Iams Says Our “Article Is False” Based On Their Testing

Iams is writing our readers to state that: “The article posted on Itchmo is false, and is unfortunately misleading consumers. As you know rumors of this nature can happen from time to time.”

Iams should be aware that our article printed only the factual contents from a lab report and that we are seeking independent verification of those findings.

All facts contained in our article are true. It is irresponsible to characterize it as a “rumor”. We believe that Iams’ statements are defamatory against our accurate reporting on this site and we ask that they stop disseminating libelous material to the public and retract the statements already made.

The email continues:

Based on expert analytical testing, we were not able to quantify either melamine or cyanuric acid in the retained product samples tested.

In addition, our manufacturing teams and scientists have confirmed that it is essentially impossible for melamine or cyanuric acid to get into a sealed bag of our dry pet foods. We are fully confident at this time that none of our dry foods contain any cyanuric acid or melamine.

Full email is below the jump.

Thank you for responding back. We are aware of the web blog posting on www.itchmo.com and we appreciate this opportunity to provide you with the facts.

The article posted on Itchmo is false, and is unfortunately misleading consumers. As you know rumors of this nature can happen from time to time.

P&G Pet Care has reviewed information on the chemical testing of the unconfirmed sample of dry dog food as reported on the blog site. Although the pet food brand tested cannot be verified because the sample was taken from an open unmarked bag, we take any reports of this type seriously. Consequently, we followed-up this rumor by testing retained samples of Iams Large Breed dry dog food from the very same product lot that was reported.

Based on expert analytical testing, we were not able to quantify either melamine or cyanuric acid in the retained product samples tested. Most important, we have no information from any pet owners of any health issues associated with feeding Iams Large Breed dry pet food; therefore, we have confirmed that there is no reason for concern about these chemicals in this dry dog food or any other dry Iams or Eukanuba product.

In addition, our manufacturing teams and scientists have confirmed that it is essentially impossible for melamine or cyanuric acid to get into a sealed bag of our dry pet foods. We are fully confident at this time that none of our dry foods contain any cyanuric acid or melamine.

If you have any additional questions, please call Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time at 800-675-3849.



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P&G Pet Care

480 Responses to “Iams Says Our “Article Is False” Based On Their Testing”

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  1. petslave says:

    I used to use & loved the Dr. B’s sal suds, seemed to clean well. I got away from it when I read cats are really sensitive to pine oils (the turpene portion) & that one had the pine oil in it. Too bad, it had a great smell. I’ll check out the newest formulas & see what’s available. I think you can even use at least one formula as toothpaste (yuck). A friend asked about it last year & I saved this website discussing the use of soap as toothpaste, in case anyone is desparate to get away from commercial toothpastes. We used baking soda when I was a kid for one of our twice-daily brushings.


  2. Deb says:

    P&G’s number one brand is Tide……if we can get just ONE out of every Ten Tide users to jump ship……we will make a dent. Even better yet, getting the same amount of Downy users to switch.

    Pam….thank you for pointing out we are aging baby boomers…..we are still the controlling factor in retail and we really don’t all that dirty that we need a product like Tide, anyway. Right?

    There is enough poducts out there….green or not….we just need people to switch. We should try to hit the the same quarter that the IAMS mess hits……just to screw with the numbers. They may not listen to us…..maybe they will listen to the stockholders?

  3. straybaby says:

    “There is enough poducts out there….green or not….we just need people to switch.”

    that is the key. but one thing to remember, is when switching, don’t go from P&G to say CP, or one of the other majors involved in this. Nestle, Mars etc. You still have many choices even if you don’t go green or chemical free or vegan etc. Do what’s comfortable as a first step and then think on your next step. Not everyone is ready to toss everything and become a sustainable home that only uses vinegar/Dr. B/etc. Just dropping the major corps products and adding more whole, healthy foods will help the individual household and the environment ;)

  4. Ruth says:

    About 25 yrs. ago I had problems with my washing machine. The interior tub was clogged and the hoses that lead out to the main hose. The repairman asked what kind of soap I was using. I told him Tide. He said that was the worst soap to use because of the build up it cause to the hoses. He repaired it with new hoses. Stopped using Tide and never had a problem since then. And my family also stopped having itchy skin too.

  5. Scratch says:

    I have a large number of pet friends at my home. I do not use any water unless it is time for a total ‘hose-down’. What I use is mostly is a 50/50 mix of witch hazel and listerine on a sponge or paper towel. Sometimes I use vinegar.

