Iams To Lay Off Plant Workers


Procter & Gamble Pet Care will be laying off 85 employees of the Iams pet food plant in Lewisburg, Ohio over the next nine months. Currently, 129 employees work at the plant. After the layoffs, only 44 employees will be working at the Lewisburg plant.

Procter & Gamble Pet Care is restructuring its dry pet food production “to fully leverage manufacturing capability and expertise” at each of the company’s four US plants.

The Lewisburg plant will be shifting its dry food production to the other 3 plants in: Leipsic, Ohio; Aurora, Nebraska; and Henderson, North Carolina. The focus of the Lewisburg plant will be on specialty pet food products, including those only prescribed by veterinarians.

From Dayton Daily News:

These changes will provide significant cost advantages and have a significant positive impact on the future growth of our pet food business,” according to the release.

“Our employees,” the release states, “have made significant contributions to the success of Iams and Eukanuba pet foods over the years, and we deeply appreciate their commitment and service to the company.”

Employees will be offered a choice of relocation to a position at another plant or a separation package.

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30 Responses to “Iams To Lay Off Plant Workers”

  1. E. Hamilton says:

    Iams is just having a wonderful time screwing over everyone aren’t they?

    Like the FDA they are as fast to turn on their own employees as they are to take money for fraudulent goods.

  2. Captn' Carl says:

    This is an unfortunate turn of events for the workers who probably had no idea that they were packaging poison.

    A small hollow victory for pet owners who were victimized by the calloused and greedy IAMS / Procter & Gamble Corporate Gloms.

    Business as usual in America!

  3. Ann H says:

    I am sorry for the impact on the workers too. Hopefully some can transfer.

    I can imagine that a drop in sales is something they wouldn’t want to talk about as possibly contributing to the restructuring?

  4. straybaby says:

    “These changes will provide significant cost advantages . . . .”

    gee, who woulda thunk it?! wonder how it’s going to effect their *quality* control . . . Think they’ll pass the savings on to the consumer?! lol!~

  5. Lynne says:

    I wonder how many of the workers were illegal aliens.

  6. Krista says:

    Good quote you pointed out straybaby!!!!!!!!!

    “These changes will provide significant cost advantages”…..

    What a stupid selfish line to put out. That one reeks, doesn’t it?

    Giant Proctor & Gamble/Iams can’t even dig into their reserves (don’t want to spoil the bonuses) to restructure with premium quality and revamp their product the way they should… How typical -

    An ethical company would throw money into it, not out. Make drastic changes , an humble themselves for ammends. Not this one, they just sunk themselves again with that GREEDY remark..

  7. E. Hamilton says:

    Maybe we need to have a big ole bonfire featuring a lot of Proctor and Gamble products and poisoned pet food?

    I wonder if some of the laid off workers might have some interesting things to tell us?

  8. elizabeth says:

    Well, since the recall and since instituting my homecooking regimen for the dog I figure that’s at least three 40 lb bags of this brand I have NOT purchased. Extrapolate that by all the other pet owners who have also made significant dietary adjustments for their fur kids and you have a big impact on PF sales. Good on us!

  9. E. Hamilton says:

    “Someone” I will not name on this blog, since the damned pet food companies, IAMS included are here looking all the time just too cowardly to post or identify the people they PAY to post, had a great idea that some of us are using.
    All those coupons and free food the pet food companies are offering? Get every one you can lay your hands on and then make sure you tear them up IN THE PET FOOD AISLE, in front of people, make sure to mention that the stuff on the shelf is NOT safe and that IAMS is stiffing the people with dead pets and BIG VET BILLS.
    Every time I show people the copies of vet bills and the letters refusing to pay the claims THEY PAY ATTENTION!!

    Easy to explain that a 99 cent refund on the poison that damaged or killed your pet is not much of a “promise” or guarantee, they get the point.

    It is EXPENSIVE to feed poison and people respond to that fact.
    Make sure to use the handout on Don Earl’s site, sending people to that site is better, lots of people have a hard time dealing with petconnection or itchmo.


    You can get a LOT of people to the Don Earl site with just ONE flyer .

  10. Peace2us says:

    Dear Proctor and Gamble,

    How about you stop making pet food completely? Even without the added poison from China, your ingredients are horrendous and do absolutely nothing to promote pet health. In fact, that garbage you call pet food isn’t fit for any living creature to consume.

    An educated consumer.

