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Pictures sent in by Trudy.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Cat heaven! So glad to see I’m not alone. For those who really love cats … and only YOU … if you think this is good, take a look at my “Dinnertime with the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee”. I did it to show my friends what mealtime was like in the house of a cat rescuer. It’s on the About page of my blog. Have fun!

  2. kathy says:

    OK, I’ll quit freaking out about 6 cats in the house!

  3. Marina says:

    ok, the cat on the stove is just, well, gross!!!
    cats dont belomg on the stove, table,counters, or in your plate or pans people.

  4. Jenn says:

    Are you a cat hoarder?

  5. The Lioness says:

    Jenn, that’s just ignorant. The surroundings in this home–from these pictures, anyway–look perfectly clean.

    There is a difference between a person who has a lot of animals and a hoarder.

    Please educate yourself.

    ~The Lioness (who shares here CLEAN home with nine HEALTHY cats)

  6. Marina says:

    The Lioness
    do you have cats in your pots/pans and on stove in your *clean* home?
    plates too?

  7. Bridgett says:

    Hum…I have always wondered what fried cat tasted like. Eating them is one of the many threats I use on my animals. They don’t seem to worried. ;)

    Trudy, what a good looking crowd!

    Marina, that is what Lysol Kitchen wipes are for.

  8. Dianne says:

    Trudy does breed rescue. And she can’t say no to an abandoned kitten.

    Nice to see such healthy looking kitties, Trudy! Abbyowner.

  9. anon says:

    So _that_ is how one seasons a cast iron skillet! Or is it CAT iron skillet? ;-)

    I’d say this is a rescue mission–the cats all appear to be in fine health, and the premises looks clean.

    For more clarification/information on Chronic Disorganization/Hoarding see:
    Please note the Clutter Hoarding Scale.

  10. anon says:


    Thanks for the info on Trudy and her rescues. Sometimes a little information or background can be quite enlightening.

    Blessings to those that do good work.

  11. 2CatMom says:

    I should own stock in disinfectant wipes. My cats know that the kitchen counters are a NO. At least when I’m home. But I always wipe down the counters before I do anything in the kitchen…..even when I don’t see little white paw prints on my black cooktop.

    When Mom’s away, the cats do play!

  12. Velvet's Dad says:

    Trudy, much appreciation for the pictures and your work. The middle picture made me chuckle. “Just trying to keep warm, Mom.”


  13. 5CatMom says:


    They’re beautiful. Any you deserve much credit for giving them a wonderful and loving home.

    What a great catmom you are!

  14. 2CatMom says:

    What amazes me is that they all seem to get along so well together. Ten cats on the bed and not a hissy fit in sight!

  15. Trudy Jackson says:

    Hi 2catmom, 5catmom, Velvet’s Dad,The Lioness, Dianne,Bridgett, Teresa, -Thanks for all the nice things You have said.
    I can’t get into the forums today because it calls Me a guest. I just wanted You to know why i’m not on there tonight.
    I hope we can get it figured out so I can get on. I miss you guys.
    Hope to on tomorrow.

  16. MizHizzyFitz says:

    I don’t know your history Trudy. Is everyone spayed/neutered? Have they had their shots? Do you have a regular veterinarian?Do you have an adoption outlet like Petsmart? Do you have an adoption contract?Are you doing adoptions on a regular/consistant basis? Do you have a cap on the number of cats you will take in? Do you stick to it? Are all the animals kept indoors? Are your neighbors complaining of any odor? Do you invite people into your home? Are you in compliance with local zoning ordinances? If you rent does your landlord know how many animals you have?Do you have a 501 c 3 Corporation? Have you gotten your non-profit tax exemption approval from the IRS?Are your relatives still speaking to you or have they given up out of frustration? Can you pay your bills on time? If you get sick, is there a back up plan for taking care of your animals?
    If you have to answer no to more than 2 or 3 of these questions then you are not a rescuer, you are a hoarder.

  17. Cathy says:

    Miz, Are you taking a survey or something? Maybe you should mind your business. I really get aggravated with a lot of comments on this site.

