Itchmo Reader Cat Pictures



Top: Molly — She is a 14-week-old Blue Patch Tabby.

Bottom: Molly and Littleman. Littleman is almost two-years-old and is a Red Patch Tabby. Both Molly and Littleman are Maine Coons. It took about 3 days for them to become friends and now they are inseparable. The best news is that Molly helped us get Littleman off the junk food he was hooked on. He eats what she eats, so no more throwing away wasted food. She solved a problem that has been going on since the recall started in one day.

Pictures sent in by Douglass. (He said he is owned by his two cats.)

5 Responses to “Itchmo Reader Cat Pictures”

  1. Bridgett says:

    Pictures like these are so refreshing to look at after reading such horrible new articles. Contented critters living life like they should.

  2. Vicki T says:

    Absolutely adorable. It IS nice to see happy little animals. Thanks for sharing.

  3. MaineMom says:

    Douglass, thanks for sharing your two special Maines. My Maines own me too!

  4. Stan says:

    I agree with Bridgett! And those are some really cute ones right there!

  5. Ruth says:

    They look so happy and content, thats the way it should be. It’s cute to see them together….

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