Investigation Into Video Of Marine Throwing Dog Off Cliff In Iraq

The United States Marine Corps is investigating one of its own after a YouTube video showed a Marine apparently throwing a puppy off a cliff in Iraq.

The Marine Corps called the video “shocking and deplorable and is contrary to the high standards we expect of every Marine.”

Marine spokesman Maj. Chris Perrine said the soldier in the video was believed to be based in Hawaii and he added, “We do not tolerate this type of behavior and will take appropriate action.”

The video looks like it was shot by a cell phone camera. The Marine holds the black and white puppy by the neck and says, “Cute little puppy, huh?”

He then throws the dog over the cliff and the Marine shrugs his shoulders while another Marine laughs and says “That’s mean. That was mean, Motari.”

Various blogs and sites have been speculating what is the Marine’s full name, and one of the Marine’s sources said there is a man with the name Motari that is at the Hawaii base, but it is not confirmed if that is him in the video.

It is also being questioned if the video is authentic. The video has been removed from YouTube because it violated content rules.

Perinne added, “Certainly there’s a lot of outrage and a lot of people are upset about it. I think every Marine is upset about this video. We will investigate and take appropriate action and make sure our Marine is safe as well. That is mistreatment of a puppy. That is a violation of anybody’s standards, and the Marine Corps sets extremely high standards.”

Here is a link to the disturbing video.

Source: ABC News, Fox News

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62 Responses to “Investigation Into Video Of Marine Throwing Dog Off Cliff In Iraq”

  1. Don Earl says:

    Leave it to Faux News to stress the notion the video is a fake. Yeah, right.

    Poor little dog.

  2. outraged says:

    All life is precious & should be protected!!! As for calling those two marines, it sad to think that is what is defending our country. Both should be held accountable.

  3. shibadiva says:

    Whether the video is fake or not, the Marines lose. It just takes one rotten apple. This guy needs to be thrown out and put somewhere he can never do any further harm.

  4. stefani says:

    the video is not fake, please.

    I don’t know if this guy was always like that, or if war snapped him — but it doesn’t matter. He needs a dishonorable discharge immediately. What a cruel F-er.


  5. shibadiva says:

    Petition here:

  6. Buhawi the Dog Lover says:

    I think something is psychologically wrong with the marine soldier. I see absolutely no point in what he did to the poor puppy.

    The likes of him should be relieved from active duty until his bearings stabilize, otherwise, what he did to the little innocent dog could also be done by him to a poor innocent HUMAN BEING.

    Hey, soldier boy, what exactly did you want to prove by doing that???!!!

  7. MaineMom says:

    shibadiva - thanks for the link. Signed, sealed and delivered. If this is any example, no wonder other countries want our troops out.

  8. Velvet's Dad says:

    Thanks, Shibadiva, for the link to the petition.

  9. dru says:

    u sick bastard! if u’re not dead now i do hope somebody shoots u n severely damages u…then u have 2 live in extreme pain for the rest of u’r miserable life….
    why? why did u do such a deplorable thing?

  10. Zeke says:

    What was edited out of the video prior to the puppy was the Iraqi boy that they threw off the cliff first. But that scene did not evoke the same response as the cruelty to the puppy.

    This mentality of the offending marine(s) makes sense when one remembers the 2004 massacre of 24 unarmed Iraqi civilians from a Haditha household, all innocent, including a 6 month old baby, all shot in the head execution style by a marine squad in revenge for an earlier fatal IED attack.

    And these marines will come back into civilian life? That thought will take you up short.

  11. Andrea says:

    Not only will they come back into civilian life, but a lot of them will get jobs as police officers.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I’m a veteran and support our troops. But there are a lot of people just like this young man who will be patrolling the streets of our cities in short order. It’s rather frightening.

  12. Hanna says:

    Did they really edit out a part with him throwing a boy off the cliff as well?
    I feel so sick……… I can only hope that neither of them suffured for too too long………Ugh. Horrible.

  13. Buster says:
    David Mortari
    24419 Florence Acres Rd
    Monroe, WA 98272-9662
    Phone: (360) 794-7191
    (714) 330-0418

  14. Gindy says:

    Hey Zeke, I’ve been following this story for DAYS longer than it has been on this website. I have not heard ANY thing about a child being tossed off a cliff. Got a link on that one, buddy?

