Introducing A New Writer: Deb Dempsey

Dem Dempsey

Deb Dempsey is the co-owner of a successful pet business based in Golden, Colorado. Mouthfuls, Inc. produces a multitude of upscale products for both dogs and cats, including a breath mint for dogs aptly named, “Doggone Fresh Breath Mints”. These products have been sold throughout the nation in small boutiques, catalogs and department stores since 1999.

In addition, Deb and her business partner — and best friend of 20 years — opened a retail boutique in Denver in the spring of 2005. This fulfilled a life-long dream of Deb’s, as she had longed for a store of her own since grade school. Deb has a background in fashion merchandising and put her decorating talent to work when setting up the store.

Within a year, Denver’s lifestyle magazine 5280, dubbed the boutique “Top of the Town – Best Pet Boutique” in Denver. This notoriety helped push her to the forefront of the pet food recall within the Denver area this spring. As she carried none of the foods involved in the recall, media outlets throughout the area flocked to the store and sought comments and advice.

Deb is a regular contributor to Colorado Dog magazine and frequently writes columns for rescue groups’ newsletters around the nation. In addition, you can find her Blog at

On a personal level, Deb finds herself surrounded by animals at home too. She currently has four dogs: Martha the Basset, Howie the French Bulldog, Stella the Toy Poodle and Tiffany the Chihuahua-mix (a.k.a. “What is that?”), one kitten (Tatiana the Siberian Forest Cat), two ducks (Dudley and Aflac) and five hens that lay organic eggs for the whole family. She has two sons, Curtis (16) and Travis (13) who regularly pitch in at the store, and an incredibly patient husband named Stan.

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  1. Kathy Supel says:

    Forgive me if I have the wrong Deb Dempsey. I was told that a person by the name of Deb Dempsey was interested in being part of a recall election of Vince Chowdhury. If this is you, please contact me by email. I am very interested in working on this and getting signatures.

    Thank you.

    Kathy Supel

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