Introducing Nancy Freedman-Smith

Nancy Freedman-SmithProfessional dog trainer Nancy Freedman-Smith, owner of Gooddogz Training, will be writing on topics of training and behavior. Nancy lives in Portland Maine with three kids, two dogs, and a clicker-savvy rat name Onion, along with a revolving door of visiting dogs that she boards, trains and on occasion, fosters for New England Border Collie Rescue.

She is the author of “A Dog’s Life” a popular blog appearing in and currently dabbles in Agility, Freestyle, Rally-O, Pet Assisted Therapy, Service Dog Training, and stupid trick training. Most recently she has embarked on training her youngest dog to pull a cart, which has her children quite excited at all the Halloween costume possibilities.

Nancy tells us she is eagerly looking forward to bringing her dogs back to Camp Buster this fall, for her fourth year as Barks ‘n Crafts Director. Money raised by the dogs goes to the Susan L. Curtis foundation, an organization dedicated to sending disadvantaged Maine children to camp. This year she has sworn not to forget the wax ear plugs in hopes of actually getting a little sleep, and just to be sure, she has already tucked them safely in her minivan’s glove compartment. Nancy is committed to positive reinforcement training and only positive training techniques will be addressed in her blogs.

2 Responses to “Introducing Nancy Freedman-Smith”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Welcome!!! We are looking forward to your suggestions and tips!

  2. Sue says:

    Congratulations. Looking forward to reading your articles.

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