  11. Peace2us says:

    Dear Proctor and Gamble, How about you stop making pet food completely? Even without the added poison from China, your ingredients are horrendous and do absolutely nothing to promote pet health. In fact, that garbage you call pet food isn’t fit for any living creature to consume.
    An educated consumer.

  12. Judy says:

    Once about ten years ago I sent them a letter about how they test on animals and received a hugh packet of glossy brochures saying how wonderful they were and how the animal testing was necessary for the safety of the products.

    Yes that made me feel all warm and fuzzy to know they spent a ton of money on that instead of spending it on a good substite computer program that would actually make their products safer.

    But what the he!! their products are safe (except for killing a few hundred pets) right.

    Proctor and Gamble sucks

  13. HomeGrown says:

    “The focus of the Lewisburg plant will be on specialty pet food products, including those only prescribed by veterinarians.”

    And here it comes, they are after more money. Like was predicted by someone here early in the recalls. Seems to me they are going to try the premium food market. Wonder if their name will be on them? I think I will stick with brands already out and shun the newbies.

  14. HomeGrown says:

    “The focus of the Lewisburg plant will be on specialty pet food products, including those only prescribed by veterinarians.”

    And here it comes, looks to me like they are after more money. Seems to me they are going to try the premium food market. Wasn’t something like this predicted by someone here early in the recalls? Wonder if their name will be on them? I think I will stick with brands already out and shun the newbies.

  15. HomeGrown says:


  16. Tealcsmommy says:

    Even tho there is an array of crap and toxins in pet food, there are also additional harmful ingredients like soy isolate. Unfermented soy products do not belong in pet nor human foods. It contains toxins and depresses the thyroid gland as told to me by people in the holistic field. This was one of the ingredients in the Royal Canin Chihuahua 28 I fed my chi on top of the artificial vitamin k supplement.

  17. E. Hamilton says:

    So instead of telling the truth, paying the vet bills for pets already dead or suffering Iams is going to lie some more? HIDE their shameful name from appearing on a product and hope to suck in MORE victims?
    No surprise, not after the last 4 months.

    I think I would faint if a pet food company did the right thing.

  18. Lynne says:

    Where can I find recipes for good, complete nutritional meals for my dogs? I want to look into home cooking for them.

  19. Captn'Carl says:

    Here is something for anyone who is determined to make a clean break from the toxic so called “Pet Food’ that is all too easy to buy and feed to our best friends.

    It is time to stop cheating our pets by taking the easy way out and further jeopardizing their lives.

    The recommendations and recipes found in this reference are both much safer and more nutritional than any of the tainted and poisonous slop on the market.

    I picked up a copy of this book at the local Wild Oats store in Hinsdale IL. It is the paperback edition and sells for $18.95.

    The book is entitled: Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural health for Dogs
    & Cats.

    There are sections on all manner of things relating to nutrition, home made pet food, diseases, and anything and everything relating to cats and dogs. This is an excellent all around pet owner’s manual. Captn’ Carl

  20. Beth says:

    Lynn–I just purchased Donald Stromberk’s book “Home Prepared Dog and Cat Diets” I got my book from Amazon. Itchmo had a column featured on this animal nutrition expert just last week.

  21. Dave says:

    85 Iams employees to be laid off….maybe, just maybe, one of those unfortunate employees will have the courage to “spill the beans” about pet food processing. We already know the garbage that goes into dry pet food but it would be nice if someone told the story, even if they have to change the story slightly to protect their identity (or later ask George W. for a pardon if they get caught). The only thing the executives at Iams and P&G are worried about is not getting their big annual bonuses this year because year over year sales will be down significantly.

  22. kelly says:


  23. Katie says:

    Dave, I agree, hoping a disgruntled employee might spill the beans.

    IAM’s: I feel sorry that you chose to lay off some employees rather than increase employees so you could do proper quality control and lab testing. I hope at the time of seperation when you hand those employees papers to sign, saying they won’t squeal, a few will tell you where to go…

    You can make so called premium food and put it in a new fancy bag with a fancy name on it, but I find it hard to believe it won’t be made from the same old landfill garbage. You are way to greedy for that.

    I figure you have lost $93/mo for the last 3 1/2 months from me alone. That would be for dog food and biscuits. I now homecook; food and treats. My dog survived, and hopefully has a few more good years left. So $93/mo at 12mo/yr x # of yrs she has left = I’m glad to say that it should be a nice sum you aren’t getting from me.


