Introducing Andrew Schrauben

Andrew SchraubenAndrew Schrauben has always had a soft spot for dogs. At the age of 11 he donated years worth of saved allowance money to the Humane Society and served them as a volunteer before he was old enough to drive.

Despite being stricken with adulthood, he and his wife Amanda currently devote much of their time to local pet rescue Vicky’s Pet Connection. Keeping watch over Andrew’s house are his yellow labs Haven and Beacon, who also help teach manners (and mischief) to the foster dogs that spend time in their home.

Andrew, Amanda, Haven and Beacon make their home in western Michigan where all four frequent the river and trails that are just minutes away. Earning a living as an aerospace engineer keeps Andrew indoors quite a bit, but he compensates with a hobby of outdoor running and has raced distances from 5K to 50 miles. Haven and Beacon frequently go running with Andrew and have even joined him in a few races. Given the interest in dogs and running, Andrew and Amanda write two blogs exploring those topics on their sites: Why Dogs? and Why Run?

Andrew, and occasionally Amanda, will write about keeping fit with pets (among other topics) on Itchmo.

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