  15. Nancy G. says:

    I suspect the ‘throwing the child off the cliff’ was a cynical jest, people.

  16. NH says:

    What’s ironic is if this soldier were to die in battle, he would be proclaimed a hero.

    The Marine’s involved need to be punished. The one who threw the puppy should not receive any benefits when he comes back to the US. I do NOT want my tax dollars going towards the support of this guy for the rest of his life.

  17. Nora and Rufus says:

    This video is NOT FAKE, obviously and the two evil grinning Marines deserve to be shot to death on sight. They are dangerous men. I wonder what horrid deeds they have done and will do in the future and not get caught. They deserve death.

  18. Nora and Rufus says:

    The more I think about this, the more sickening it is. This grinning deviat is so evil. That poor puppy cowering in his hand hardly looked old enough to be taken from the litter. I HATE THIS MAN. I hope he dies soon. He has obviously abused animals in the past and will do it in the future. He is unfit to live.

  19. Linda's Cats says:

    The likes of him should be relieved from active duty until his bearings stabilize, otherwise, what he did to the little innocent dog could also be done by him to a poor innocent HUMAN BEING.

    The “likes of him” is what we *intentinally* breed into our soldiers, especially marines. We ask these guys to torture people for information (or just, because), to go into villages and shoot CHILDREN, simply because we have a theory that they might be possibly terrorists or related to terrorits, we ask these guys to kill in cold blood to “protect our nation” (which has always been a dubious claim) in places where “law” and “decency” simply do not apply.

    We (the military) want soldiers like this, cause after all, if they actually gave a damn about cats and dogs, they would likely give a damn about humans. and we can’t have that.

    We turn 18 year old kids into killing machines, acting without thought or question to orders most of us would find beyond unreasonable, and then get “offended” that they dismiss animal life with a shrugh.

    Don’t blame this guy, seriously. Blame the system and/or the government.

  20. shibadiva says:

    There was another video of a grinning soldier throwing an Iraqi boy off a bridge. Are these guys looking for photo-ops for their MySpace pages?

    These hoodlums have clearly failed a temperament test somewhere.

  21. Zeke says:

    Here are some “trophy” visoes of our brave soldiers “defending our freedoms”

    Soldiers, tormenting a dog…

    Soldiers shoot another dog

    Soldiers throw grenade at sheepherder/sheep and find it funny

    Soldier shoots yet another dog

    killing civilians in front of their children

    scaring an injured puppy repeatedly

    blowing up a kitten and cheering

  22. Rick J says:

    Just saw the video. Someone should throw that stupid Motherf****r off a cliff and see how he likes it.

  23. ruthellen says:

    Let’s remember that these two represent a very, very small percentage of our military. We have many servicemen and women over there doing a lot of good for dogs, and people. Of course, you have to search for the good news.

  24. 2CatMom says:

    While I believe that war does desensitize soldiers to violence - we have also heard of soldiers who have rescued dogs and cats (against orders in some cases) in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I have a feeling that this guy was a sociopath before he went to war - and apparently that while being gay disqualifies you from serving your country, being a stone-cold psychotic does not.

  25. Hazel Chambers says:

    I served in Viet Nam….being a woman …I was not in combat….but I was in a combat zone.

    The moral maggot who did this deed does not represent the vast majority of decent people who serve in the armed forces.

    And NO….they are not taught to kill children….torture people and commit other immoral actions….does it happend…certainly…but it is not because they were taught that. IMHO…the people responsible for that are not the foot soldiers….they start with good ole “King” George!!!

    This man did evil because he has something seriously bent in him…not because he was taught to act this way.

    He should get a dishornorable discharge and time in the brig….and WHY are we spending a cent to protect this creep?

    Lastly…PLEASE do not contact the family with threats….we do not want to lower ourselfs to the position this jerk inhabits!! It just generates sympathy for him….and cheapens us.

  26. Carolann says:

    That guy needs to have the same thing happen to him. He needs to be thrown out of a plane . I can’t believe that guy was so heartless. I hope someone shoots him and leaves him for the roaches.

  27. CINDY WALSH says:


  28. CINDY WALSH says:


  29. 2CatMom says:

    What’s really scary is these guys are putting this stuff on youtube. They obviously see NOTHING wrong with what they are doing.

