Itchmo Reader Cat And Dog Pictures




Top: Spice, a Chihuahua, and her puppies while Pepper the cat is looking at the camera

Middle: Spice and Pepper

Bottom: Pepper and his picture

Pictures sent in by Eliza.

Eliza works with Lake County Animal Services, a non-profit mostly dog rescue in Lake County, California. They had rescued 3 semi-feral Chihuahuas and she really did not want another one, but they said Please she has pups. She did have two pups and two kittens that she had rescued. The smallest kitten, that only weighed 2 ounces, did not make it. But the larger one, Pepper, is now fat and sassy.

3 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Cat And Dog Pictures”

  1. shibadiva says:

    Eliza, that is a great painting of the kitten! It captures her electric look.

  2. Eliza says:

    My mother painted the picture of the fuzzy black kitten before I was born and that was over 60 years ago. I had just received this picture after my mother’s death and noticed the striking similarity to Pepper. The hard part was getting him to stay put while I took the picture.


  3. Jenny Bark says:

    Eliza, all the babies are beautiful and very blessed thanks to you.

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