Imported Fish Test Positive For Melamine

Arkansas state inspectors have found melamine in imported catfish.

The samples were taken from six Arkansas wholesale distributors this month and tests in federal Food and Drug Administration laboratories in Denver.

One sample of catfish, however, did show a positive test for melamine. The level of material, however, does not pose any human health hazards, according to DHHS.

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39 Responses to “Imported Fish Test Positive For Melamine”

  1. Steve says:

    China continously violates US food standards

    21 may 2007
    China is a top violator of US food safety standards, with US authorities last month rejecting 257 Chinese food shipments — far more than from any other country, US media reported Sunday.

    Get it?

  2. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Right, but couple that with the other toxins in our food/water/air supply and you have a time bomb! Who are you kidding………………..

  3. 4lgdfriend says:

    eh voila.

  4. DMS says:

    I wish they would specify the level of melamine. They always leave out the details!

  5. cheetah-dog says:

    Don’t know if this has been posted but is sure enlightening!!!

  6. Debbie4747 says:

    cheetah-dog…any way of knowing who they were planning on selling all that crap too? Some of it sounded pretty nasty!

  7. furmom says:

    “the level of material, however, does not pose any human health hazards according to DHHS”

    Well, that’s a relief!

  8. ~Martha~ says:

    “Most U.S. farm-raised catfish is produced in the Southeastern states.”

    SO WHY ARE WE IMPORTING Asian CATFISH TO THESE and other SOUTHERN STATES that are noted for their fresh catfish anyway???

    “The Health Division sampled catfish taken from several Arkansas wholesale distributors on May 7, 8, 9 and 14. The distributors included Mariner’s Seafood; Chinese catfish, CenSea Chinese catfish, Ocean Park Chinese catfish, Silver Source Chinese catfish, Empire Choice Chinese tilapia fillets, Heartland U.S. catfish and Freshwater Farms U.S. catfish.”

    …And WHICH distributor had the melamine-tainted catfish???

  9. Susan says:

    Cheetah-dog…don’t you wonder about the other 99% that gets in? Who’s selling that stuff?

  10. Stephanie says:

    I wonder if the FDA considers this a “new development” worthy of a media briefing. I am not counting on it. They just want this to quietly go away.

  11. Helen says:

    So much for their “dilution” theory. If we eat it in every food, it sure adds up in a hurry now doesn’t it?

  12. Debbie4747 says:

    Helen Says:

    May 23rd, 2007 at 4:05 pm
    So much for their “dilution” theory. If we eat it in every food, it sure adds up in a hurry now doesn’t it?


    Exactly. This is why I keep saying it may be the reason why “obesity is such an epicdemic” these days as they keep announcing on the news. We’ve always had junk food, cholesterol and such, but now everyone’s huge. Maybe we can burn off the excess calories but not the melamine (plastic). Tack on the rise in other diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, autism, allergies, asthma, etc despite our efforts to eat healthier (guess that’s just a fantasy).

  13. purringfur says:

    Yikes! It makes me ill to see all of the medical instruments & such that are produced there. The food items make me cringe! And this list is only a part of the 1% we inspect, let alone, test.

  14. YaYa says:

    I’ve been wondering where is the EPA, OSHA or similar Fed. organization in this?

    Where are the Menu Foods employees? What is *their* Health status?
    I would be shaking in my boots if I worked at any of these places that handled these “Melamine” supplies.

    Where are You Employees? Do you Read here too?
    Will you Post and tell us how you are doing since getting in the “melamine chemicals”?

    Did you wear masks and gloves?
    Did you take a shower after Handling that “Stuff”??

    What has the Company done for YOU during and ‘after’ this contamination?????????

    Has it been minimized to you? Not worried?

    FDA lulled you all into a sense of security?

    Well Read THIS:


    Check out the Safety and Handling measures. Check out the Contamination recommendations.

    And, if we’re not sure which is involved, here’s a choice:


    Maybe you’d like to call EPA, the Health Dept. Some-One and get checked out???

    I would.

    Sounds just like the sort of ‘Friendly’ chemical I’d LOVE in my Foods.

    It’s Outrageous! FDA should Burn in HEµµ!

  15. kellie says:

    Funny little off topic kitty story to brighten your day.

    Remember I said the two stray kitties in the hood have been getting my kitties rejected foods every evening? Well they are now thanking me in their way. when I went out to retreive the dish and refill it , next to it was a tiny bird egg and th eremnants of a dead mouse.

