Is Your Dog a Barbie Dog?

Dog in SunglassesA Brazilian doctor is performing face lifts and other plastic surgeries on dogs. Many handlers and breeders in the US, Europe and, of course, Brazil, are turning to the knife to enhance the look of their dog. The surgeon actually studies human plastic surgey tactics and applies them to dogs.

“Plastic surgery is good for dogs!” said Brito, 45, a Doberman breeder who has worked as a veterinarian for 20 years.

He can make protruding ears droop and uses Metacril to straighten bent ears. He uses Botox to fix inverted eyelashes. He has even tightened the mammillae of a couple of female dogs, whose owners wanted to show them after they had given birth.

Simple surgeries usually cost from about $100 to $200.

In Brazil, the United States and Europe, pet plastic surgery is increasingly in demand, despite objections from animal rights activists and some dog breeders.

Perhaps they have never heard of this competition.

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