    I tried the castile soap years ago. For me it did not work. I use plain Dove to wash and CamoCare Ultimate Therapy on damp skin to moisturize. Everyone I know that has tried this combo has had great results.

  6. petslave says:

    yes that Tide is some pretty amazing stuff–nothing cleans as well as it & no wonder with the toxic brew it consists of. My mom used to wash the dishes in Tide when I was growing up. No telling what kind of damage that did to all of us! Maybe it wasn’t so toxic back then, or it could have been even more poisonous! It probably did have all those phosphates in it back then. The last few times I used it, it didn’t dissolve completely. Must have been what happened in your washer all those years ago Ruth.

    I picked up a brochure at my natural food co-op the other day that shows how many of the organic & natural lines have been taken over by big corps. Oh cool! I found it! The scanned photo is kind of bad but maybe if it’s printed out it will be readable. It’s fairly up to date & has ‘06 & ‘07 versions if you move your cursor on & off the pic. A few links on there also. Maybe will help everyone make better choices.


    Shutting down the computer for the night (maybe).

  7. Trudy Jackson says:

    Hi all, I just have to take care of the animals and do my morning things, then i’ll be back. you all have such good results. And i now have talked 2 people into getting rid of tide. And i got rid of the downey Myself. Let’s hit them where it hurts.

  8. Deb says:

    Good Morning Everyone….are we nuts are what??? I will be going to work today. I will be doing price and product studies…..I’ll even write it down! Today will be laundry products and fabric care. I’ll be in two stores…one the place we hate and the other a grocery chain. I’ll post the results, later. Maybe we should take this over to the boards too.

    Trudy…..it’s Kirk’s castile bar soap in laundry….for some reason I remember that last night. I double check this too.

  9. Trudy Jackson says:

    Great Deb, get all the info you can.
    I still think We should boycott the Olimpics.

  10. Anonymous says:

    don’t worry IAMS, we haven’t forgotten you’re rotten.

  11. Robert says:

    Yeah, Anonymous. It’s about Iams and P&G and a boycott. Arguing over lifestyle issues probably makes P&G happy. They think we forgot about them. So let’s boycott their products.

  12. Trudy Jackson says:

    And keep right on boycotting forever!! That’s what I say.

  13. kathdunkin says:

    I may have missed the posting but I stopped use P&G years ago when I discovered they were testing many of their products on animals. When I wrote to complain I received a marketing response from them thanking me for using their products so it was clear that no one ever read the letter. Perhaps they have stopped testing in the meantime, but they lost me as a customer.

  14. Deb says:

    I had some interesting findings today. I’m going to post in over on the board….I’ll call it Laundry Products.

    Very strange, I went into a Wally’s …there was hole where IAM’S large breed should have living. I checked in the back…..no product to be found. The assoc’s were in a meeting, no one was on the floor. I was in a different type of area, than my norm. I wanted to ask the mgr how good of a seller that product is. I assume based on the area’s depressed economy and what type of products I see in the carts….this is really not a great seller….I see people with the house brands all the time. This is a hard call for me…..I am assuming it was pulled….based on the demographics.

    I went into another store, Iams large breed was on the shelf. Talked to the mgr…..she said not a big seller due to price. She said they have not had any word on other Iams products to pull. She too, has not seen the P&G reps for months. This store had no warning signs posted over the Iams.

    Give me some time to post my laundry stuff…..but I did real good today……I had THREE people put down Tide and pick up Arm and Hammer!!!! Off to a start only thirty billion more to go!

  15. Trudy Jackson says:

    Proctor & Gamble at all time high? Read this-

  16. Trudy Jackson says:

    Well, that didn’t come out very good. the article said that P&G stocks were way up! How can that be?

