Innova Testing Results Posted By CEO Of Natura In Our Forums

Toxin tests performed on Innova dog food (by an Itchmo member) got more attention today when the CEO of Natura, Peter Atkins, posted their test results. Natura owns the Innova brand.

On Jun 4, 2007, Donna (Itchmo username PFR07PS) received test results on her sample of Innova dog food from ExperTox stating that it tested positive for acetaminophen and cyanuric acid. She was prompted to test for toxins after spotting black and white chunks in the Innova kibble.

Innova Kibble with specksShe paid for two tests. The first, performed on the dog kibble itself, tested negative for toxins. However, the second test, performed on just the black and white specks in the dog food (shown in photo) tested positive for cyanuric acid and acetaminophen.

Natura’s CEO said that the specks in the dog food are vitamin mineral premixes that did not dissolve during the manufacturing process — something Atkins said was “very uncommon”. He also added that the amounts of vitamins found in the kibble should not present any problems for pets.
The results found its way on to the ItchmoForums. Yesterday, the CEO of Natura responded in the thread with their test results — including a test of a similar batch of dog food from ExperTox. The sample of dog food sent in by Donna in May to Natura was not tested.

Atkins said:

Samples of both the retained samples of the actual production run for Donna’s food (the retain sample is a composite of the entire production run and does include a representative sample of Donna’s food, including a sample taken directly in the middle of the two samples that she sent us - i.e. Donna’s samples were stamped 2019 and 2022; our retain is time stamped 2021) and the premix used in that production was sent to two different laboratories for testing. As expected, both tests have come back negative for acetaminophen contamination.

He also continued on to apologize to Natura’s customers via the post, however Donna says that she has yet to receive a call from Atkins.

Atkins said although Natura is continuing to use Menu Foods’ South Dakota plant for their wet foods, they are still committed to building or buying their own plant. He added that Natura no longer sources any ingredients from China.

Donna’s full email to us is below:

I have followed the pet food recall very closely, mostly because I want to protect my two dogs as best I can. I thought I was in as safe a position as I could be as we purchased what is commonly referred to as a “super premium” dog food.

On May 3, we purchased two bags of Innova adult dry dog food. We opened the first bag the following week and fed our dogs a couple of meals from that bag. When we prepared their next meal we were surprised to discover some large black and beige unknown objects actually embedded in the kibble. These chunks were very hard and varied in size; some protruded sharply from the kibble. We opened the second bag and found the same. We contacted the company to alert them to what we found and even offered pictures of the foreign objects. The rep told me they did not need to see the pictures, but a few days later told us we could submit a sample for analysis.

We decided to obtain a second analysis from AccuTrace in Arlington, TX. This analysis was done privately at our expense. A few days later the lab called with the results. First, the overall test of the kibble did not detect any of the known toxins (melamine, etc.). However, the analysis of the black and beige objects yielded the detection of acetaminophen and cyanuric acid. I cannot explain how shocked I was to hear the results. The analysis was done with the GC/MS technique.

The black and beige specks are actually embedded into the kibble. There is no possible way someone could insert these objects after the kibble was manufactured and packaged. We do not take acetaminophen nor do we have any in our house. We purchased the bags at the pet store, opened them in our home and we are the only persons who had access to the bags. Therefore, it is our conclusion that the objects were embedded in the kibble during the production process. The lab has also assured us of their confidence in the detection of the contaminants of acetaminophen and cyanuric acid. To date, I have not been advised of the results of the analysis from Natura Pet, makers of Innova.

We do not believe the dogs had enough of this food to make them sick. However, starting in January both dogs were sick over the course of two months. It was sporadic and hard to determine why they continued to have tummy aches, refuse their meals, vomit, appear very lethargic, and the female experienced terrible problems with incontinence. I placed repeated phone calls to the manufacturer to determine if there were formula or supplier changes that might have resulted in a change in the food that might have upset their stomachs. I was repeatedly told, “no changes.” The only common denominator for their illnesses was the dog food. Unfortunately, I have none of that food to test.

I share this information to encourage others to be suspect of any and all pet foods. Do not ignore what your pet is trying to tell you. If they do not want to eat the food, there is a reason. If they show unusual symptoms or behavioral changes, check it out with your vet immediately. You must do your own research and testing to ensure the safety, health and well-being of your pet.

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  1. Jill Taylor says:

    My present dogs (basenjis) have been on Innova kibble for 4 years. In Feb, 2008, one died of kidney failure. During the summer of 2007, I noticed her coat wasn’t right, but thought she was just shedding her winter undercoat. Guess not. Now, two of my other dogs’s coats are poor. Any new news on Innova kibble? I think I’m going to switch - what should I get??