  30. Leigh says:

    What I want to know is WHY is You Tube ALLOWING these videos and others where people are torturing and killing animals to be posted on their site? Animal cruelty is against the law and You Tube has a duty to not only prevent these from being posted, but to also make sure the authorities are alerted to someone trying to post a video where someone is committing not only a crime, but a horrible act of cruelty.

  31. Wescott20 says:

    Put him up against a wall, and have him shot by a firing squad of his peers. That’s the only true justice. And do the same to any other sociopaths over there who thought joining up would be a great way to indulge in their vicious need to kill the innocent and defenseless.

  32. animal lover says:

    This is horrible and those Marines should be jailed for that. Now I really have no respect for our troops. Do they really think that makes them a man. To me it just makes them the lowest scum on earth and I hope that they get thrown off a cliff. This just gave me another reason to hate people.

  33. shibadiva says:

    Don’t knock all the troops just because of a few jerks. (I personally think court-martial is a good start for this clown and the guys with him).

    Jay Kopelman, author of “From Baghdad With Love”, moved heaven and earth to bring back a little dog named Lava. Peter Neesley died in Baghdad, but he had rescued two dogs, and his family had them shipped to the US. There’s also an organization that is shipping dogs rescued by the troops to the States.




    It just takes one bad apple to sour things for the good guys (and there’s more than one yahoo over there), but there are some awfully good people who love the dogs they bond with in the Sandbox.

  34. kb says:

    Great links, shibadiva.
    Local newspaper story says the family is receiving death threats, has disconnected the phones and the cops are making frequent drives past the house to ensure their safety. How does threatening the family make any of this better?

  35. Lynne says:

    I am reading so much hatred here it disturbs me. We are all here because of our deep love for animals. Don’t turn that love into such vitriolic hatred.

    This man is desperately in need of help. He is so disconnected from life (and therefore God) that he is in a hell of his own making. Responding to his actions with hatred only feeds the negativity that this world is awash in.

    Gandhi said “Become the change you wish to see in the world.” I don’t want to see a world of anger and hatred. I want to see a world of love and compassion, so that is what I’m sending out to this damaged man.

  36. DeniseA says:

    I agree with Lynne.

    sending death threats to this soldier’s family is abhorrent.
    how does anyone know that they may be just as sickened by this act of
    cruelty probably even more so coming from a family loved one.

  37. Hazel Chambers says:


    I agree that you are seeing a lot of hatred here. I do not condone death threats or wishes against anyone to include David Motari……now that said….I do not feel any level of compassion for him.

    He made the choice to act with cruelty and hatred against a small and innocent puppy.

    He made the choice…he should live with the consequences which is public outrage and scorn.

    Here is his facebook addy….and a statement alledged that he made: (an please note the “classy” way he refers to his girl friend.


    David’s Blurbs
    About me:
    I want to clear somethings up before tomarrow. This might be
    hard to believe but I am sorry about the dog. At the time I just really
    didn’t care. When you are constantly under fire sometimes people develope a
    different sence of humor than what others are used to. That video was from
    over a year ago and i dont know who put it out there but it wasn’t me. It
    has been a real hard day. I don’t know how they got my information but
    someone got all my information and i had to disconnect my parents and my
    womans phone. not to mention i had to redo my myspace because it got hacked.
    I just want this to end.

  38. Lynne says:

    Hazel, I will never find God until I can see God’s perfect light in another. I believe we are all part of the universal one. I continue to send compassion to this man. We have all done things we regret and I’m quite sure God holds no grudges.

    It also occurs to me that he would not be in such a heinous situation if he did not come from a country so grounded in fear that it resorts to violence at every turn. I’m tired of the fear and the anger. We are all better than that.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Lynne, you are way off on this one. Anyone who thinks this guy needs compassion is right in step with him and any other animal abuser. YOU are the people who enable animal abusers. Thanks alot idiots.

  40. 2CatMom says:

    If David is truly sorry, he needs to put his words into action. Donating to an animal shelter, volunteering, etc would be a good start. Its just too easy to say “I’m sorry.” Are you sorry you did it or are you sorry you got caught?

    However, harassing his family or making threats are way over the line.