  17. The Truth is Out There says:

    Robert - in my opinion lifestyle issues are extremely relevant because no matter what people’s motives are now for wanting to boycott- beit health wise (for us and our pets), environmental wise, animal rights issues, socially conscious, whatever, it is all a choice we make or do not make. The more conscious we become, the more proactive we are in decisions which directly affect our lives, and the lives of those around us. We can not just say BOYCOTT IAMS & P & G products, there is a big difference between knowing something and understanding it. If there is not more awareness of the big picture, then there will only be little change or not long term change. That is what we all have in common, we want that, but people in general are complacent and become more so when time passes and there are less recalls, and the PFI does more advertising, and people will begin to forget or get lazy or not care as much. It happens all the time. Some may even go back to their old habits. I have been boycotting these companies for years already by not buying their products, and from my experience the only way that people will change, or bring longlasting change is for them to understand what is in the products they are buying, and what these companies do. No one would be buying any of P & G or C & P products in the first place if they really knew what was inside them, and how harmful and toxic it is to them, and the environment. No one would be buying or buy any of these crap commercial pet foods if they really knew what chemicals and poisons and GMO are ordinarily inside them, which are harmful. In my opinion, yes it is a conscious life style change (for whatever your personal reasons are) to reach the same goal. Many chemicals that are used in our food and beauty products have been banned in Europe for decade(s) because they are known carcinogens. It takes the same amount of time and energy to buy a tube of colgate toothpaste or buy a non toxic tube from another company. Knowledge is power. We have all been deceived for years by these companies misleading us with false claims. People spend inflated amounts for their packaging and their name and to support their advertising, when their product has unsafe ingredients. Many posts here have talked about skin being dry and moisturizers. Everyone’s skin is dehydrated at the surface, that’s how skin works. As dying skin cells come to the surface of the skin, they dry out and are sloughed off. It happens to everyone. However, when people use beauty products that have chemicals in them, it makes their skin unnaturally dry and they require more and more products in order to relieve the damage caused by it, that would not be an issue if they stopped using the chemical products in the first place. They spend way more money and cause more damage to their skin, thinking it is helping them when it is doing the exact opposite. Someone mentioned dove soap. Dove soap contains ingredients that are known to cause cancer. Bar Soaps typically contain harsh detergents, lye and leave a residue on your skin - just like the residue that is left in your bathtub that you need to clean away afterwards. Why would anyone wash their hair, clean their skin, or brush their teeth, use deodorant or laundry soap that is toxic, enters their bloodstream and their organs and causes cancer, if there is a safe alternative? When people unfortunately get cancer, doctors treat it with more chemicals (chemotherapy) and in addition don’t look at the person’s system that enabled the cancer to form in the first place. Many aren’t told to remove all chemicals and toxins as much as possible from their life during and afterwards. The ones that are told this by doctors are shocked to realize the damage they have done to their own bodies, unknowingly which could have contributed to their disease process. When your inundate your body with chemicals, your body is fighting it off and not doing it’s job doing other things, your system gets weakened and diseases develop. It is not a coincidence that when chemicals were introduced into mainstream, there was a rise in cancer and diseases that were not prevelant before that time. It is a direct correlation.

    The only change that is required is a change in perception - for too long these corporations and companies have deceived the public with their deceptive advertising and media brainwashing for profit. They spend milliions a year in advertising and scare tactics, for people to buy their toxic products which harm themselves, their pets, their children, their environment. They don’t realize how unsafe it is because we are bombarded by the media that tells us what to think or feel. How many of us have gone to the vets where they try to push some crap Iams or similar food on us, and when we refuse we are told we are harming our pets because other natural or raw food is not nutritious or some other lie. For years my vet has tried to convince me to switch to one of “those” commercial brands and I refuse, and I say I will NEVER feed that to my pet and I explain why - that I don’t like the ingredients and chemical preservatives and they do testings on animals and I am against that. One vet even had the audacity to tell me that they have visited the facilities and the animals are in clean cages and taken care of. I was so outraged and I asked him if he thought those animals were happy being in a cages, deprived of sunlight and fresh air, and socialisation and play and love and being abused? If they opened the cage, would any of them choose to stay inside? Don’t even get me started on that!

    Your reasons may be different from my reasons but if the end result is us buying natural products as a safe alternative to P & G then the boycott will be far reaching and long lasting. Our lifestyle changes will pay forward with other family members, friends and other pet owners when we share our knowledge and insight with them.

    No one needs to take drastic change because anyone who wants to go natural, probably has most of the ingredients in their cupboards already. Practically every home has vinegar. Most homes have vinegar in their cupboards, so they don’t need to change anything but just use it instead, if they want to. If not, a 4L bottle costs less than $3. Why not use it to replace all their cleaning products, they will save a significant amount of money they could spend on other things.

