet, chances are you will never buy Iams again no matter how generous the reimbursement. And with thousands of people claiming costs in hundreds and thousands of dollars, their main goal will be to pay as little as possible.

    REM specializes in claim management, meaning their goal is to save their customers (the companies, not you) as much money as possible. That’s what all of their “investigations” are designed to do — to find some way to disqualify as many people as possible. (It’s just like the companies who handle rebates — they specialize in maximizing “breakage,” finding a way to disqualify you so that the company pays as little as possible). They are in the business of saving money for corporations.

    I think bad publicity will be the only way to shame these companies into doing the right thing. Show them that screwing over a few people WILL cost them in the future, because we’re never going to shut up about it.

  2. Sandy says:

    These people make me sick. They have angered some very angry pet lovers who will spread the word to all NOT to buy their products EVER and not watch tv shows they run ads on/..letting the stations know why…

  3. Steve says:

    This stuff still in the food?

    March 26, 2007
    Scientists at the New York State Food Laboratory have identified the rodent-killing compound aminopterin at levels of at least 40 ppm in samples of pet food.

  4. Carolann says:

    What an insult to pet owners,..I guess these pet food companys dont go to the vets office very much..Steve..well they say it’s melamine in the food not aminopterin…so who really knows for sure…maybe one day we might get the truth as to what happened.. although I doubt it

  5. T. Eric says:

    $500.00 cap huh? “BS” How can they put a $ amount on the loss of a life that they caused!!!!!

    Those *#!*##!**%$#@(&!

    I really wish I wouldnt have seen this. I was having a nice day.

    Here is a bit of info on Iams & P&G Testing on Animals.

  6. Steve says:

    The Pet Food Industry has been lying out their a**es since March 16, 2007.

    And they know it.

    I can’t wait to see every single one of you in court, under oath and facing perjury charges.

  7. Sharon says:

    I’m just gonna divide the vet bills up and send some to each company. The latest round with Cleo, who ate Natural Balance Ocean Fish 3-4 weeks ago, will come in at over the $500 cap.

    BTW, I spoke to the company doing reimbursements for Menu over 3 weeks ago. I have yet to see the package of information they were supposed to be sending me in the mail.

    *bangs head against wall*

  8. David says:

    If I was talking to hoser who was representing one of these companies and it became obvious that they were not going to offer to pay the entire vet bill, etc., I’d politely ask if that is their best offer, and if so, say “No thanks, I’ll take my chances with a lawsuit.”

  9. susanUnPC says:

    I certainly hope no one falls for Risk Enterrprise Management’s paltry offer.

    Everyone should hire an attorney or join a class action suit.

    For example, $500 is a PITTANCE to these big companies. And it’s a grave insult to every one of their customers.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Steve -

    The aminopterin was, as far as I’ve heard, a misreading of the mass spectroscopy scan.

    In case you’ve never seen one, it’s a long row of peaks and valleys that someone then has to translate into a known compound - it’s as much art as science, really. It’s no surprise that the first thing they’d have been looking for was a known toxin, like aminopterin.

    But no other lab has found aminopterin, and it apparently has a similar profile to the melamine/cyanuric acid combo that’s been found conclusively in the food.

  11. love gs dogs says:

    I wrote a long post the other day detailing my experience with Iams…it suffices to say I came away with nothing but the brush off..$6,000 and counting and they told me it was just a coincidence that Buddy ended up in the emergency hospital for many days right after eating their $&^%$ canned food..

    I can’t imagine that they will reimburse very many people other than some number that their analysts decide gives them legal sanctuary…

    We say Iams or Menufoods with company names but I have not forgotten that they are just a group of similarly minded morally bankrupt individuals who did not find their way together by accident…

  12. Donna says:

    Obviously people will no longer purchase the food that made their pets sick. However, if you want to look at economic impact, then look at all the products the parent company has in its product portfolio. Iams’ parent company has a little over 100 branded products to its credit. You make the choice about the products you are loyal to.