  41. Lynne says:

    “Anyone who thinks this guy needs compassion is right in step with him and any other animal abuser.”

    Anyone like Jesus, or Gandhi, or Buddha, or Mother Teresa, etc? I’m in good company.

  42. Hazel Chambers says:


    Motari had free will…and of his own free will…he DECIDED to brutally kill this puppy.

    This pup died in fear and in pain…the pup is the one that deserves our compassion.

    Read his words…do you see any real remorse for anything other than remorse that the was caught in his act?

    Holding a person accountable for their actions is not a lack of compassion. of the reasons we are seeing a rise in cruelty of all sorts is that no one ones to be accountable for their actions.

    There is always some excuse for them….and until we stop buying excuses for the inexcusable….the inexcusable will continue.

    Atari is a sociopath and does not deserve a shred of our compassion.

    He needs to admit that what he did was loathsome…and then proceed to act in a way to make amends by working to help animals.

  43. Hazel Chambers says:


    Motari had free will…and of his own free will…he DECIDED to brutally kill this puppy.

    This pup died in fear and in pain…the pup is the one that deserves our compassion.

    Read his words…do you see any real remorse for anything other than remorse that the was caught in his act?

    Holding a person accountable for their actions is not a lack of compassion. of the reasons we are seeing a rise in cruelty of all sorts is that no one ones to be accountable for their actions.

    There is always some excuse for them….and until we stop buying excuses for the inexcusable….the inexcusable will continue.

    Atari is a sociopath and does not deserve a shred of our compassion.

    He needs to admit that what he did was loathsome…and then proceed to act in a way to make amends by working to help animals.

    And yes Lynne….I think the mind set that we should give Atari a big group hug because he was misguided is simply wrong.

  44. Hazel Chambers says:

    I apologize for the double post.

    Lynne, you sound like a caring person…but I hope you give some thought to the difference between caring and ignoring.

    Atari is indeed a sick person morally.

    IMHO though evil does exist and it is a mistake to excuse every cruel act as the result of a bad childhood, stress or whatever or social reason we want to give.

    There are persons who chose evil over good.

  45. Lynne says:

    Where did I state that he should not be held accountable for his actions? Can a parent discipline a child without hating that child? Of course. Yes, Motari is a sick person. That is why I believe he needs compassion. You don’t punish someone for being sick. You try to help them realize the error of their thinking. Saying that he does not deserve a shred of our compassion is a mode of thinking that is every bit as injurious as his lack of compassion for the dog.

  46. NH says:

    If I was this “soldier’s” Mother, I’d smack him upside the head, take him by ear and bring him to his commanding officers and tell him to tell them the truth. Then he would face the consequences of his actions.

    How’s that for compassion?

  47. Hazel Chambers says:


    I agree he is a sick person….but his sickness is not the kind that can be cured IMHO. He is a sociopath without regard or respect for the innocent.

    He is sick in the sense that he has a diseased and twisted value system that feels acts of cruelty are “funny”.

    You feel he should not be punished….then what would you have happen?

  48. Lynne says:

    “You feel he should not be punished”

    Where do you pick that up? Where did I say that?
    Also one should keep in mind that a person’s morals and behavior can change with circumstance. This has been well documented

    I would like to see this man booted out of the military and stripped of his benefits, but I would also like to see him get some counseling.

  49. Lynne says:

    I’m tired of this.

  50. deej says:

    um - Lynne and hazel,
    I think you’re both basically on the same page? Love of animals and not wanting to see people become like those we abhor… I liked both of your initial comments - and I appreciate the info that goes beyond the regular news.

    I had hoped it was a hoax - the footage seemed like it could have been - I’m glad to know the truth.
    What to do with that knowledge? I don’t know… Maybe I’ll go hug my dog :) (feeling saddened at the moment…)

    (i just wandered by to see if there was any news about the poisoning of strays in Kashmir… so was already feeling “bleakish”)

  51. Buster says:

    Well, lovey-doves, suppose this Puppy-torturer GOT HOLD OF *YOUR* PET AND DID THE SAME THING . Would your “compassion” tune change?? VICTIMS deserve compassion, NOT PERPS. And Just remember, that CRIMINAL and his buddies are still loose.

