Introducing Mary Hufford

Mary HuffordMary Hufford is a freelance journalist with a strong printing and publishing background. She left corporate America nine years ago to be a stay at home mom, and took that opportunity to expand her writing skills. Some of Mary’s experience includes newspaper reporting, biography writing, being published nationally in Pointing Dog Journal. Mary is also a substitute teacher and has returned to university to obtain her teaching license.

Mary spent a few years in the rescue trenches as a foster mom and member of the board of directors for Another Chance for English Setters. She says her deaf foster dogs were her greatest teachers, and learned a great deal about canine interaction and health issues while she was a rescue volunteer. She also learned about training dogs, instead of being trained by the dogs!

Mary, her very tolerant husband Jim, and their two kids live in suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. Jim says Mary is “mother to all.” The Huffords share their home, couches, and available floor space with Grace (a Llewellin Setter), Harvey (a rescued Lab), Abby (a wickedly intelligent weimaraner), Libby (a rescued min-pin-doxie mix), Katie the Psycho-Kitty, and Hammie the guinea pig.

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