  13. Helen says:

    Hey PET FOOD COMPANIES: At what point did it seem like a good business move to murder your consumers? Huh? If you poison them to death, who is going to buy your poison crap then? At what point did it seem like a good idea to save a few bucks by refusing compensation to the families for bills you know you caused with your POISON CRAP? Is this so you can pretend your crap is not poison, so you can go right on murdering your consumers until they are ALL dead? Who will buy your poison crap then? What makes you think we are going to drop this???? I have personally talked a couple dozen people out of buying any more Purina, Iams, Nutro, or Hills. Word of mouth is something you are not counting on. We are ALL OVER and will NOT shut up until ALL of your crap food is made edible, nutritious, species appropriate, and FREE OF POISON. I have been bringing this up to people I don’t even know, in grocery stores. You’d be amazed what happens when you ask someone why they would want to feed lethal poison to their beloved pet. CLEAN UP YOUR ACT and STOP MURDERING OUR PETS.

  14. Ruth says:

    I was reading today’s Sunday paper and found the coupon section to have a lot of $1.00 off coupons for pet food products. They even had buy one get one free stuff. I had never seen so many dollar off offers like this before……hmmmm…..do you think they are trying to buy us back?…lol…

    I, too will continue to tell people I encounter about IAM’s and what happened to my baby dog…how she died from what I believe was the mini chunks even though they are not on the recall list….have done it at the pet store…I will probably get banned there….lol…..

    Has anyone heard if Menu Foods also put a $500.00 cap too?

    What about the rest of pet parents who have lost a pet from eating the dry food? IAM’s sure has kept quite about this.
    And what about the FDA testing the corn and soy products?
    IAM’s keeps saying their dry food is made with corn and is safe. What tests have they done on this? Heard nothing from them. Won’t take my calls anymore. They have my case number and said they will get back with me. That was weeks ago. When I called back after missing their call, They said, “they didn’t know who called me and therefore couldn’t talk to me”. I just figured they are just doing PR work.

  15. AnnaZ says:

    I recieved a letter from REM stating that they had been trying to reach me so I called the rep that signed the letter. I was certain she was trying to reach me because Iams had recieved all the paperwork which included blood results vet bills food bills etc. This woman had no paper work and said it was probably in transit and that she would have to call back when she got the paperwork. So what was the point of her call in the first place? How can you make these calls with no imfo in front of you. I’m sure I will get nothing but the run around but Thank goodness my dogs are ok. All of these companies should be ashamed of themselves for all the wrong that has been done. As far as the people these companies have hired to take the phone calls from consumers, they may as well have just taken their phones off the hook. THEY ARE USELESS!!! and CLUELESS!!! I agree with everyone who decides to NEVER buy from these companies again .

  16. L. says:

    I hope someone sues American Nutrition. I am so angry about the $500 cap on reimbursements. It makes me furious because I make $18,000 per year, barely making it to the next paycheck, and I know that I could never afford to pay vet bills for something like chronic renal failure. I manage to afford basic vet care for my cat, but I have to live with the knowledge that if she developed a chronic condition (like kidney problems), I would not be able to afford long term treatment. I am terrified that her food will turn out to be contaminated, and I’ll be in a position where I literally cannot afford to save her life.

    It is absolutely disgusting that these companies will not pay for the full extent of the damage they have caused. So if anyone out there is willing to file a lawsuit, please do it. Please make them pay.

  17. Mandy says:

    The problem is, even if we do put these companies out of business, they will probably just change their names and start all over again! Beware of any new brand names that suddenly pop up out of no where!

  18. YaYa says:

    To keep it right Up Front in our minds, about ALL those other ‘Procter & Gamble’ products, AND ‘NESTLE/Purina Products’, is there a place with a List of ALL of these companies products?

    I’d Love to have the list to refer to, when I shop for let’s say even P&G toothpaste or household cleaners!