  52. Dee says:

    Again, we don’t need this kind of mentality in our society. This asshole is like Michael Vick. He wouldn’t hesitate to abuse anyone that he perceives as weeker that him, elderly people, children, and women. He is sick, and we don not need him in our society, much less in our military, representing us to the world. FRY HIM!

  53. Hazel Chambers says:

    I strongly urge all of you to write the Marine address above….they evidently want to get comments…so lets give them some.

    I think it will help grease the skids this bum is on if we get lots of negative comments about him.

  54. shibadiva says:

    Thanks for the new Myspace information, Hazel.

    Did you even pick up a soupcon of Remorse in his whiny harangue? I’ll definitely write to the address you posted.

  55. Nora and Rufus says:

    Anyone who thinks that they will find their own salvation by forgiving murderers and torturers of the innocent - HOW STUPID CAN YOU BE? How about finding salvation by doing the right thing and taking up for and protecting the victims? All this misguided Salvation seeking self serving drivel makes me want to hurl.

  56. Cleo2u says:

    This sick piece of human trash will hopefully get what he deserves (by common ordinary people on the street if not by the marines). Its outrageous the stories we hear of what our “brave” men and women are doing in countries we’re supposed to be helping! No wonder the people there despise the US!
    From what I’ve seen, seems like they have waaaay too much free time to be abusing animals, people and surf the internet while they’re supposed to be working to aid/better a country. WHERE were their superiors while this was going on!! Obviously these children need someone to keep a constant eye on them!

    Is this what we’re paying them for?!!! It gets harder and harder to respect anyone in the military when you hear stories like this one!

    By the way…..all this outrage….did anyone THINK to go down and BURY the poor puppy?!

    Doesn’t make ya real proud to be an American at times like this!

  57. carlo says:

    These Marines are the biggest pussys I have seen in a long time. That was horrible. Being kicked out of the marines is not enough punishment for these losers. These Marines are stooping down to a level that is embarssing to Americans.

  58. Y2kyipee says:

    Hate is a very strong word! One that has started wars but never ended one. 90% of the comments here have deep hatred written all over them. That truly is a shame!
    I agree that these people need to be punished! not as marines but as human beings!
    The marines do not condone this behavior nor do they train them to hate. They train them to protect and to fight for our freedom.
    To display hate toward the mans family is bringing yourself down to the mans mentality toward the puppy! A complete disregard for kindness and compassion.
    This man family didn’t do anything except hope (like you and I) that our soldiers come home! I am sure they feel remorse and sadness even deeper then all of us for the actions of a family member!

    Hate the action! understand the reaction! and look for a solution!

  59. Jessica says:

    It is a shame that the bad apples of this war is tanting the rest. We want to remember the men and women who have fought so bravely have done it with honor, then you have these punks that abuse their situation in believing they can do anything they like. They REPRESENT the USA!! They may be over seas but they are still property of the USA and must be held accountable for their actions as they would on North American soil! And for that matter, further ivestigated for other alligations, if they would do this to a puppy what would they do to the children of Iran and Iraq?? I love animals but that is not the issue. It is principle, morals and judgment. And when you represent the American army you should do it with care and honor at ALL times!

  60. molly says:

    Someone should throw all of the marine’s involved in this horrific act off the same cliff and hope they survive with injuries that cause excruciating pain and suffering. Hopefully they will live for at least a week until the wild dogs and finally the buzzards eat their flesh and pluck their eyes while they go mad with the realization of what they have done and what I hope they have to look forward to.

  61. S Morris says:

    A completely dispicable act.

  62. Miller says:

    As a dog lover in the Army, I hated to see this video and also know it’s not the first or the last.

    I have had over 11 dogs so far, and will have another as soon as my husband decides what will work for us.

    You understand that all blame belongs to David Motari for throwing the dog.

    BUT just as stress in everyday work and problems at home cause emotional and physical diress, not every person can deal with the high stress, pressure and rapid repetition that war provides many soldiers that are not quipped with the support they should have either from home or from fellow soldiers. Even though this is an act that is disgusting, and immoral, don’t hate David Motari and absolutely don’t blame Marines for this. Thousands of servicemembers own a dog, or dogs, they agree with you that this is wrong, but people who do this to dogs should get punished and they need help, whether they are in the military or not.

    But, hating them for it doesn’t prove anything.

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