  2. Wendysue says:

    We lost 2 kitties June and August of 2007 because of the food issues. NOW it is August 2008 and I just found a large hard black chunk of something in the wet Innova Cat food. My cat Benny is dehydrated and won’t eat or go to the bathroom, he even threw up a few times..What the hell is wrong with these pet food companies? We pay a lot for that food and have given them many dollars throughout the years. We love our pets and they are a huge part of my life! Is there something going on because of the war, gas cost, possible food shortage, and over population~ Is there population control going on? What about the MRSA virus that took my mother inlaws life? Millions of people taking prescriptions for all new kinds of ADHD,ADD,(and the list you know goes on)..You can’t do a blood test or anything for those illnesses~they just want to make money off of normal people’s problems that they will do anything to make a buck. Or is it also population control??? Just like Ridalin (however it is spelled). That was found to cause cancer and other problems in the long run. Chemicals are not the answer but cause other problems~especially to a growing child!
    This world is falling apart and we better watch over our families!
    Don’t trust Innova pet food~ Something very sinister is going on!

  3. Jonathan Bober says:

    For over fifteen years i have fed my animals innova dog food. I have never had a bad batch nor had any sign of complications in my pets. not only does it make their coat shine like the sun on a winter morning but it has made them stronger than a bull in heat. i do however have a problem with over feeding of the dogs with evo due to its high protein diet many dogs suffer kidney damage from it after prolonged periods of times.

  4. Kelly says:

    I have been researching info on Evo tonight as both my dogs have been rejecting their food lately — ever since i purchased a new bag of Evo Chicken Small dog bites last week. I masked their food in some chicken broth that i made. They ate it but never finished the bowl. I thought it strange that BOTH of my dogs were rejecting it and were refusing to eat until i remembered the stories i heard a few years ago when dog owners noticed the same thing before the massive recall and sadly all the deaths that followed.. After this i am no longer going to be buying dog food! I usually make organic dog food as a side treat for my dogs on the weekends, but now they are going to be getting homemade everyday. At least i KNOW whats in their food!! I refuse to make my dogs victims!!!

  5. Kelly says:

    Also, why is Acetominophen being found in DOG FOOD???? Call me a Conspiracy Theorist, but there is absolutely NO reason that it should be in Dog Food other than a nefarious plot to kill off our dogs and cats!!!! There IS NO OTHER REASON!!!!

  6. Kenda says:

    After feeding my dog from a new bag of Innova reduced calorie dog food. My dog became violently ill, vomiting and having diarhea for two days. Finally we took her to the vet who put her on IVs to rehydrate her. Nothing other than the food can be pinpointed as towhat caused her sudden illness. After taking her to a specialist and spending $2600.00 worth of vet bills, she seems to be recovering.
    Scary that we almost lost our pet to what we attribute to the food.

  7. Danielle says:

    I am fairly certain there is something in EVO Red Meat Small Bites that has made my dog very ill. How do I get this food tested? There are bits of hard, wire-like substances in this food. I do not think she was able to digest it.

  8. Kris says:

    Well let me add my voice here. We’ve been feeding our dog with innova evo since she was 12 weeks old, she’s now three and a half. We usually change it up and buy a different meat every bag, red meat, chicken, lamb… Well the last bag, chicken, made her sick… She started throwing up at night and had heavy diarrhea… she was also very lethargic…and stop eating her food… Not wanting to force her I bought another bran, placed it in a bowl next to her usual food. She didn’t touch her usual food (innova evo chicken) but engulfed the new food… I trust her to choose the food that is right for her. So now I have great concern that there is a serious problem with innova evo … Hopefully this is an isolated problem… although reading the test result of 2007 posted by Donna, worries me.. If anyone has had a similar experience please post… thx

  9. Patrick says:

    I have a 5 month old Wheaten. Yesterday I switched him from Innova Lamb & Rice puppy to Chicken & Rice large breed puppy. He ate it and seemed to like it. Last night he vomited twice and has diarrhea today. He smells the food and walks away despite always having a very healthy appetite. I thought may be his stomach was sensitive to teh switch. Nt so sure now. Any recommendations on an alternate natural/organic brand?

  10. Arnold says:

    My German Shepherd adult dog (9 years old) has been on Innova since she was 8 weeks. She has always enthusiastically gobbled her food up, never leaving anything in the bowl. Three weeks ago she stopped eating it. I went and bought another bag of the same food, thinking the previous bag may have spoiled or something, but she simply sniffed at it and walked away. $1,200 worth of vet bills and lab-testing later I decide to buy another brand of dog food. Guess what - she is eating again, and is once eating with her normal gusto. So you can’t convince me that there was not something wrong with the food. Will they recall their product? Not if they can get away with not having to. Tina can go on about how wonderful her company is/was, but the fact remains, they all screw up on occasion and want to protect their bottom line - PROFIT - so unless they are caught, they won’t recall a defective product.

  11. Confused in Illinois says:

    My 12 year old silky terrier Pauly has been on Innova senior plus since the Nutro pet food recall a couple of years ago. He was fine until the last bag we opened. I had been mixing Innova dry food with pouches of wet food made by Nutro. He did not eat for 2 days also had diarrhea & vomiting and i discontinued all dog food fed him salmon, peas & brown rice. He was all better so started back on the Innova dry food.(blaming his illness on Nutro wet food)The next day he was ill again, after eating the Innova dry food. Today I read online about problems with Innova! We will be researching and talking with the vet about how to cook for dogs,eliminating all pet foods from his diet.

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