    I guess it’s their way to offer something to me in return..How cool is that? How can anyone not like cats? They wont let me pet them and run from me but still show their gratitude for all the quality meals they have been getting for the last week.

  16. ann says:

    You go YaYa!!!!!!

  17. kellie says:

    thanks for the evangers #
    i talked with tem and they are sending me out a cat sample pack.

    thats awesome!!
    now i dont have to drive 45 mins only to maybe have to return more food!!
    i hope they like it cause that is a brand i really want to use.
    i was so bummed they didnt like the stuck with a huge bag sitting in my cupboard and i cant return caus eits opened.

    i discovered the free trial samples of a bunch of foods now and its so much easier than shopping just to return or waste the food.

    i reccommend everyone contact the companies and check about samples.

  18. YaYa says:

    Ahhhhhh Kellie, That So Neat! Reminds me of my old “Big Boy” he’d do the same. Says I Love You Momma! :-)
    Thank You for That!

    Ann, Boy I jst Can NOT Believe this hasn’t been Addressed YET! These Employees have a “Case” too.

    Did you see the part that says: A Known Carcinogen???

    How long did that stuff foat around in the Air there at Menu? Proably Still Is!

    Haven’t heard one peep about a Mass Clean up by EPA or guidelines from them There!


    Sure, N-O-W there might be.

    How’d you like to be the guy Dumping those Bags into the Vats?

    Lift up the carpet so I can Swept some under THERE! heh heh heh :-þ

    Burns my Keester!

  19. ann says:

    Kellie - you are welcome! Natura (makes Evo, Innova, Calif. Nat, etc.) Has a 100% money back guarentee. I’ve brought back bags of both products, and other brands as well. Is it the store that won’t return your money? Because if they are a distributor they must take it back.

    YaYa - I’m on info overload….I’m still trying to process all this.

  20. ann says:

    Kellie- I love the story about your cats….It truly is a testimony to your caring when animals, especially feral ones reach back to those that have reached out.

  21. YaYa says:

    Sorry the lower one timed out. Here are the other 3 types of Melamine- pages:


    Take your pick. YUMMY!

  22. ann says:

    YaYa, don’t give them the satisfaction of spiking your blood pressure. I’m sure now that the melacat is out of the bag, they’re coving themselves again any possible workman’s comp claims………

  23. ann says:

    All of us that support these blogs are the strongest defense against what’s going on - The Informed Consumer. By sharing what we know with each other and those we know, and those we meet, the word gets aroung. Look at the drop in pet food sales… There hasn’t been a “breaking news” story on the recall in several weeks, nary a newspaper story, but still peolple are hearing us loud and clear.

  24. YaYa says:

    Yes Ann, many of us are Overload right now. {melaload}

    I just can not understand after this much time, how this Employee issue hasn’t come to light by now too.

    I’d think their exposure levels would be Pre-tty high.

    {this is the sort of stuff I find when my insomnia hits :-P }

    I had to Dig for it. Sure don’t think the FDA etc had to tho!

  25. e wem says:

    They actually had catfish in bags labeled catfish?

    In Detroit the feds raided a warehouse filled with bags of illeglly smuggeled chicken from China. The bags were labeled ‘Catfish’. This was being sold to most of the Chinese restaurants in the area that apparently had no problem with the labels.

    Bringing in Chicken from China is illegal, although the feds are working a deal where we get Chinese chicken as long as it is pre-cooked in China (yum) and the Chinese agree to accept American beef, currently banned because of mad cow.

    However, no restaurant customers were ever advised they had eaten illegal Chinese chicken even though some of the asians who died from SARS or bird flu apparently got the disease from eating Chinese chicken cooked in China.

    Melamine in Catfish can’t be bad, since the FDA does not even require melamine to be listed as an ingredient on the package of the millions of mela-chickens the FDA has approved for market.

    Why does the FDA even bother seeking out the mela-food? They have approved it for consumption in such a way I think we should list it as a nutritional supplement

  26. ann says:

    I’m not eating a chicken unless it has Perdue stamped on it. They at least addressed the melamine issue on their website.

  27. YaYa says:

    Perdue for me too Ann. Tho I’m not very hungry these days. I’m just “grossed-out” by all of this.

    E wem, LMBO! Nutritional supplement! hehehehe I gotta laugh at it.