    Vinegar dissolves mineral deposits, grease, and mildew. It is also a sanitizer. It deodorizes and disinfects. You can use it in the kitchen and the bathroom, and on all the floors in your house. When you clean with it, (mixed with water) is also will keep ants away in the summer. It has countless uses. Most people aren’t even aware that hydrogen peroxide kills mold. Most homes have this in their bathroom. Dilute it in a spray bottle, and studies have shown both vinegar and hydrogen peroxide kill salmonella, and ecoli bacteria on contaminated surfaces. They don’t need to breathe in bleach. Anyone can make their own orange cleaner with orange peels - things in your cupboards and fridge. If you have roses in your garden, save the petals and make your own rose floral spray for your face. Women spend tons of money on Beauty products with alpha hydroxy acids in it but AHA are a group of naturally occuring substances found in common foods - and in everyone’s fridges. Don’t spent $30 on a jar of cream when you can go in your fridge and give yourself a healthy facial treatment with AHA with yes, strawberries, or tomatoes. When you are making guacamole or avacodo for your salads, save a bit and mash it up, add a bit of lemon and there is your face mask for the week. This is for oily skin or acne sufferers. For aging skin mash up a banana and a tsp of honey and apply to face. I already shared my oatmeal and almond face and body scrub. This costs pennies and it is 100% naural and chemical free. You will be putting healthy ingredients on your skin which give it natural vitamins, minerals and healing propertise that are safe. Do research - don’t take anyone’s word for it.

    Please don’t support these companies that are killing us slowly with their poisons, and killing animals. The money you save you can treat yourself to wonderul things and you will feel and look better!

    The best thing for people who don’t know where to start or are skeptical is to go to the library and take out some books on natural home care, natural beauty, safe homes, essential oils or whatever it is you are interested in pursuing and spread the word on why you aren’t using P & G -for whatever reasons, and why others should switch too.

    When someone makes a lifestyle change, they are only benefitting and they are boycotting a company like P & G and Iams will suffer. It’s a win win situation, for us, and it is very empowering.

  18. Robert says:

    Truth you are WAY too pompous and know-it-all for me. You are not God or the dictator and other people are allowed their own choices. You have your opinion. We’ve seen that over and over again. OK, enough already. Learn to be tolerant. It’s really not that hard. People might actually listen to you. Someone who has coronaries over shampoo is someone I can not take seriously.

  19. Phyllis says:

    I say, where are the Carthwrights when you need them?

  20. Phyllis says:

    Trudy — your link does not go to an article.

  21. Deb says:

    Well, P&G stocks went up…..not really a surprise. They are cutting production costs by bring cheap raw materials in from China, that alone can boost profits. Take a look a Pantene….number one shampoo for P&G…..Wally’s raised the price by a dollar on the large bottle. In fact all the P&G items has MAJOR price increases…..higher l price…lower cost of goods…..what does equal…..more profits and happy stock holders.

    This is to the wonderful people at P&G….I know you read this. I really wish you people would no longer attach the Iams or anyother P&G name to dog events. We who do the events…love our dogs….. unlike P&G WE DO NOT KILL DOGS!!!! Get out of the show ring…..there is no respect or great love for your products..(in fact….there never was) P&G kills what we love….you have NO business being there. Take your ball and go home……we have enough groups out there to run the events……..we don’t need you. PLEASE STOP WITH THE SAMPLES OF YOUR POISON AT THE EVENTS!!!!!!!!!!

  22. The Truth is Out There says:

    Robert, you made me lol. Are you respecting other’s beliefs and practices that are different than yours? Don’t you know that to tolerate everything is to teach nothing? That’s a famous quote by F. J. Kinsman btw.

    Just because I have given more thought into how I live my life, and my existence and living it in alignment with my values and the best, healthiest way I know how should not threaten you. The truth dispels ignorance. You obviously have different values than I do, but I still tolerate you and your closedmindedness. Lifestyle issues aren’t important to you, but don’t knock it. If you open your mind you will open your life. I would probably need to wear a Hazmat suit if you invited me over for supper in your chemical filled house. Be sure to prepare only a vegan meal though. If you had any scientific, chemistry or medical background you would have a coronary too if you even knew or understood what was in your food and products. The sad thing is, by you not knowing, and not caring, it probably will give you an actual coronary one day. For your sake, I hope not.

