International Campaign Against Dog Massacre in Egypt

Warning: This story may disturb readers.

Earlier this month, a Canadian tourist had captured pictures of a reported dog massacre in Egypt and started a global campaign to stop what she called the “maddening killing of street animals in Egypt”. Many animal rights organizations in Egypt decided to take action and send letters to the president, the minister of internal affairs, the minister of health and the police force responsible for the killing.

The Secretary General for the Society for the Protection of Animal Rights (SPARE) in Egypt said that this slaughter of animals in Egypt is not an isolated incident and more animals continue to be poisoned or shot to death. He also stated that: “the government says that vaccinations and neutering have a high cost however, that is not true as they spend a lot of hard currency to import the poison used in the killing in addition to the cost of bullets. We are in the 21st century and you (the government) still follow medieval methods in dealing with street animals.”

3 Responses to “International Campaign Against Dog Massacre in Egypt”

  1. mittens says:

    they do it with cats too… the land where they were gods.

  2. Traci says:

    “CAIRO: It was a real tragedy when a few years ago Fadya, a Maadi resident, passed away. Death is a certainty, although the causes that lead to it are many, as goes the well-known Arabic proverb. But in the case of Fadya, who died at the age of 53, the cause was a rabid stray dog’s bite.”
    “This, as well as several other similar incidents, should highlight the issue of stray dogs.
    Last month the press reported that animals attacked some students near Helwan University. Even in Maadi, where many animal friends’ societies are based, the problem persists in a district whose quiet, dark streets at night are an ideal hotbed for gangs of stray dogs.”
    “”But neither shooting nor poisoning has proved effective in curbing the phenomenon,” said Riham Saeed, of the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends, Maadi”
    “”Because that proved to be painful, we made a point of marking the animals that had undergone operations by cutting a chip from one of their ears, a technique that we’ve borrowed from some European countries.”

    While elaborating on the possibility of carrying out new campaigns, Saeed pointed out that if we join hands, one day, like in the developed West, we might end up not having street animals.

    “Every animal there has an owner, but in case it has none, it is mercifully killed. We don’t rule out killing sometimes, but it should be done according to rules. After all, as Muslims, we have been preached to have mercy for animals.””

  3. Aser Al-kady says:

    i’d like to say that im not glad of the way of treating street cats and dogs in Egypt, we need here an authority to controll that , People here in Egypt treat animals as they are nothing , they respect thier cars more than the innocent animal , They learn children how to throw the street dogs by stones, Egyptian citizin has no mercy against street dogs and cats, please help them to live in peace , i really do cry when i see a dog killed or poisoned because its just homeless and powerless and born to be a street dog.
    Please we need that authority here , and im one of many will support that authority, to let the innocent animals live in peace.

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