  28. ann says:

    Instead of multi-vitamins, we can have mela-vitamins

  29. Joan says:

    So how much $$$$$ are we spending to test all the products coming from China? After you eat the melamine in our foods now you can brush your teeth with DIEthylene glycol.

    Feds to test all toothpaste exports from China
    NEW YORK (CNN) — Officials at the Food and Drug Agency told CNN Wednesday that they have initiated a program to test samples of all toothpaste imports from China for a deadly chemical.

    The announcement followed a report in Tuesday’s New York Times that diethylene glycol, a chemical cousin of glycerin, may have made its way into children’s toothpaste exported to the Dominican Republic, Panama and Costa Rica.

    There is no evidence that toothpaste containing diethylene glycol is in the United States, the FDA said.

    Douglas Arbesfeld, senior communication adviser for the FDA, told CNN that all Chinese toothpastes will be subject to testing in what is billed as a “top priority sampling assignment.” –From CNN’s Richard Davis (Posted 6:33 p.m.)

  30. Helen says:

    The company exporting from China to here should have to pay to have their products tested (HERE by US). Farmers have to pay for organic inspections of their farms. (This means many responsible small organic farmers in poor countries are not able to get a fair trade price for their product, especially coffee because they cannot afford the hundreds of dollars for the annual inspections) Yes, that was done deliberately to keep small farmers from competing with the big nasty guys who want to erode organic standards and cheat us into eating “organic” melamine.

  31. YaYa says:

    The Ultimate oxymoron: Organic melamine. :-P

  32. JJ says:

    YaYa thanks so much for that link for the melamine. I read thru the whole page and towards the end it states that this is a suspected or known carcinogen? That means anything human or furry kid that has ingested this has now also increased risk for cancer. Use the power of the purse and wallet - do not buy any franken food from the poison places. Unless states made in American and where it came from also where ingredients came from leave it on the shelf. They just don’t get it and we’ve got to keep speaking loud and clear with our money-keep it in your pocket unless its USA born and bred!

  33. Zoe says:

    e wem,

    They probably had the catfish in big pink bags labelled “melamine”.

  34. Helen says:

    They could just put the chicken in fish bags labelled Bird Flu Fish, and the FDA would order a few loads to scatter around, so they can say that Bird Flu is a “generally recognized as safe” ingredient.

  35. YaYa says:

    You betcha JJ. I’ve been pretty good for years to not buy “made in China” {I had other issues with the China Government before this!}; but it’s for Danged sure now. If It doesn’t SAY or someone won’t tell me, I’m not buyin’!

    I keep thinking of the words “scrap melamine”.
    What the Heck do they think we are over here, their Garbage Dump?! I Swear they are exporting their toxic Junk to Us! {it’s Soooo bad over there now}

    Look at all the Mass quanity of ‘products’ We’ve Stopped just in the last Month from coming In to the USA! Trash, junk, fake, adulterated- CRAP. {compare that to the other countries lower amounts!}

    It’s ALL Trash and Garbage! Blech-tooie! :-þþþþ

    Zoe, LOL, guess we’d better be on the look-out for Pink Bags :-P

    Ahhhhh, and they just Banned “noodlin” in these parts!

  36. JJ says:

    We get the human trash other countries continue to dump here now our lovely agencies want us to accept all their dumpster trash too! Franken food for you and you and you too! I’ll get you my pretties!!! Nahhhhh. hhhhaaa hhaaaa

  37. Moggymania says:

    “Tack on the rise in other diseases such as diabetes, heart conditions, autism, allergies, asthma, etc despite our efforts to eat healthier”

    Autism isn’t a disease, nor something that is caused by a certain lifestyle/diet; it’s an inherited neurological configuration a person is born with.

    Contrary to the media hype, the actual numbers of autistic people aren’t rising — the number diagnosed are, for a wide variety of reasons. You can read a lot of scientifically valid analysis of facts/figures here:

    (Not everyone that is autistic sees it as a bad thing, including those of us that don’t speak! For anyone interested in learning more about us, I’ve got my “website” set to point to my public autistic-related bookmarks, feel free to check them out.)

  38. sandi says:

    Thanks for the info.

  39. e wem says:

    Zoe, Helen

    Lucky Three Guesses Chicken-Free Mela-FIsh
    Guaranteed untested

    “If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck it must be Mela-Fish! Look for the Pink Bag at your local secret warehouse”

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