  24. Janet says:

    I am sorry to hear about the layoff of employees… more victims of the mistakes made in the name of profits.

  25. Ruth says:

    SO…..from 129 employees down to 44 employees and that will be enough people to oversee and make PREMIUM pet food. Doesn’t make sense to me considering that when they had a full staff the food was crap. Like the 44 left are supposed to improve the quality. And now they are going to suck in Vets to sell their prescribe crap food. That is really sick. So what excuse are Vet’s going to use when these pets die or get sick from eating this food they sell.

    IAM’s and P&G are screwing people again only this time within the company. So the executives can still get their big fat paychecks and bonus. And improve the profit margin.

    I really hope that there will some ex-employees who will come forward and expose IAM’s toxic pet food.

    IAM’s can change their dog food to healthyand organic but its still crap. I’m sure the PR firms are busy changing the IAM’s image. But no matter what I still believe they poison my pet with the dry mini chunks. And that will never change my mind. And I hope the IAM’s trolls are reading every word said on itchmo.

    I had a feeling that sooner or later when the dust settled that IAM’s would start to restruct the dry food somehow. And yep, they waited 4 months to start but its still the same crap. How predictable…

    And that goes for Del Monte Milk Bones too. Still have the new box full of black hairs baked into the milk bones my daughter bought for her pets. You can believe I will be making them homemade bones.

  26. Sandy says:

    I semi feel bad that people are losing their jobs. Most are I hope innocent. However I had to lmao when it hit me PG must be hurting cash wise and doesn’t want to admit it..Add to that I was just at the grocery store and saw they had signs up saying NEW LOW PRICE :D Lets hope MANY people to all soon will not buy their crap

  27. Pukanuba says:

    Let’s see…..85 less employees/salaries……divided between 10 suits for their bonuses……hmmmm, another good year for these sleaze bags. Wouldn’t it be nice if those savings went to pay pet parents for their vet bills. Nah, the sleaze bags need the money for another house on the shore & matching Porsche.

    One can only hope that the big dip in sales have contributed to this but they would never admit it. All we need is just one po’d ex-employee to blow this thing wide open.

    So now they can make a higher priced toxic mix to sell to pet parents when their animal is sick…..the worst time to feed an animal something toxic. All the worst names in pf are the ones who manufacture the prescription garbage & now we can add another one.

  28. pam says:

    if iams is laying off people then the company is hurting…which means their market share is down, like we didn’t know that. when any company starts handing out $5.00 coupons it’s a signal that all is not well. we all knew it…how can you have a loyal customer base when your company poisons innocent animals and your corporate idiots refuse to suck it up and pay the claims? i really like e. hamiliton’s idea of destroying coupons, but i’d take it a bit further. i plan on writing poison on them in red marker and crossing out the upc code and amount off. oh, by the way, i was saving a bag of iams from march that my dog refused to eat. when i woke up saturday morning i came downstairs and saw that wolfie had peed on it and not a little bit…it was like a river! who says dogs have no sense of humor???

  29. Lynne says:

    Thank you for the pet food recipes tips.

  30. Denise says:

    Capt Carl and Beth, I am feeding 1/2 Eagle Pack canned chicken hollistic and 1/2 home cooking. I am going to buy one or both of the books and get missy on all home cooking. Please read good housekeeping seal of approval its toward the top of the Itchmo pet news. They gave there seal of approval to Iams and Eucnauba (spelling sorry). they approave of them killing our babies I guess this makes me sick. I lost my dog Muffin in 2004 to lymphoma and my cat later that year and I am not sure what happend to him. he was on a prescription Hills diet for his weight and lost the weight but Menu foods made this food and I am betting he died from it too. here is the address to good house keeping I am going to write a letter to customer service and the editer. Goodhousekeeping 300 West 57th St, 28th floor New york 10019. That is really nice how they are giving their seal of approval to a food that kills our babies. These companies got greedy and starting cutting corners on ingredients and could get it cheaper in china. Missys food has no by products or rice, wheat or glutens. They don’t even have it on there premises. its just a filler and they don’t use it. Atleast if your going to use comerical food call them and ask questions and if they don’t answer then don’t trust them. www.eaglepack.com if anyone wants to check them out. The owner of the pet store where I buy missy’s food is watching them for me though they were recently bought out by elmers glue. so she talks to the company reps when they come in the store and picks their brain about this stuff so if she says take her off I will right away. take care everyone. Denise

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