    I’ll Avoid ALL of them like the plague!

    Imagine them coming out of this “unscathed”! HA!
    These 2 make me the Sickest of all, that they “appear” to not have had Bad Products. Yeah, In a Pigs eye!

    I won’t buy ANY of their Products Ever Again!

    {them and their freakin’ small print on the products, like they are Ashamed of the Company name already and for the Huge buy outs they keep doing!}

    Where can we find some lists? Really. Any ideas?

  19. Mistys Mom says:

    Yes … I too was contacted by a very pleasant person from REM on 4/28/07. I gave them the timeline of Misty’s illness beginning on March 12th. What disturbs me most is that Misty had a liver problem & reports of liver & pancreas are not being published. I gave her the info that the FDA of NJ confirmed to me on 4/4/07 that they had received many reports of liver, pancreas & kidney problems. I have no doubt that her illness was related to the food. She had perfect bloodwork on Jan. 24th prior to dental surgery & less than 2 months later her ALT enzyme was 1420. We rushed her to get an ultrasound & find that her liver was only functioning at 33%. The Vet & the specialist said her liver had been “attacked” & “assaulted”. She is a small breed dog that walks on a leash with us present so we ruled out that she could “have gotten into something” as they suggested. This was all prior to the recall. She ate the affected Iams wet along with the dry. There was no questions regarding money from this lady, although I did give her permission to speak with my vet. Well … Yes Iams … she got into something … your food! We have spent over $2200 on her since Jan with $1500 of it being due to her illness after eating Iams. I am happy that her bloodwork is back to normal as of 4/20 but can say that I will never support Iams again. I am thankful to my vet who began aggresive fluid/medicine therapy immediately which probably saved her life. My thoughts & prayers go to all those that are affected by this mess. Sadly … I don’t think it is over yet. Misty’s Mom

  20. Donna says:

    Response to YaYa:
    RE: Corporations product lists. They are available on the parent company website. Some have one page that lists all products and others have them grouped in categories like health & beauty; baby products, etc.
    P&G has them all on one page.

  21. ANDYcat says:

    Misty’s Mom……
    Your experience with pancreas problems…could you contact me through Itchmo forums….there is strength in numbers!

  22. Donna says:

    Today we lost our second dog, Dalmatian to this sickening food poisoning crap after providing high priced nutrition to our dogs. What isn’t being released is that this began in August back when Black Diamond announced a recall and YES, the liver is involved dah, when there is poisoning the liver filters the toxins. IAMS had just changed their packaging of their wet product. I can visualize my Dal picking the kibbles out of his dish and not wanting to eat them. I encouraged him, thinking it was just the change in formula he was balking… NO it was poisoned and the dog knew it…not only was it poisoned and imported but IAMS had INCREASED their price to me!!! The first dog died February 13th from liver failure and his sister followed in his path with a few differences to symptoms but both dogs had elevated ALT enzyme.

    A boycott of all products is an excellent option since MONEY talks and everything else of ethics WALKS.

    The FDA better get their [EDITED] TOGETHER because I also heard wheat gluten and rice gluten are ingredients in INFANT FORMULA!!! Or will the entire public not care then either.

  23. Ruth says:

    To Misty’s Mom and Donna, I too lost my pet Chi/terrier on March 11,07 before the recalls came out. I was so devastated not knowing why this happened.
    Marley ate IAM’s mini chunks. I have filed a complaint with IAM’s and FDA but nothing. They keep saying the dry food is not affected. (Right, like I believe that)
    When her blood work was done her kidney function was a little off but normal, her liver functions were very high and became jaundice and shortly died. It was all fast and sudden. None of the meds. worked.
    The Vet in my mind was pretty useless. I was not happy with her work or how she handled the whole incident considering it took a week of phone tag to get in touch with her even after I called the next day and told them Marley had died. I am totally disgusted with her and she has lost my business.

  24. Ruth says:

    This is my opinion to the above.

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