  23. Anonymous says:

    PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE ENTRY I have sent a newspaper item and a way to help ensure food safety for our fur babies

    MAY 29 2007

    Section A /page/ 2
    International Briefs:
    Former drug chief given death penalty -
    “Former top drug regulator was sentenced to death on charges of corruption and official negligence,state media said today,the latest development stemming from growing alarm over the country’s poor food safety record. ZhengXiaxoyu was convicted and sentenced”on charges of taking bribes and dereliction of duty”the Xinhua News Agency said in a brief dispatch, No other details were given. Zhen was fired in 2005 after charges he took up to $780,000 in bribes to approve medicine that had not been tested to ensure it’s safety”

    Judy Boone 4800 Dorsey

    Dear Judy,

    Thank you for taking the time to ask your Senator to ensure the safety of our food. Visit www.NotinMyFood.org for more actions you can take to improve food safety.

    There’s one more thing we hope you will do–spread the word to family and friends who want to help improve the nation’s food safety system. Just forward the message at the bottom of this email to as many people in your address book as you believe might be interested. It helps if you put in a quick personal word from you!

    Thanks so much for your help!


    Minerva Novoa
    Internet Advocacy Coordinator
    1535 Mission Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103-2512


    I just asked my Senator to increase funding for the Food and Drug Administration so it can prevent tainted pet food and contaminated spinach. I hope you will join me so we can make sure that what we buy in the supermarket won’t make us sick. Food imports from China, which has virtually no food safety inspection system, have doubled in the past four years, but FDA import inspections have actually declined.

    Please take action today! Click on the link below to send an email like I did.


    Thanks for all your help!


  24. Judy Boone says:

    Judy Boone

  25. Anonymous says:

    The Truth is Out There……Many of your postings do not have sources, you claim that you have been saving files. Much of what you have saved are debunked internet rumors. Knock off the scare tactics, that you promo you lifestyle with and when you share: Make it the truth and with sources. Radical vegans, spreading old rumors and statements not based in fact, do little for the cause. Please confirm your statement on Lysol, that one seems the most far fetched. Thank you.

  26. petslave says:

    robert & everyone new that came into this forum today–we spent all day yesterday talking over alternatives to the standard big corp chemical-laden crap. didn’t seem to be much else going on, all the regular gang were taking time away to enjoy the day, so we got kind of caught up comparing alternate ways of cleaning & health care. yes we got off the topic of pet food, but a lot of good info got passed around & I think most of us really enjoyed getting some good tips & just blowing off steam about evil business practices. we’re off to other forums now & new topics.

    BTW–lysol & the pine sol type cleaners are toxic to cats & shouldn’t be used for cleaning around them. they’re very sensitive to chemicals so tips on natural cleaners are much appreciated. truth your posts are long but there’s a lot of good in them, maybe we should set up a separate forum for alternatives to big corp products so we can boycott effectively.

  27. The Truth is Out There says:

    Anonymous @ 12.44 - unfortunately it is not my job to give you or anyone sources when I am a know it all, right Robert? ;) Everything is accessible at your own fingertips. You obviously have the internet if you are typing here, yes? A teacher can open the door but you must enter it by yourself. I recommend that you grab your lysol bottle & household cleaners and beauty products etc. and type in each ingredient on any reputable site such as the agency for toxic substances and diseases, toxicology data network, toxic chemical database, environmental protection agency, hazardous substance databank, US environmetal health and safety, even cancer prevention sites etc. Get the material safety data sheet on phenol and all the ingredients on your lysol or other disinfectants if it matters to you. You should probably do the same for your pet food chemical ingredients too, then your own food while you are at it. If you are too lazy to do the work then you could cut corners and call up the CDC or your local poison control number and tell them you breathed in or came into direct skin contact with some of those ingredients and see if they confirm your theory that it is a debunked internet rumor or far fetched!

    I know the more enlightening a teaching, the more difficult it is to believe and even more difficult to practice. The source of that quote my friend is confucious.

  28. Eric says:

    This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Based On Their Testing. Thanks for informative article

  29. manda says:

    dont even try to say that youre cruel sick minded basterds you sicken me i cried when i saw that video and my cat and dog will never use iams agian you kill innocent dogs you sick disgusting people i hope you know i will show all my friends that sick video and there pets will never eat iams agian and we will start a protest and we have every right to

    unhappy people

    p.s you have no life you basterds

  30. Emory Bloom says:

    what you do is sick and wrong. Testing prodducts on animals should be a crime. What do you not think the animals can’t feel the pain that is inflicted on them? You are evil and discusting, I am not quite shure if you kill the animals. But I do know you give them a unloved and lonely, creul life. They maybe dogs but they have feelings and they can feel it all, Go jump off a bridge

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