  18. my4meezers says:

    Trudy. they are all beautiful. I love Bengals, but the gorgeous baby sititng up in the first picture definitely caught my eye.

    I don’t get those who are giving Trudy a hard time. Anyone who goes into the forums can tell Trudy loves her cats and gives them nothing but the best. I know she does wonderful things for Bengal rescue. We need more people like Trudy in the world.

  19. Kevin says:

    Who needs an electric blanket with all those cats.

  20. mittens says:

    oh dont listen to people- everyone’s a self righteous know it all that should most likely tend to their own business. there’s nothing i like better then a bed full of cats- each curled up in their special territory. i can always tell how cold it is out by the number of cats on my bed. and my cats get on the counter- it doesnt mean i’m a crazy cat hoarder riddled with disease- i’m a HACCP certified chef and i have never gotten any food born illness nor have i caused any. you see- we have soap and water in this country and some of us clean things. imagine. it’s a home kitchen not a lab at the CDC. a cat on the counter doesnt equal cruelty and the plague. get a grip.

    i have 6 cats again and everyone seems to think i am insane until they come over and my well mannered and cute cats charm and amuse them. i know rescuers with 40 cats on a floor of their house and theyre all vetted, fixed, and well cared for while they wait for their forever homes. rescuers rescue animals and have a hard time saying no when it could mean death. hoarders do not care for their cats properly and have a specific psychological’s not the number of cats that equals hoarder- it’s the person’s psychological state and how it relates to the conditions they keep the cats in- everyone with a pinch of common sense knows that. thank god for rescuers or i would have none of my lovely gals- one of whom is a rescue from new orleans where organizations are still saving animals. bless them and people like trudy. your cats are lovely.

  21. Judy says:

    I love the kitty in the pan pic, my Reggie always did stuff like that he was a great cat. Those kitties look healthy and well cared for to me.

  22. Kevin says:

    I have two Tonkinese cats and that’s enough for me. I would love to visit some one with a bunch of well mannered cats. As long as they are well maintained and healthy I see no problem. I love cats but two for me is enough.

    Love the pics!

  23. Teresa says:

    I think the hoarder comments show the prejudice people have towards multi-cat people; the unique quality of hoarders is that they cannot care for what they have.

    Here’s how it started for me. Within the last few years, a friend started a feline-only clinic and asked me to help tame the feral kittens that people would bring in.

    I got into the TNR program to deal with my own neighborhood feral cat problem. You, of course, wind up with cats that aren’t immediately adoptable. You manage what you have — I haven’t taken in new kitties for over a year.

    For the record, each cat is spayed or neutered, has its shots, and is healthy. Most are microchipped. They get whatever veterinary care they need. I have electric cat boxes, an outdoor cat porch (because they are all indoor kitties), and feed the only the best holistic cat food — to the tune of $600 per month. (Thank heaven for the day job). AND I have a housekeeper to help with cleaning!

    Just wanted to put in that plug for multi-cat people. There are many responsible and loving cat people out there. God bless all of you!

  24. TEALCSMOMMY says:

    Unfortunately I am very allergic to cats but I am quite jealous looking at all those furry beauties! I guess it is like tatoos or body piercing… just keeping adding on, you can’t get enough!

  25. MizHizzyFitz says:

    Ignorance (however well intentioned) is bliss for people. For the overcrowed animals, it causes hi stress and immune problems that lead to illness.

    You might also want to “Google” Zoonotic Diesases. You can catch from and give to your animals. You may be surprised.

    I am a 17 year veteran animal rescuer. When this lady can answer all my questions in the positive, I will kmow she is doing a good thing. So far she has not responded.

  26. MizHizzyFitz says:

    After 17 years in cat rescue…cats and there welfare are my business. Unless Trudy can answer yes to most of the questions I have asked her (see above) in the affirmative, not only is there a very large possiblity that she will suffer but undoubtedly her animals will suffer and most of then will be euthanized once she is “found out.”

    May I suggest you visit a new site called…How to stay Safe and Solvent in Animal Rescue.
    Trudy obviously has the heart to rescue, now she needs the knowledge.

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