Improved Lab Testing May Reduce The Use Of Test Animals

The National Research Council says that improvements in methods of testing cells and tissues could speed up the process of checking chemicals for toxicity and reduce the use of test animals.

Using cells, preferably of human origin, lab tests could indicate potential danger to humans by observing the effect on those cells or cell lines of commercial pesticides and other chemicals. Currently, chemicals are generally tested by giving them to animals in large doses. Humans are usually exposed to much lower doses, however, so the animal results are not always directly applicable.

Animal testing will still be needed at this point, the report says, but using these new test methods could reduce the need and may eliminate the use of test animals eventually.

3 Responses to “Improved Lab Testing May Reduce The Use Of Test Animals”

  1. Lynne says:

    Good factsheet on animal testing here:

  2. 4lgdfriend says:

    I’m all for not testing on animals.
    But I’m also for requiring corporations to be chartered BY CITIZENS, reponsible to the CITIZENS (that would be real people) they SERVE,
    and accountible to CITIZENS they SERVE.
    I’m also for requiring corporations to pay taxes to support the common good. People determine the common good . Corporations are not people.
    If they can’t do this, they can leave.

    My point is that corporations that do not support the common good have no business testing anything on anybody and cannot be trusted to begin with.

  3. 4lgdfriend says:

    …and as chartered entities (NOT PEOPLE) responsible to citizens, they are not entitled to contribute to political campaigns in order to buy legislation that is intended to help them screw us.

    Corporate charters can be revoked by the “deciders” - who is us.

    probably half the crap they’re (no doubt secretly) testing on cells, animals, secret prisoners, god knows who/what, whatever………we don’t want anyhow.

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